I have a cold, my office is cold, my apartment is cold and my feet are never warm…welcome to Canada in the winter time and I’m so over it…yup over it! I was actually working on another post for today but then after getting in my cold car in -20 degree (Farenheit) weather for what seems like the millionth time in a row, I realized I need a pick me up if I am to get thru another moment of this weather.

Toronto Snowstorm 1950s or 1960s
Sigh…….     Source: Toronto Archives

So I started dreaming of tropical vacations and drinking Mai Tai’s on a beach somewhere. I then put on Songza and the “Tropical Beach Vacation” station and began to flip thru pictures of places that are warm and sunny on the internet and within minutes I found my mood shifting and I had a smile on my face again. Imagine that!

1940s vintage image of women on a beach
This is me in my head right now

Now I want to share that smile with you friends so here is what I found. Maybe it will help you get out of the winter blues or just put a smile on your face like sandy beaches and warm tropical breezes tend to do.

First up the soundtrack for this post….Harry Belafonte singing “Matilda”. Hit play and scan the images I have shared (and if you are not working, make yourself that tropical drink too). Enjoy!

Ahhh Hawaii..YES PLEASE!

Vintage Hawaii United Air Lines Ad

Well this looks like fun, I’m in for learning how to surf.

vintage hawaii poster 1960s
Source-Poster Connection Blog

Adorable Bikini! But if she falls in that water, you can kiss that beautiful flower goodbye.

1950s vintage Hawaii travel ad
Source: The Simmonds Collections

Well this looks like a fun party in Jamaica!

Jamica Travel poster vintage
Source: defharo.com

Vintage Jamaica Delta Airlines Poster

Now it’s time for the heat of Fiji.

Do you see me in one of those huts with my tiki drink? I do!

Vintage Fiji Travel Poster Ad-Quantas
Source: DP Vintage Posters

My dream destination since I was a little girl playing with Barbie’s was Tahiti. Don’t know why I chose this place, I don’t even know if I even knew what it looked like what I chose this as Barbie’s honeymoon location with Ken. BUT this island has stayed in my mind for so long and I look forward to the day when I do finally get to visit.

tahiti-travel-poster vintage
Source: bora bora photos
Source: Enjoy Art.com

I have the perfect skirt for Mexico!

vintage mexico travel ad-Eastern Airlines
Source: defharo.com

Glorious tropical fruit, yummy.

vintage mexico travel poster
Source: Free vintage posters.com

Antigua, Trinidad and Barbados would all be amazing at this exact moment. Checking flight openings as we speak….

Barbados Antiqua Trindad Vintage Travel Poster
Source: phasesphrasesphotos.tumblr.com

Dominican Republic a favorite inexpensive travel destination for Canadians.

dominican republic vintage travel poster
I will take that beer..thank you.

And last but not least another favorite of Canadians (and I think possibly soon Americans)..CUBA! My husband and I love Cuba (especially Havana) and have been multiple times.

Vintage Havana travel poster
Havana is the BEST!

The music is just fantastic in Cuba. In Havana my husband and I spent our whole time dancing and drinking but more dancing than drinking was had.

Cuba Vintage Travel Poster


Also if you still have not had enough of these fantastic photos then you can check out a blog post I did on Vintage Acapulco. It has some delightful tropical images as well.

Okay I’m off to go put my feet in hot water now…BRRR!

Stay warm friends! Or stay cool depending on where you live.

Liz 🙂


9 comments on ““Vintage Tropical Travel Posters”-Time to dream of Hot Vacation Spots and Mai Tai’s”

  1. Love this fun post and goodness can I relate to your opening lines. I don’t hate winter on the whole, not in the slightest, but really, does it have to last for six+ months and be soooo darn cold in the process. I often get lost in daydreams about jetting off to roasty-toasty locales as well and wish we could both do just that and meet up someplace stunningly sun-kissed, our suitcases bulging with vintage sundresses, and soak up some much needed vitamin D instead of sitting here knowing we’ve got 2+ months of winter still left to go.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Gosh Jessica that would be wonderful! Some day…oh a vintage week on a all inclusive resort in Cuba..fun! Oh my that would be fun. I don’t hate winter either but at this point I’m really over it. But as Canadians we must keep our chin up and push thru for spring is around the corner…hopefully. 🙂

  2. It really is nowhere near as cold here as it is for you but I still enjoyed these beautiful holiday posters. Such great colours. I would love to go to Cuba so I was interested to read your experiences. I love the sunbathing beauties photo, wish I looked that glamorous at the beach!

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