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It’s Friday! Vintage Hairstyle day and the Men’s Vintage Swimsuit contest at the pool (my fav).

My friend Liisa was such a doll and offered as a gift to myself and a mutual friend to have our hair done by the magical and amazing Teresa of “Beauty by Teresa Song“.  So I zipped done to their room with Champagne and Orange Juice in hand and prepared for some pampering and girl talk.

Champagne and Orange Juice VIVA 18
Breakfast of Champions

I have never had my hair done all fancy by anyone at Viva, I usually tackle this process by myself and hope for the best. I by no means am a Vintage Hair Style wizard, but Teresa..was. She took my mess of hair and turned it into this…

Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
Ready for my close up! Man I look different with no glasses.

Kidding! This is what she did…

Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
Not sure if this is possible to do by regular folk like me
Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
Victory Rolls

Voila! The Finished Product. Teresa you are amazing and I 100% recommend her to anyone looking to get their hair done next year. She works fast, was professional and really nice.

Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyle Viva 18
1940s Meets Rockabilly

Okay I’m done, it’s my friends turn now.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

Above turns into the below..like Magic.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

Drea’s turn.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18
Drea was trying to go for the same look as me. hehehe

So pretty, mini victory roll and curls.

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

We are 3 happy ladies, full of champagne and orange juice and lots of girly time. Thanks again Liisa!

Vintage Hairstyles Viva 18

Now we are all done up…time for the Pool and the Men’s Vintage Swimsuit contest especially now that sun was out and it was finally hot.

VIVA 18 Tiki Pool Party Friday 2015

There was even a live band-The Sabres to set the tone for the afternoon.

The Sabres VIVA Pool Party 18 2015
The Sabres

Pool Time is Friend Time!

VIVA 18 Pool Party Style
Hanging out with Friends at the Pool in my 1960s Vintage “Ceeb of Miami” swimsuit from Cabaret vintage
VIVA 18 Pool Party Style
Cool Glasses Ladies


Time for the Men’s Swimsuit Contest! Here were some of my favorites:

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015
I really liked this swimsuit and matching shirt.

Our host (man with the microphone) plays Carl Perkins in the Million Dollar Quartet in Vegas.

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015

Men's Vintage Swimsuit Contest VIVA 18 2015
It’s a Jungle Out There!

What a great contest, the men really had wonderful vintage swimsuits and it was a fun afternoon. But all good warm and sunny day’s have to come to an end and so we packed it up and got ready for the evening ahead.

My Friday Night Outfit. 1940s Vintage Seersucker dress from “The Best Vintage Clothing” online store.

1940s Seersucker vintage dress

First band of the night and now one of my favorite singers, “Kay Marie“. Her sound channeled the spirit of Americana trailblazers with powerful and passionate vocals, and had this old school vintage feel that I just loved. I danced almost to every one of her songs and it was fantastic to see the room so packed for her show.

Kay Marie VIVA 18 2015
Kay Marie in the Bienville Room

After Kay Marie it was time for one of the big shows in the Ballroom that I was really really looking forward to… Bobby Brooks Wilson, the son of Jackie Wilson. If you have time click on his name and read about his story about how he found out he was Jackie Wilsons son, it is pretty incredible.

Bobby Brooks Wilson Viva 18 2015
Bobby Brooks Wilson

Speaking of incredible…his show was incredible! I thought I was listening and watching Jackie himself. Such an amazing talent and a ridiculously good show. A highlight was when one of the past singers of the Platters came on stage to sing “Only You”. Check out my video to experience what I experienced that night.

After my mind was blown for an hour and half, I still had tons of energy to zip off and support a favorite band of mine (and the Toronto Rockabilly Scene), Jittery Jack. Jittery Jack’s band always puts 120% into their shows and once again this was another good one.

Jittery Jack at Viva Las Vegas 18 2015
Jittery Jack

Only one person is having fun here..can you guess who (and it’s NOT Bill from the Hellbent Rockers lol)? Cheer up Drea..the night is not over yet, it’s time to hit up the Ballroom!

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

I ended my Friday night checking out the final performance EVER of the band “The Chop Tops“. The band coined the phrase “Revved-Up Rockabilly” to describe their wild, upbeat blend of rockabilly, psychobilly, old punk, teddy boy, and surf music genres (source) and have been playing together since 1995. This final show was going to be nothing but amazing and filled with surprises at every turn. And it was!

The Chop Tops VIVA 18 2015
The Chop Tops

One of those surprises was bringing up Mario Valens the brother of La Bamba singer Ritchie Valens. That was a real highlight of the evening for me.

Mario Valens at VIVA 18 2015
Mario Valens

Here is Mario singing with the Chop Tops a tune you might all know….


And that friends was Friday of VIVA 18. Stay tuned for Car Show and Dion (The Wanderer) day aka Saturday.

Attnedees of VIVA. How was your Friday Night?

Liz 🙂

10 comments on “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18-Friday”

  1. Your hair looked absolutely breathtaking, as did the rest of you, dear Liz. It’s sooo cool to see this year’s Viva shared day-by-day here and to get to enjoy the fun of it vicariously after the fact. If I’m ever fortunate enough to attend, I’m going to follow you lead and blog about it big time afterwards.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Ahh thanks Jessica 🙂 Well there is so much that happens at Viva that I feel like I need to share like I do. I know many people like yourself cannot always attend so I want to pass on the fun to you afterwards. Saturday and Sunday will be up early next week! Liz 🙂

  2. Your hair is amazing. Glad you enjoyed mimosas while you got your “hair did,” as they say. How have you decided to stop aging? Your skin is flawless. Do people not age in Canada? Come to think of it, Jim Carrey and Mike Myers seem frozen in time as well. That is not fair. You never get to see men in vintage swimsuits. What a fun idea. I like how you and your friends represented the three color groups. You always look swell and keen!

    • Secret to not aging…photoshop lol! Kidding I don’t know but thanks so much for being so nice!

      The vintage men’s swimsuit contest was my absolute fav..as you can tell. Next year, I’m getting a front row seat 🙂

      LOL! I never noticed the colour groups on our outfits, what a good eye. Not planned but totally awesome anyways.

  3. Your hair looks amazing and I love your outfits too!

    Sitting here in front of the fire, I could really go for some sunny lounging by the pool and watching a vintage swimsuit competition right now!

  4. Fantastic hairstyles. What a lovely treat that must have been! I love all the outfits too. Sounds like another really fabulous day. The men’s swimsuit contest must have been hilarious.

    • The Men’s swimsuit was seriously fantastic and yes pretty funny. Especially the man wearing the jungle suit lol!

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