Last winter I was shopping on ETSY looking for a good summer dress (because I was tired of Canadian winters and needed summer in my life) and I managed to stumble upon this adorable 1950’s dress (I believe homemade). It cost me $30 from “Janes Vintage” and fit like a glove and I wore it a lot over the summer months.

1950's dress

Today I was looking at one of my favorite Reproduction clothing stores “Trashy Diva” online and stumbled upon an almost EXACT replica of my cute summer 1950’s dress. See the side by side comparision…pretty much its twin right?


Now some of us would be upset that their “vintage dress” is now a reproduction and will be worn by many lovely ladies. Not me! I’m excited to be able to say, that I have the original design and will wear it proudly knowing that I have a good eye for awesome vintage fashion pieces.

I’m also excited to see that one of my favourite designers, that being Trashy Diva uses real vintage styles as their inspiration. Awesome!


11 comments on “My Vintage Dress has a Reproduction TWIN!”

  1. I think that’s seriously cool! Countless times I’ve seen vintage dresses online or in old magazines that I wishes someone would reproduce so that I could find them in my size. I agree though that the price difference between those two is mighty steep. I wish good quality repro wasn’t usually so wallet-bustingly pricey, don’t you?

    ♥ Jessica

    • I soooo agree about the insane prices for reproduction. I love Trashy Diva but can really only afford one dress a year at their prices (which seem to be going up all the time) and they are not the only ones (Don’t EVEN get me started on the cost of these dresses in Toronto..ugh makes me cry). I drool over the beautiful clothes coming out of the UK but when you convert 98 pounds (which seems pretty reasonable at first glance lol) you are right up there at the expensive mark 🙁 I did get an outfit made (well 2 outfits) from a vendor on Etsy called “time machine vintage”. I picked an outfirt from the patterns she had and POOF! I got one made in my size. I paid $140 for a 1940’s skirt and top that is totally made for me (plus shipping from States). That was worth the money in my mind.

  2. Thanks for your post! It is always nice to see that someone is paying attention to the great vintage scores that inspire Trashy Diva. Always nice to get a vintage one-I had one that didn’t fit me, so recut it and I added it to the collection! I like it in blue, too. XOXOX Candice

    • Trashy diva designs are my favourite, I have way too many to count. Buy something every time I visit New Orleans 🙂 I actually met a girl recently who owned the black Vintage version of that dress, while I was wearing my blue one lol.

    • Hi Dollie! I’m working on the new post but I’m currently dealing with a brutal head cold that makes functioning AND thinking nearly impossible (who knew! lol). Good thing it is happening before YES I am going to VIVA and can’t wait. It’s been so cold here and I’m itching for warmth and SUN. So I will 100% see you there 🙂 I have a room at the Orleans again.

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