I don’t think I can stress enough, how much I LOVE Vintage Images from the 1930s-1950s. Sometimes it’s just crowds of people or just a lone individual that catches my eye, but you can be sure that whatever I’m saving and sharing (with you!) they are a wonderful moment in time.

Now friends lets see what goodies I have found this month:

Cute and stylish kids alert! I love the contrast between the two friends. I wonder what the design is on the skirt? I see balloons I think…

Kids in Saddle shoes and jeans and poodle skirts
Source: Flickr

The following photo was taken in May of 1956 at a New York photographic trade show by photographer Frank Larson

1950s woman at a trade show
Source: Frank Larson Photos

Can I help take those dresses off your hands? Oh and the car too?

1950s woman in front of 50s car with 1950s dresses
Source: Pinterest

Recently Toronto hosted the Great Gatsby Garden Party, these ladies from 1920s Toronto would have been wonderful inspiration for that day.

1926 Toronto Fashions for women
Source: Toronto Archives via Pinterest

Lets dance on the street! Or pretend we are flamingos.

1940s girls vintage image
Source: Flickr

If your in need of perfect examples of women in the 1940s rocking pants, then look no further then this image.

1940s women's fashion
Source: Flickr

These 2 gorgeous women remind me of Barbie, especially the friend leaning up against the car.

1950s women in swimsuits
Source: Flickr

Well this looks like an exciting party. What do you think is going on here? Pants and saddle shoes party?

1940s vintage image and saddle shoes
Source: Flickr

Janet always had the best handwriting and therefore made her the best secretary for their monthly meeting (or so I think that is what is happening here).

1940s vintage image
Source: Flickr

And there friends are some of many favourite images this month, did you have a fav from above?

Liz 🙂



14 comments on “My Favorite Vintage Images-July Edition”

  1. Cool pics, Catherine. Thanks for sharing those! I’ve always been in love with saddle shoes but they weren’t in style during my growing up years. Perhaps I should invest in a pair now?

    • I own a pair of saddle shoes and I LOVE them. I bought brand new ones on Ebay but just google Saddle shoes new and you will find shoe stores selling them again. Happy shopping!

  2. What a fabulous collection of photos! I just love the two young girls at the beginning, they’re so adorable in their oh-so-trendy fashions. xx

  3. I always like to see old photos and these are some super ones. I think the skirt in the first photo has kittens playing with wool balls on it. I would love to find a skirt like that, perfect for a cat loving knitter!

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