As I’m writing this post, I’m making the finishing touches on my trip to Las Vegas for the Viva Rockabilly Weekend and quickly realizing that Easter is this weekend. Mmm chocolate eggs, getting together with family, mmm chocolate eggs lol! 🙂 Easter will be spent in Vegas again but my parents are coming to the weekend as well so that should be a fun and different experience for us.

1950s vintage easter ad

For this year I thought it would be fun to pack a pretty fascinator for Sunday night so I can have my own Easter Parade at Viva as I always miss the one that was usually put on here in Toronto. Sadly the event is not officially happening this year but I’m still paying homage to the Easter Parade tradition on my end.

Now if I could have packed a big hat I would have brought my green one below but my suitcase is all ready jammed to the hills so I had to think teeny tiny small and so I’m bringing my recent vintage clothing show find, also below.

1950s vintage hat

NOT bringing

1950s hair headband


Here are some other options of beautiful hats that I found online that I would 100% wear if I had the space and all the money in the world (you can also check out last years post on some of my favorite vintage hats for Easter..or anytime)

1940s wool tilt hat

This number for sale from Etsy seller concettascloset is beautiful and really a showpiece I must say.

1940s wool felt hat

I think the colour of this 1940s number is perfect for an “Easter Parade/aka spring is finally” here hat.

You can purchase this on Etsy from “Sweet Trash Vintage

1950s wool felt hat

I’m a blonde so wearing this yellow 1950s hat would really never work but I was so drawn to the uniqueness of it that I had to share it with you.

You can purchase this on Etsy from ‘Wear Once More

1950s pillbox hat

This 1950s pillbox hat is so Liz it is ridiculous! Sadly the price does not work with my budget but I will add it to my “I would buy it if I had all the money in the world” wish list.

You can purchase this on Etsy from “feevahat

purple velvet hat vintage

The cutout detail on this lavender 1940s hat is wonderful and so very different and I just love how the trim meets that cutout. Very creative and perfect for strolling down the avenue.

You can purchase this on Etsy from “TimelessTreasuresVCB

1940s vintage hat

I think I will end this blog with the most interesting option for an Easter Parade hat that I have ever seen. It is a 1940s Caspar-Davis creation and it so different and strange but yet beautiful that you would really truly stand out if you wore this on Easter. What are your thoughts on this hat? Would you wear it?

You can purchase this on Etsy from “Poppycock Vintage


So Ladies AND Gentlemen, do you wear an Easter Hat? Or attend an Easter Parade during this time of the year?

Well no matter what you are doing this year have a very Happy Easter and I will be back with highlights from my Vegas/Viva trip in one week.

Liz 🙂



2 comments on “Do You Have An Easter Parade Hat?”

  1. Adore this post!!! It speaks to the (massive) vintage hat fan (and wearer) in me to no end. Though I think I’d like it more if the feather “fountain” was off-centered a bit, I would totally rock that last hat. Quirky hats are so often the best! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

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