As a Lindy Hopper, it’s pretty mandatory that you have at least one pair of Keds in your collection for dancing. They are comfortable, last for a long time and come in cool colours and now super cool designs. BUT did you know that Keds had a division that started in the 1930’s that were strictly for women called “Kedettes“? They did! and the line was stylish, really beautiful and with its shock-absorbing sole also comfortable (Keds history)!

Take a look at the following selection of vintage ads for Kedettes and start imagining how cute you would have looked on the dance floor with them on…sigh.


Love this dancing Kedette ad

1930's keds

I will take the Green one’s, the Yellow ones, brown ones…..

vintage shoes

This ad is just adorable (and so me) and the polka dot bow shoe is to die for!

vintage shoes

I just loved the colours in this ad and had to add it to the collection of pics.

1950's shoes

All of these 1950’s Kedettes would be perfect in my closet, every single one.

1950's shoes

I may be tall but I’m a sucker for a wedge and these wedges don’t seem to be too tall for little old me and they are so beautiful as well.

vintage shoes

1940’s Kedettes are simply gorgeous and I have at least 10 dresses that would look perfect with them 🙂

vintage shoe ad

There you have it, Keds was not always a brand for just running shoes. Now I don’t know about you but I think I might run off to ebay/etsy and see if any still exist in this world that I can drool over.

Liz 🙂

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5 comments on “Vintage Fashion: “Kedettes”-Keds stylish women’s shoe division”

  1. Awesome post! Would you believe it, I’ve never owned a pair of real Keds? I had a few similar pairs of shoes as a youngster, but nary a pair of genuine Keds. I don’t believe any of our local shoe stores sell them, but they’re on my shopping wish list for the next time I find myself in a big city, as it’s high time I remedied that (I have hard to fit feet, so I rarely buy shoes online any more – too many rough experiences – which is why I’d want to try them on in person first). These fabulous vintage ads will definitely be in my mind when I go hunting for a pair someday.

    ♥ Jessica

    • I’m going to petition Keds to bring back vintage styled Kedettes lol 🙂 when you get to the “big city” the Bay had a wonderful collection of Keds at least Toronto did so I would imagine that most Bay’s would. Good luck!

  2. They were truly machine washable! They would not fall apart when thrown in the washing machine! They’d make a helluva lot of noise when thrown in the dryer. Kitties would scatter in all directions!

    • lol! I have this vision of cats running for the hills now 🙂 That is always the sign of a good shoe, one that can be washed..easily.

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