Last year around this time I did a Valentines day post with several vintage images of couples “In love” during the 1940s and 1950s. For today’s post since we are close again to that special Love Day, I thought that I would do a part 2. Mainly because I have been seeing so many really great photos that I just HAD to share with you (you know me and my weakness for great vintage photos). Lets take a peak at what I have found.

Just Married! 1950s Grand Forks, BC

Just Married Couple Posing 1950's Grand Forks, BC Vintage Photo
Source: Ebay

Summer of love-1958

1950s couple in love vintage image
Source: Ebay

Hugs at home

1950s vintage couple in love in house
Source: Ebay

Love can sometimes make you feel shy

vintage photo of couple in love
Source: Ebay

Cool Love“-Claude “Hoot” and Jenny, June 1953

1950s young couple in home vintage image
Source: Ebay

May 14th, 1945. Date night during WW2 (this is by far my FAVORITE photo in this batch). Would you believe that one of the gentleman is also called “hoot”. Must have been a popular nickname, since the gentleman above is also called that.

WWII 1940s Souvenir Photo Holder San Diego w/ Miltary Couples at Night Club
Source: Ebay

Love in a Garden

1950s vintage couple in love in garden
Source: Ebay

“And the bachelor was down to his 2 final ladies. He was in love with them both but knew he could only give one rose to one lady. Who does he pick?”

1940s vintage image of 2 women and one man
Source: Ebay

The look of Love

orig 1940s vintage photo young couple IN LOVE staring into each others eyes
Source: Ebay

Teenage Love-1947

varsity jacket 1946 with young woman
Source: Bulldog Vintage

AND for a little giggle here are a vintage cow couple getting in the Valentines Day mood.

1950s vintage cows
Source: Ebay

Have a wonderful weekend friends! I will be spending it with some friends and my husband, drinking wine and eating BBQ.

Liz 🙂

12 comments on “Love Is In The Air-1940s and 50s Real Life Couples, Part 2”

  1. That last photo made me beam ear-to-ear. Valentine’s Day needs a lighthearted side, IMO, and that delivered it big time! 🙂

    Thank you for the wonderful roundup of images, sweet Liz. I hope that you and your honey have a Valentine’s Day that is sweeter than all the Conversation Hearts in the world!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I’ve got a thing about cows. Loved that photo. My mum was a real beauty and I treasure all the old black and whites of her. Thanks for making me think of cows and me mum…very unrelated…lol

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