Next week I leave for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend! I can’t wait! This will be my last one for a while as my husband and I would like to take other trips and try other events, so I’m going to make the most of out of it this year.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015
Me and the Sign at last years Viva

The vintage clothing is HUGE at Viva (one of my favorite parts) and I love seeing all the lovely pieces of that everyone brings. I’m always happy with the items that I bring but I do like to dream that if I won the lottery and or had size 24″ waist, what would be my ultimate VIVA wardrobe?

So that is what today’s post is all about, what would I bring if I had the means? Let the dreaming/drooling begin!

1940s Green Gingham Sundress-SO ME! If you have a 27″ waist this could be yours (the price is actually pretty good). I would totally wear this dress to the car show.

1940s Dress // Green Gingham Ruffle Sundress
Source: Etsy

Another day dress for wandering around the hotel, hitting up the strip or just lounging by the pool – A 1950s Mr. Mort Gingham (I’m in gingham mode right now) sundress. The top of the dress is so different and really cool.

1950s Mr. Mort gingham dress smocking spaghetti straps 50s sundress 1950s sundress vintage gingham smocked
Source: Etsy

I love Tiki and I love Tiki Dresses like this beauty of a dress from the 1950s and perfect to wear to Frankie’s Tiki Room. The pattern is a novelty tiki cat print.

1950s Dress // Novelty Tiki Cat Print Full Skirt Dress
Source: Etsy

Mexican Handpainted skirts are very very popular in the Rockabilly/Vintage world and this one is a perfect example of why they are, simply stunning! This skirt is a good choice for any evening of the event.

Vintage 50s SEQUINED Mexican Hand Painted CIRCLE Skirt
Source: Etsy
Vintage 1940s Evening Dress. Perfect for dancing in, to all the amazing bands that play all weekend long. Possibly a super Saturday night dress.
Vintage 1940s Evening Dress Pink
Source: The Cats Pajamas

Here is another Saturday Night Dress – A Emma Domb 1950’s dress french blue satin. Isn’t it dreamy?

50s Dress Emma Domb XS / 1950s Vintage Strapless Beaded Liquid Satin Gown
Source: Etsy

One more option for Saturday Night (or really any night of the event). 1940s Vintage Crepe Gown (this is my favorite).

vintage 1940s gown // 40s pink crepe beaded evening gown
Source: Etsy

The Pool Parties at VLV happen all weekend but on Sunday they have the women’s vintage swimsuit contest. If I had a lot of money, I would buy this suit and enter – A 1950s Novelty Rooster Print Catalina Swimsuit. The print is just so fun and I think you would have a good chance of winning.

1950s Novelty Rooster Print Artist Textile Catalina Swimsuit Bathing Suit
Source: Etsy

Shoes! I very rarely wear awesome shoes at this event because I’m normally dancing…a lot and my shoes are usually built for comfort over style. However, if I could have some dream shoes these would be in my suitcase.

1940s sling back, peep toe heels. Cute with a bit of danger to them.

 1940's Shoes . WW11 Shoes . 1940's Sling Backs
Source: Etsy

Another pair of fantastic peep toe 1940s shoes (I adore the 40s shoes).

Vintage 1940s Shoes /// Chocolate Suede Peep Toes
Source: Etsy

And then the ultimate wish list shoes (and my top pin on Pinterest)……1940s Platform heels, very Carmen Miranda and sold to some lucky person in this world.

intage 1940s shoes / 40s designer platform
Source: Pinterest

Accessories. Once again, since I’m a dancer my accessories are usually limited to items that won’t fly off my body when dancing (brooches, earrings, hair flowers) but we are talking “My wish list” so I would wear Bakelite Bracelets! Up my arm and down the other. Ha Ha, not really but I would wear more than just one like many of the lovely ladies I have seen do.

1930s red Bakelite carved clamper bracelet.

1930s red Bakelite carved clamper bracelet
source: Pinterest

And here are all the bracelets ready for my arm. The carved ones are truly my favorite (I currently only own smooth Bakelite).

Vintage Bakelite Bracelets
Source: Flickr


And there is my Ultimate VLV Wardrobe wish list. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the things that make me drool or wish I had one the lottery.

This will also be my last weekly post till I’m back from my trip (I will only be gone for one week, friends so don’t worry). You can follow my adventures on Twitter and of course Instagram.

Have a super week friends and see some of you at VLV!

Liz 🙂

11 comments on “My Ultimate “VLV” Wardrobe Wish List”

  1. What a bevy of sensational mid-century items. I love your choices and can so easily picture you rocking all of them. Love (!) the top of he brown and white dress. That is so eye-catchingly unique.

    I hope you have a sensationally fun time at Viva!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Have fun! I’m so jealous; never been to LVL but would love to go some day! Enjoy yourself and make sure to post lots of pics when you come back!

    • Thanks Julie! I did have fun and will be doing a post in the next week or so all about it. And don’t worry the event is here to stay, well at least for another 10 years according to the website dates 🙂


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