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I thought I would share my April 28th, 2012 Vintage inspired wedding in Toronto, Canada with you 🙂

The wedding & reception was held at this amazing hall in Toronto called “The St. Lawrence Hall“. The hall was built-in 1850 as a meeting place for public gatherings, concerts and exhibits and in the 1960’s was designated a “national historic site“. So basically we were getting married in a venue with a lot of history and character (you will see pics of the inside over my next couple of blog posts).

St. Lawrence Hall

The Theme

The idea behind my wedding was to bring the activity that brought my husband and I together (Swing dancing aka Lindy hop) and my love for 1940’s-50’s vintage into one budget friendly DIY wedding.

My Dress

It was very important to me that my wedding dress reflect who I was as a person and that meant it had to be a 1950’s tea-length gown. I was going to go vintage but then I stumbled upon the designer “Fancy of New York” and the dresses were exactly what I was looking for, so I hopped on a plane and flew to NYC to pick my dress. The experience was wonderful and I could go on and on about how awesome Fancy is, but I don’t have time so I will just say that you need to buy your dress there if you’re in the market because you will not be disappointed 🙂

Dress details: The dress came with a crinoline and sash of which I could pick the colours for. The fabric of the sash is actually “vintage ribbon” from a supplier that I was told was top-secret (bummer lol). The crinoline has a matching red ribbon sewn on the bottom so that when I danced you just saw a hint of red when I spun (which I LOVED). The back was a scoop back (another fav of mine) and the dress had POCKETS!!!! eeekkkk!! yes pockets!!!

Here is the dress…

1950's wedding dress

1950's vintage wedding

1950's vintage wedding

1950's vintage wedding

They were filming a commercial in the background,hence the camera stuff in the background of pic lol

1950's vintage wedding

See Pockets!!! yay! My bridesmaids in their cute red and white polka dot dresses that I had to track down after Mod Cloth sold out of them. I ended up finding them in the UK after an online hunt that took a couple of hours. It was worth it I was happy with how pretty that looked.

St. Lawrence Hall

Here is a pic of the inside of the Hall and my dress (and another pic of my handsome Scottish husband).


For more posts on my wedding check out my posts on my “accessories“,and an “overview


Photo Credit: Rizwan Photography  RIZWANDARPHOTOGRAPHY@GMAIL.COM

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