This coming weekend in Canada is our “Victoria Day Long Weekend” where we celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria. Happy Birthday Queen!

Young Queen Victoria
Source: the graphics fairy

Victoria Day also means that many of us gather up friends, family, dogs and cats and bundle up into cars to head to our cottages or our camping grounds for a fun weekend of campfires, fireworks and smores. This year a few of my friends are getting together to do just that (and maybe we just might add some alcoholic beverages in there, just like my friends in the pic below).

Camping 1950s

For today’s post I thought it would be fun to share with you some fun “Vintage Camping” photos from the 30s thru to the 50s of fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Enjoy!

Lets go camping
Source: Etsy-thewheatfield

Lets hit the road shall we?

1939: Two women wave to each other after arriving on holiday with their caravan
Source: Fox Photos/Getty Images

Make sure you don’t forget anything.

1950s camping image

What you like to use for camping depends on family to family. Some of us like tents, others campers or for really living it up..the cottage!

1950s airstream with vintage car
Airstreams are the best!

These couples like their tents and why not? Easy to pack and light to carry and easy to take down (just not easy to put up).

1930s camping in a tent

Cottages are my favorite. Warm, dry and a bed to sleep in.

vintage camping in a cottage

Sometimes the trips you make to the cottage or camping ground are long and you need to take a break for food and drink. These lovely woman from 1931 are doing it right. Tea in dainty tea cups while wearing stylish pants and berets is the perfect Glamping uniform.

caravan-camping 1939
Tea for two: A couple of women make a cuppa by the side of their caravan in 1931
Source: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Your here! Time to relax and freshen up and maybe eat something.

1930s vintage camping image
Source: Fox Photos/Getty Images

Or just sleep on the boat while others worry about food.

P.S. I love her PJs they are too cute!

camping 1940s
Source: wgsn

Play time!

vintage camping 1950s
Source: DKW Automobiles
1950s children playing
Catching Minnows

Or maybe some quiet time is in order.

reading a book while vintage camping

No camping trip is without a night by the campfire. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories or just watching the glow of the flames, you know that you will always have fun when you’re sitting around with friends around that fire.

1940s men eating roasted marshmallows
Source: Etsy-maclancy
1950s campfire picture
Source: Etsy-naturepoet

And lastly, the award for the most handsome couple around, goes to this couple! Such style! Look at his socks and I just adore everything the wife is wearing. I will not be looking this cute this weekend but I might have to channel this look for another trip.

Source: pixshark

Have a wonderful weekend friends, even if it’s not a long weekend for you.

Liz 🙂

10 comments on “A Vintage Camping We Will Go!”

  1. I’ve never seen any campers look so good, even in pajamas! I’ll take that cottage and the beverages over a tent with snakes and spiders. Folks sure knew how to have style in the outdoors then!

    • I know! I have to say that I never look that good..ever when I’m camping or even in a cottage. There will be no photos of me shared this weekend 🙂

  2. Have fun! I am soooo not a camping kind of person. I like the outdoors and a good bit of bushwalking, but when it’s time to sleep, I need all the modern comforts! Those women having the cup of tea make it look good though!

    • I’m with ya..I don’t do tents (unless I 100% have too) and this weekend I will be sleeping in the comforts of a camper lol!

      have a super weekend!

  3. Super fun post! I love camping, past or present. I mean, really, really, really love camping. Like, were it not for my health, I could easily live in a tent and off what nature provided me (perhaps with some books and writing equipment thrown into the mix) pretty much 24/7/365. Not going to happen these days, but thankfully a weekend getaway every now and then still lets my inner Girl Guide run free and connect with the great outdoors and a cozy sleeping bag alike. 🙂

    Have an awesome long weekend, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

    • You Jessica are who I thought of when I saw the image of the well dressed gal in front of her tent reading. Your explanation above fits that perfect!

      I’m so glad that once in awhile you do get to let loose with nature 🙂

      Hope you had a nice long weekend

      Liz 🙂

  4. I want to be sat in that chair outside my tent reading right now! Great images, especially the one with them having tea from china tea cups! I’ve never managed to camp that glamourously! I do quite enjoy it though. Hope you had a fun weekend.

    • lol! I hear ya..camping is NEVER glamourous for me..ever 🙂 Weekend was great! Hope yours was good too.

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