If you happen to be one of my regular followers you might have picked up that my dad was born in Germany, making me officially half German. My mom’s background is Scottish/English but  growing up my parents raised me in a  German household learning German traditions and the German language (a big “sort of” on that one lol). One of those traditions we participated in every year was Oktoberfest.

Fact: Did you know that Oktoberfest in Germany use to start in October but was moved to in and around Sept 20th to accommodate better weather? And even though it is celebrated all over the world now, Oktoberfest is originally a Southern Germany (Bavarian) Tradition.  Interesting huh!


Lets take a peek into the event I enjoy so very much ever year by checking out some great vintage Oktoberfest photos and also the clothes that make the party (mainly the adorable and gorgeous dirndl).

OMG..1920’s Oktoberfest in NYC!!

1920's Oktoberfest NYC
image courtesy of New York Daily News

Vintage Oktoberfest
image courtesy of the Cincinnati Germania Society

Big Giant Tent at Oktoberfest filled with party goers in Germany. This is a normal sight.

Image courtesy of Three Lions / Getty

Mmmm Pretzels a Oktoberfest staple. Tastes so good with beer 🙂

Image courtesy of Owen Franken / CORBIS

This lady is either singing, yawning or yelling but whatever she is doing from the looks of everyone around her she is probably having a very good time.

Photo Courtesy of Mark Susina

Adorable matching dirndls


1928 Oktoberfest “Beer Maids”. You have to have strong arms to carry those steins.

1928 Oktoberfest
(Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)


Video time!

Here is a great video I found of Oktoberfest in the 1950’s. Other then the clothes and hairstyles, not much has changed 🙂

Oktoberfest – a short story



Now onto the clothes portion….

To start, a wonderful fellow blogger Jessica from “Chronically Vintage” did a post on her truly gorgeous vintage dirndl that you really must see to believe. Visit here.

My dirndl is not as old as the 1950’s but it was my mothers from the 1970’s and I just adore it. The blouse is actually new from a beautiful designer called “Rare“.

oktoberfest dirndl


I also recently while travelling thru Munich purchased my first official “Made in Germany Dirndl”. Here it is (with same blouse from above).

P.S. Sorry for blurry image this is the only full head to toe shot I have.

German Dirndl


Here is the beautiful design on the bottom of the dress.

bottom of dirndl

Never thought of pairing a dirndl with an adorable vintage hat but the pattern below just makes it look so lovely.


Pattern for sale on Etsy from “BluetreeSewingStudio

These dirndl skirts are so very cute.


Pattern for sale on etsy from “CynicalGirl

The black and red dirndl in the back sort of reminds me of mine. The flowered on in the front is very pretty.


Image above from etsy seller “Historically Patterns”

This dress is so gorgeous and not your “typical” dirndl style. Love 🙂


Dress above for sale on etsy from “VintageFrocksOfFancy”

Pair this red dirndl with a white blouse and you will have a stunner of a dress.


This dress came from Etsy but I cannot seem to find the seller anymore. Sorry about that!

I hope you enjoyed a little vintage look into Oktoberfest and if you are planning on celebrating this year..ENJOY! and Prost!


toronto Oktoberfest
Toronto Vintage Society at 2014 Toronto Oktoberfest.

Liz 🙂

2 comments on “Vintage Inn goes to Oktoberfest”

  1. You look absolutely magnificent! Though I don’t (or, more accurately, can’t due to medical reasons) drink, I love Oktoberfest and getting a chance to celebrate my family’s rich German history on both sides (I’m a Heinz 57 of European ethnic backgrounds, but German makes up the largest percentage of the pie – or would that be, German Black Forest Cake? :)).

    I could happily wear a vintage or vintage style dirndl or other traditional tracht ensemble just about every day. They’re so beautiful and feminine, and of course rich in history (win, win!).

    ♥ Jessica

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