Hi Everyone! This blog is a new venture for me because unlike my blog in the past which focused on my crazy dating life (which is non-existent now that I’m married lol) this one is about my passion for all things Vintage from 1920’s-60’s with a focus on my love of Lindy Hop and Rockabilly.

I currently live in Toronto and I Lindy Hop regularly and when I go out I try to always dress up and look the part of someone from the 40’s or 50’s. Even during the day I have found myself dressing more in the vintage look than jeans and t-shirts. I’m just feel more like “me” when I wear vintage (or reproduction) clothing then I do in normal street wear.

So with that said, when I’m dancing I always get asked about “where I got that?”, or “how did you do your hair?” etc. so I felt that starting a blog would be the best way to give you MY take (and my guest bloggers take as well, that I will have time to time) of everything you need or want to know about living the vintage life with a Toronto Lindy Hopper twist (aka some Cdn content lol).

Lastly, I decided to call my blog “The Vintage Inn” because I really feel that it expresses exactly what I’m trying to do with this blog… “A place where all things Vintage live”, a “Catch all” you could say. Clothing posts, hair & makeup posts, online shopping tips, where to vintage shop in Toronto, etc.

So stay tuned for my next official post.

I will leave you with a pic of yours truly “Liz”.


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