Happy Canada Day!! We are celebrating 149 years today and I’m so very excited for my country and to be Canadian on this fantastic day 🙂

vintage Canada image poster

Today’s post is a roundup of some of the interesting vintage posts (1920s-1970s) about Canada that I have found over the last while, that give a bit more insight into the country I call home. Enjoy!

Once Upon a City Women who were unsung heroes of war effort via Toronto Star

ajax-munitions Canadian Bomb girls vintage image
Archives Canada

Jessica at Chronically Vintage (a fellow Canadian) started a Flickr Group called “Vintage Canada” with some super vintage images of the land we both love. Check it out!

vintage canada images
via Flickr

We all know that small towns have some amazing history tied to them. So the next time you visit Canada (or head out onto a road trip) why not check out this blog post on ‘Canada’s Best Small Towns‘ via the ‘Great Canadian Bucket List‘ website.

city of nelson small vintage town

If you follow my blog then you know that I like to post about Toronto & Canadian History, here is one I did awhile back: Vintage Canadian Actors & Actresses in Hollywood.

Fay Wray

Elinor Florence is a writer and blogger (and another Canadian friend) who focuses on Canada’s Wartime Past on her Wednesday blog. Her recent book entitled ‘Bird’s Eye View‘ is excellent and recommend read (I could not put it down) about an idealistic young Canadian woman who joins the air force during the Second World War and becomes an aerial photographic interpreter.

Elinor most recent blog post about a young woman named ‘Ruth Owens’ reminded me very much of the main character in her book. Ruth was trained as a photographer for the Royal Canadian Air Force and served at RCAF Centralia, Ontario, during World War Two. Her photo album gives us a fascinating glimpse into wartime history, crammed with snapshots of life on a Canadian air training. Read Post HERE.

1940s Canadian Woman in Airforce
Source: Elinor Florence

Canada built the first UFO Landing Pad in St. Paul, Alberta in 1967

Canada's first UFO landing page st paul alberta

The Archives of Canada has a bevy of amazing albums on their Flickr Page and one of them that caught my eye was all about ‘Toys and Games in Canada‘. Now this is not exclusive to Canada (as we know) but I just thought it was a fun collection of images of Canadian’s of all ages having fun.

Baseball game between women from the "Eager Beavers" and officers of the Regina Rifle Regiment 1940s

May 28th, 1934-The Dionne Quintuplets are born and are noted as being the only quintuplets to survive for more than a few days. This miracle, plus their baby cuteness, the poverty of their French Canadian parents, and the controversy over their guardianship, made them the sensation of the 1930s (source).

Read all about them HERE.

The Dionne quintuplets

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed some of the Vintage Canadian images and posts I shared with you today. Happy Canada Day!

Liz 🙂


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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog and book, Liz! Have a very joyous Canada Day. I’m visiting Newfoundland, Canada’s newest province, and Princess Anne is here to lay the memorial wreath at the cenotaph in St. John’s.

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