It’s cold right now and that is because it’s Winter and it’s January and I live in Canada….The Winter Wonderland of the North (I love Canada, don’t get me wrong but temperatures like Hawaii all year around would have been nice).

Well at least until I win the lottery there is not much I can do expect to embrace it. So for today’s post I wanted to share some images I have been saving up that are all about Winter. So grab a warm blanket, some hot chocolate (or maybe a hot toddy) and settle in.

Giant Snowdrifts!

1940s image of a woman on a snowdrift
Source: Etsy-EphemeraObscura

That is a lot of!

1940s woman in the snow vintage image
Source: Etsy-EphemeraObscura

If the snow gets too deep, you could always have someone carry you thru it.

winter-new-york-city-1947 (1)
Source: New York Daily News

Growing up I was a downhill skier, that is what my family did for holidays and I loved it. Not sure when I started to dislike the cold. Anyways…I would totally get back into skiing if I could look like this lovely lady.

1940s vintage image of a woman skier. woman ski fashion
Source: Etsy-EphemeraObscura

A Snowball fight in adorable winter wear (minus the clearly lack of winter footwear).

1940s woman in vintage plaid skirt in winter
Source: Etsy-EphemeraObscura

If you can’t beat them…join them like this newly married couple decided to do.

Source: New York Daily News

According to the caption for this image you are looking at ‘The 1957 Outdoor Fun Queen’ of Palisades Amusement Park. Does she look like she is having fun yet?

Source: New York Daily News

Making an “almost” snowman never gets old as these young ladies are showing us.  I love the headscarves!

1940s women in the snow, vintage image
Source: Pinterest

Another example of fantastic 1940s winter style.

1940s womans winter fashion style
Source: Pinterest

Winter is incomplete without a few certain sports, like Skiing (seen above) and of course Skating.

21 Feb 1947: A group of female office workers put on their skates in the snow to enjoy a lunch-time skate on the frozen lake in St. James’s Park, London.

1947 women putting on ice skates vintage image

And lastly, lets take a moment to enjoy the wonderful thing called “Winter Driving”.

Idaho 1952.

vintage image of cars in snow early 1950s
Source: cheneybaglady

And with that last image, I’m going to grab another hot chocolate and proceed to hibernate till Spring.

Liz 🙂






6 comments on “Brrrr It’s Cold Outside-Vintage Winter Images”

  1. Such fabulous winter images! Yes it’s cold, yes it can make driving (very!) dangerous, yes it impedes taking photos outdoors sometimes, but at the end of the day, I love the snow and would feel very out of sorts if I didn’t experience it each year. Must be that red-as-a-maple leaf blood flowing through my canuck veins. 🙂

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    • The snow is lovely and I agree that I do enjoy seeing it but as I have gotten older I prefer not to be cold anymore (so tired of being cold).If I could have snow without the cold winter I would be happy! lol 🙂

  2. Gosh, what marvellous cold weather outfits on show in these lovely old photos. I particularly like the group building the snowman, rocking saddle shoes and woollen mittens. Might take some style tips from them!

    • I love the snowman building ladies as well, amazing style. I would love to wear my saddle shoes in the winter but with the salt and mud I would be afraid to ruin them. Unlike in days of old when your saddle shoes were worn all the time, they are tad bit more special to me in this day in age. But still super super cute!!

  3. That couple kissing on the bench reminds me of something, maybe a Disney cartoon? That’s going to bug me for a while!

    Gorgeous outfits in some of these images, although while some look warm and stylish, I don’t think I’d trade in my daggy modern snow gear for some of them!

    • I would not be seen outside in the snow in my saddle shoes or peep toe shoes either, no matter how cute I may look lol! Boots, hats and warm coats for me!

      If you remember the disney cartoon, do share now I’m curious too.

      Liz 🙂

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