Nobody can avoid the fact that this Saturday is Halloween! How fun! I love this holiday as I know many of you do as well. My husband and I are going out with some friends to a party and I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing (follow me on Instagram to see what my costume is this year).

For today’s post, I decided to do a post with a mishmash of Halloween “things” to get you in the spirit of the day and maybe possibly help you out with last-minute ideas on whatever you’re looking for.

Let the Halloween Roundup Party Begin!

halloween hollywood reveler, carol winter, 1940
Source: vickielester


First up, every vintage Halloween loving gal (or guy) needs a broom brooch. This is not yet a pin but with one quick fix that can change.

2 vintage witches brooms 1950s Halloween
Source: Etsy-ifoundgallery

Brooms not your thing. How about black cats with hats?

1950s vintage halloween brooch
1950s Brooch. Source: Etsy-greencat00

Everywhere you look Halloween advertising is all around you, here is a small selection of some vintage ones I found.

(p.s. last year I did a post on vintage Halloween candy advertising HERE).

Hanes Stocking Nylons vintage halloween ad 1946

vintage 1950s shoe ad halloween
Source: Pinterest

Spunlo ad 1950s halloween

Vintage Halloween Cards. Do you send Halloween cards to friends and family? I know I don’t and I don’t believe I have ever received one either.

1945 halloween card
1940s Card. Source: Flickr-Allison Marchant

How cute is this card? NOW I want to send one to my friends.

1950s vintage halloween card
Source: Pinterest

And one more.

1950s halloween vintage greeting card
Source: Pinterest

Leave it up to the Saturday Evening Post to give you the warm and fuzzies, even during the scariest time of the year.

Halloween Saturday Evening Post 1934
Source: flickr-Paul Malon

I really wish the below pamphlet was intact as I would have loved to have heard the suggestions on how to run a successful 1946 Halloween party.

1940s front cover image of pamphlet for how to run a halloween party
Source: forces of geek

Here is a fantastic image from the 1940s on what could be found in a store around Halloween to help decorate for your party. Not too much has changed has it?

1940s Halloween party store image
Source: Archive Photos on Getty Images

Looking for that perfect vintage item for you Halloween party today? How about this 1950’s Paper Jack O Lantern that is double-faced and can shine from either side. COOL!

1950's Paper Jack O Lantern - Vintage Slot & Tab Pumpkin Die Cut Decoration by Dolly Toy Co.
Source: Etsy-RyokosVintiques
1950's Paper Jack O Lantern
Source: Etsy-RyokosVintiques

Need some Halloween Costume ideas? Inspiration from 1924.

1924 Halloween costume ideas
Source: Witness 2 Fashion Blog

In the 1930s you could have gone as a Gypsy. Still a great option even for today.

1930s gypsy costume pattern
Source: Flickr-Allison Marchant

I just adore all of these Spanish style costume ideas from the 1940s.

1940s spanish halloween costume pattern
Source: Pinterest

And of course you cannot expect Liz the lover of Vintage images to not share a couple of gems I found, so here they are (they are good ones).

1950s halloween vintage image
Source: fishki

Winner for the best pumpkin…THIS FAMILY!

vintage halloween party image

And with that image we have come to the end of the Halloween Roundup Party because I have to run off and finish my costume. Enjoy your Halloween friends!

But one last item..Question Time: Will you be going out for Halloween? And if so as what?

Halloween Vintage Inn
Mini collage of some of the Halloweens gone by

Liz 🙂

2 comments on “Halloween-The Vintage Roundup Party!”

  1. Awesomely lovely post!!! The marriage of Halloween + vintage always puts me over the roof on the happiness front. Great idea about making brooches from those delightful metal charms. I really want one now. 🙂

    Tony and I will both be dressing up and I’ll be sharing our costumes on my blog next week.

    Wishing you guys a stellar All Hallows’ Eve weekend!!!!!!

    ♥ Jessica

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