I’m very excited for Dec 27th at 10pm on TLC for there is going to be a special episode focusing on… (Marketing words from TLC) “four young women who have chosen to live every aspect of their lives, from their clothing to their homes and even to their morals, just like a traditional housewife from the fabulous 1950s.”

Now the name has nothing to do with 1950’s because Beehives was actually 1960’s but that aside I’m very excited to take a peak into these women’s lives for one hour. Their clothes, homes, hair, makeup etc. and see how they do it every day (I’m working on it, but I’m not even close to their level yet. Talking hair and Makeup, decor tips..not so much housework and cooking lol).

1950's housewife

One of the women is a favorite blogger of mine “Dollie” from The Rockabilly Socialite blog and I just love reading her blog and following all her fun adventures. Another favorite blogger, “Wacky Tacky” wrote a great blog recently about this upcoming episode because all the ladies featured are his friends. Also his sister Mary and himself were asked to be pool party guests, so check it out to read a bit more about the ladies featured (and on a side note, seriously start following his blog because it’s truly awesome).

Here is a little sneak peek of the episode and I believe they just posted a short video of Amber now as well.


After the show airs I’m going to post a review and we can discuss what you think.


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