Recently Toronto was blessed with a temporary new vintage store called “Jack Lux Vintage” a Toronto pop-up (536 Queen St. West) that is only here for a short 3 months or so (started July 23rd, 2014).

JackLux Vintage Clothing store Toronto


About the Store:

The store has one of the largest vintage collections in Canada much of which was acquired from Centre National du Costume (2005) which was a costuming trust established by the Quebec Government to curate and identify a wide-ranging (1920’s – 1990’s) and diverse vintage collection to be used by all the filmmakers and production houses that were shooting in the province of Quebec.  When the government’s changed — the organization was dismantled and JackLux was able to acquire the vast collection — which at last count included more than 200, 000 items of men, women and children’s apparel and accessories.

They have now brought those vintage pieces to Toronto and are selling them at low low prices of $20, $30, $40 and some a bit higher (with new pieces coming in all the time). Many of the vintage clothes need a bit of love to make them look new again and some just need to find the right buyer who is okay with some wear and tear that is unfix-able. But honestly who is going to complain with a $30, 1940s dress in their hands??? NOT ME!

Toronto Vintage Clothing Store
Inside the store

The store has gotten the vintage community here in Toronto very excited and I know many of my friends have already made several purchases since it first opened. I personally have already been to the store multiple times and have walked away with several wonderful 1940’s and 50’s dresses (which you will see below).  Also if you are not a fan of the 40s and 50s like me, there are plenty of clothes from the 1960’s up to the 1990’s to fit anyones vintage shopping needs. And Guys…they have a whole section for you of coats, suit jackets, shirts, pants and shoes so you too need to stop by too. Looking for a Halloween costume? How about some adorable vintage clothes for your little kids? Jack Lux has got you covered. The back room of the store has a section for kids and a section of costumes like a medieval dress..or 2. Oh! there is also plus sizes! I have found several dresses for the beautiful plus size figure.

Now without further adieu lets take a look at my recent visit to the store and the vintage dresses I have now added to my collection.

JackLux Vintage clothing store Toronto
Clothes all the way to ceiling!
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Tie’s and racks and racks of clothing

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Pretty Skirts with pretty prices 🙂
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
So many hats from the 40s all the way up to the 90s (large number are late 50’s and early 60s)
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
I really like the yellow hat with the bow in the middle of these hats
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Lots of Men’s Jackets and even some dinner jackets
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Adorable Children’s Vintage Clothes

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
So many shoes and right into large sizes
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
They also have Capes. Sherlock Holmes look anyone?
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
1950s dresses with marvelous prints and buttons
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Beautiful 1940s dresses with amazing details
JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
Men’s shirts with totally cool patterns

Now what I have gotten at Jack Lux (I’m not a model so excuse the bad photos lol):

Dress from JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto
My First Dress: Super pretty 1940s swing dress. Can’t WAIT to take this out onto the dance floor
1940s Vintage Dress from JackLux Vintage Toronto
1940s Dress-The Green is much more vivid in real life and there is a bit of fading but still beautiful
1940's Vintage Dress JackLux Vintage
Super Serious me IN My FAVORITE dress! 1940s dress with very little flaws (minor).
1950s Dress from JackLux Vintage Toronto
1950’s Vintage Shirt Waist Dress. Will be so great for Fall

And there is what I bought my friends.

REMINDER! Jack Lux is only here a short time and they are bringing in new pieces all the time so make sure you hit up the store as many times as you can to stock up your vintage collection because before you know will be gone and so will those amazing prices!

Happy Shopping! If you have gone shopping there, would love to know what you bought. Let me know!

P.S. In around August 29th, the Vintage Inn will have 2 Mannequins on display in the front window with outfits I picked from the store, stop on by and check them out.

Liz 🙂

JackLux Vintage Clothing Store Toronto

10 comments on “My Vintage Finds from “Jack Lux Vintage”-Toronto’s New Pop Up Vintage Store”

  1. Damn, girl! You found some great stuff and more than that… they look fabulous on you! You really know how to wear them well. I’m still waiting for the right time to wear my 40’s dress out, I’m worried something will happen to it! LOL

    PS. for readers there is a small selection of plus size if you dig enough!

    • Oh yes! Thanks for the reminder on the plus size (will add that to blog). I actually found several dresses that were plus sizes on Friday.

      You can wear that fab 40’s dress..anytime, do it..put it on and go grocery shopping! 🙂

  2. Wowzah!!! Those are some marvelously lovely finds!!! I soooo wish we were still in the GTA and I could make the speediest of beelines over their myself. Perhaps Jack’s will take a cross country road trip and set up a pop up shop out here in my neck of the BC woods (a gal can dream – especially when stunning dresses like the ones you found involved! :)).

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* That yellow hat would have been my first choice, too.

  3. Everything is on sale now, nothing over $20, I bought a lace skirt, brown sandals and a lurex 60’s shirt for just $22.50!

    • Oh my gosh I know! I was in there last week and did not find anything that was right for me but I will be back before they disappear. Glad you found some great stuff for such a good deal!

  4. I didn’t have the best luck at their store, but did really well at their booth at the Vintage Clothing Show. I bought that men’s shirt! Also, got a great 50’s dress in a good plus size!!

    • oh you did buy that great shirt! Nice! that was a good shirt. Yay for scoring a 50’s dress in a plus size for an inexpensive price 🙂

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