Day 2 of VIVA #17 started with getting in line for our wristbands.

Viva Las Vegas 17

Wristbands on and now the party can really begin! And that means off to get dressed to hit up the first event “Sweet Pea’s Hooch & Smooch“.

Sweet Pea's Hooch & Smooch
Sweet Pea’s Hooch & Smooch

I love Sweet Pea’s event on the Thursday because there are always awesome bands and I find it the perfect way to kick off the weekend. This years bands were truly outstanding and I’m pretty sure I danced my feet off! I know my parents got into the dancing mood as you can see below they were dancing up a storm. Oh yes my parents came for their first time ever!

Here I am with my parents and my friend Steph.

Now even though I enjoyed all the bands the one band that stood out for me was “The Royal Rhythmaires“. They actually blew my mind away with their sound. The lead singer has a voice that is truly unique and really really powerful. We ended up buying both of their Cds because we could not leave them at Viva. Good Golly No!

{photo courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}

During this event I was excited to run into friends from Toronto that I knew were going to be there. My friend James and his beautiful girlfriend Kassandra. Aren’t they just the perfect looking Rockabilly couple?

{photo courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}


Man oh man after all that dancing I sure am thirsty 🙂

{photo courtesy of Dean Villafuerte}


And hungry so we jetted off to the Irish pub next door to the Orleans that has half priced appetizers every day for happy hour. They also have a patio which makes these Canadian happy! Extreme heat, bring it on!

{photo courtesy of Steph}
I do have some gorgeous friends..gorgeous! And then there is me in all my technicolor glory lol
{photo courtesy of Steph}


Dinner done now it’s off to get dressed for the evening ahead. I was really excited for the Thursday lineup as it was a dancers dream. Morray Sochat & The Special 20s, Stompy Jones and Kim Lenz & The Jaquars!

Here is the gang all dressed up for Thursday night. We clean up quite nice I must say 🙂

My husband and I enjoying the show.
My necklace is from Luxulite and it’s vintage drink tags from the 1950s. LOVE!

Viva las Vegas 17

After all the excitement of the ballroom was done for the evening (at least for me), we headed to the casino to lose some money but instead I WON Money!

Viva las Vegas 17

What a great way to end Day 2 at Viva 🙂


Did you have a good Thursday at Viva? What were your highlights?

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Liz 🙂



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  1. Thanks souch for visiting my blog I had read about this Vegas event. It sounds amazing. I doubt I coujd ever go as having 5 dogs makes teacel tough but maybe someday. You look heat and I think I have that skirt. I agree wear what u love. Embracing vintage has brought me do much joy I’m sure I’ll be wearing it for decades
    Retro rover

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