Note: This is a re-post as I wrote this at the beginning of last year when not very many people were reading my blog lol! I thought it would be good to share again because I enjoyed writing it 🙂


My favorite Canadian show was “Bomb Girls“before it sadly got cancelled (at the original time I wrote this post the show was going into second season) and it was noted for having some pretty great 1940s styles. Since we are in a deep freeze here in the Great White North I wanted to share some pictures of the warm and cozy winter “outerwear” clothes that have been making an appearance on the show and maybe inspire you to “1940s/Bomb Girls” your winter outerwear wardrobe up a bit.

Bomb winter style

(photo’s courtesy of bomb girls Facebook page)

I love this Jacket and the fur collar a lot and might need to find a place for this in my home (The fur does not have to be real FYI if you’re recreating looks). Time for some shopping on Etsy or at my local vintage shops! For some modern shopping, Slice network just did a blog post on where you can buy a similar look if you wish to check out their blog.

Note…So while looking for said jacket I found a lovely blog called “Butterflies and Daisys Vintage” and she has posted family pictures from the 40’s. There is an amazing photo 3 down that reminds so much of the jacket that Gladys is wearing in this picture. Do you agree?

Bomb Girls winter style

Love the mixing of the colours.

bomb Girls winter style

The medium brim red felt hat that Vera is wearing is spot on 1940’s correct. As for the boots I know Galoshes were popular as they could be worn right over top of the shoes but I also found an ad for rubber boots (see below). I know Vera is not wearing rubber boots but the boots in the ad remind me of her boots in this picture a little bit.

winter boots 1941



bombgirls winter style

Betty and Kate are wearing classic jackets with Kate (on the right), beautiful brown tailored jacket and beret being the easiest to be found in regular & vintage clothing stores.

bomb girls winter style

Even in winter time some days are warmer than others and you can get away with slipping on a nice shorter tailored jacket over top of your 1940’s dresses as seen on Lorna. Notice the classic peplum styling at the bottom of the jacket which is key for a 1940’s look. Lucky for your Peplum is everywhere right now (if your buying “non vintage) so your going to get lucky. I also love the blues, so gorgeous.

Example: Here is a pic of me in November (sorry for the terrible iPhone pic) wearing the tailored jacket over my 1940’s reproduction Trashy Diva dress

tailored jacket

Lastly, for great winter hat ideas check out a recent blog post I wrote about 1940’s Ladies Hats which you can find HERE.

So there is some 1940’s winter outerwear inspiration for you to take with you when you go shopping either online or in stores. I know I’m inspired by all that colour going across my TV screen and I plan to visit my fav vintage shops and even some “regular” stores for colourful scarfs, hats and gloves to bring more glorious colour and style into my winter wardrobe. Will you be doing the same?

Liz 🙂

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  1. Great repost! (I sometimes toy with the idea of reposting earlier entries that didn’t get much love the first time around as well. I haven’t yet, but who knows, I may in the future – it would be a convenient thing to do if I knew in advance I was going to be on holiday, in hospital, or otherwise not online for a stretch of time.)

    I really like your outfit at the bottom of the post. One doesn’t see polka dot frocks used as layering pieces (save many for a cardigan) all that often, but goodness, do they work well as such. The jacket tempers their cuteness factor and makes them look decidedly chic all of a sudden. Very inspiring ensemble, lovely Liz!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Thanks so much Jessica 🙂 when I wrote this post I had like 5 followers and I was still playing around with tagging etc. so I thought I would give it a go again and see what happens.

      Thanks for the outfit love, this has turned into one of my fav outfits as of late.

      Liz 🙂

  2. I have a nice pair of size 9 and size 8 red, Gaytees, Grenadier, over the shoe boot, with the instep strap and buckle over the arch of the foot. They are in mint condition. I also have some Red Balls, white and red also.

      • The Gaytees have the “cotton net” lining. I also have other rubber boots in storage and they are sizes 6 and8’s.Some of them have the “cotton fleece” lining. The Cotton Fleece is actually cotton duck material. Those boots are in boxes and I’ve got to find other othes to match. I have two boots both left feet and at the moment cant find the right boot. The Red balls I have are size 9 and 10.

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