August 29th, Toronto Vintage Society is hosting our annual Tiki Party at the Cadillac Lounge in Toronto-Tiki Lani Lanai.

Toronto Vintage society's Tiki Party-August 29th

Every year keeps getting bigger with year # 3 being our biggest! Woo hoo! One of the cool activities we do at our Tiki party is the “Vintage Swim Suit Competition“. Last year we had a wonderful turnout of fantastic suits and I’m really excited to see what this years attendees will bring to table. I’m sure they will be amazing!

In preparation for August 29th, I have rounded up some of my favorite vintage swimsuits from the internet to inspire, purchase or just admire. Enjoy!

(P.S. These are also great suits for VIVA as well).

1930s ladies in Swimsuit
Marie McKenna and Gladys Cooling at Southport, 1938. Source: Flickr-State Library of Queensland

Playsuits that turn into swimsuits are fantastic for summer parties, because you only have to worry about one outfit for the whole day. This 1940s beauty on sale on Etsy right now is the perfect example.

1940s Swimsuit - 40s Playsuit
Source: Etsy-jumblelaya

Another Playsuit/Swimsuit from the 1950s. Who does not love Gingham?!

1950s playsuit
Source: Etsy-traven7

I love details like lovely scalping on the bust of a suit.

(P.S. this suit is from a Canadian seller: “Trunk of Dresses” for any Toronto ladies interested).

1940s swimsuit
1940s swimsuit. Source-Etsy: TrunkofDresses

This next suit is stunning and so very 1930s. This suit is luxuriously sleek white and silver striped Lastex stretch satin with skinny black pinstriping. Wow! You would turn heads everywhere you went, that is for sure.

1930s swimsuit
Source: Etsy-Fabgabs

Ohhhhh I wish this next darling of Marina Del Mar swimsuit would fit me, it’s just so beautiful. At last it won’t so I will have to wish for it to go to a good home instead. Bummer.

1950s vintage swimsuit
Source: Etsy-jumblelaya

1950s Swimsuits with pleated skirts is the ultimate in style, especially when it looks like it would be good to from the pool to the tennis court. Fantastic!

This lovely is also being sold in Canada on Etsy so you can still scoop it up just in time for the party.

1950s vintage swimsuit with pleated skirt
Source: Etsy-SoftServeVintage

This number would be perfect for VIVA with its patriotic red/white/blue theme but honestly it could be worn anytime because CUTE is perfect anytime.

(Note: Also a Canadian Etsy Seller)

1950s vintage swimsuit
Source: Etsy-OrchidRoomVintage

Sometimes all a swimsuit needs is a few fantastic details, like this Ivory cream piping scalloped wave pattern with buttons on the below 1950s swimsuit. So pretty.

1950s vintage swimsuit
Source: Etsy-FoxyBritVintage

This 1950s Jantzen Rhinestone beauty is a bit pricey but it’s too stunning to leave on Etsy PLUS it has its vintage ad to match!

1950s Jantzen Swimsuit
Source: Etsy-LakesideVintageColl

1950s Jantzen swinwear ad


Lets not forget the men! Can we all take a moment to revel on how PERFECT these 1950s vintage swim trunks are for the Tiki party? Or for VIVA? WOW!

1950s men vintage swimtrunks
Source: Etsy-MintageClothingCo

Here is another perfect Tiki 1950s Vintage Swimsuit for the guys.

1950s men vintage swim trunks
Source: Etsy-LaurelCanyon1969


And there is the roundup.  Still looking for a suit? Etsy and Ebay are always good places to go (as seen above) as well as vintage shops in your hood. Live in Toronto? We have lots of places that might have a suit or 2 (check out our directory on the TVS website) but if vintage is not your thing for swimsuits then please check out our Tiki Party sponsor “Doll Factory by Damzels“.

Now Question Time: Do you own a vintage swimsuit? Or is one on your bucket list?

Liz 🙂


8 comments on “Vintage Swimsuits-The Roundup”

  1. Great selection. I think I would choose the gingham playsuit and the paisley swimming costume, they are lovely. I am very tempted to knit a swimsuit as there are so many lovely patterns but I don’t think I would ever wear it!

    • Ohhh a knitted swimsuit, wonderful! But not good for swimming no?? (how did they swim in them??). You should do it though because it would be so cool to see how it turns out.

      Liz 🙂

  2. That first swimsuit/playsuit is just heavenly, and I love the cute ruffly red-white-and-blue number too. Personally I prefer modern swimmers in a vintage-inspired style, just because of the advances in fabrics. Mind you, it’s all a bit hypothetical, since I haven’t worn a swimsuit in 2 years, and even then it was actually boardies and a rashie top (I figured teachers on a school excursion should dress modestly), but I plan to changes that this summer!

    • I agree with you about reproduction swimsuits and being able to actually swim in them. I have a vintage suit I wore at VIVA but I never went in the water with it. To afraid that all that chlorine will eat it alive 🙁

      Yes time to change that! Summers are for swimsuits 🙂 Good luck!


  3. Sensational suits one and all! I just love the variety of patterns that existed on swimwear back then. Sure, we have some now, but it can all look dime a dozen so quickly at times. Not so, to my eyes at least, with mid-century stunners like these.

    Have a fantastic time at the annaul Tiki Party (I’ll be there with you in spirit!),
    ♥ Jessica

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