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One of my more popular posts is entitled “The Mini Guide to Hosting the Ultimate 1950’s Themed Party“. Inside this post, I talk about invites,decor, music, clothing and food, the essentials for a successful party. The post is very high level and I have noticed that one of the terms used to find my blog has been “Party Foods of the 1950’s”. Clearly, you my readers are looking for a bit more detail and that is what I plan to supply you with today. Not a full cookbook (I am not a cook) but some recipes, images and ideas to make the food at the party a highlight of the evening.

Let’s break out the Cheez Wiz and start the 1950’s food party, shall we?

Source: Flickr

From my original post:

For the most authentic experience for your party, you need to serve 1950’s food. If you want recipes or ideas see if you can find some old 1950’s cookbooks online or in used book stores, they will really help plan your menu.


I own the 1950s Betty Crocker Cookbook in the image above and it has been really helpful in creating that authentic 1950’s food experience. Here are a few recipes from my book you can use for your own party.

1950s party food ideas

Jello Molded Salads will be a big hit with your guests…guaranteed.

1950s Jello mold salad

1950s party food ideas

Canapes are always a good way to go and they are quick to make.

1950s party food ideas

1950s party food ideas

Drinks are a must and a good punch recipe should always be on hand. Here are 2 for you.

1950s Party Drink ideas-Punch

Vintage advertising is an excellent source for 1950’s food ideas and recipes (just type into Google ‘1950’s vintage food recipes’ and watch the magic happen).

1954 Food Ad, Hellmann's & Best Foods Mayonnaise, with Potato Salad Recipe
Source: Flickr

I showed you a Jell-O Mold Salad from my vintage cookbook above, here is another one for your eating pleasure.

Party Food Note: I’m pretty sure this won’t work at your event, but it was kind of fun to add because at some point SOMEONE thought this was a good idea.

Source: Allday

SPAM! Yes you need this!

Source: Pzservices

Meat Loaf. Easy to make and a true 1950’s staple.

Source: McCallum Vintage Recipe Divas

Seven-Up Floats. Can be dessert, a drink option or a main dish.

Seven-Up Floats vintage 1950s ad
Source: Pop Culture Safari

Ikea can easily supply you the next food option OR if you want to be authentic here is a recipe for Swedish Meat Balls.

Source: Antique Alter Ego

Looking for some dessert ideas to sweeten the party up? Angel Food cake is oh so good!

Betty Crocker Softasilk Cake Flour, May 1951
Source: Flickr

Marshmallow Crispy Squares are so easy, even I can make them!

950s ad for Rice Krispies cereal featuring Howdy Doody.
Source: Flickr

Lastly here were my other suggestions from my original post:

  • French Fries
  • Hotdogs and Hamburgers
  • Celery & Cheese whiz
  • Devilled Eggs
  • Pineapple upside cake
  • Casserole…anything
  • Fondue
  • Fruit on Skewers
  • Roasts
  • Pound Cake
  • Fruit Cup
  • Meat Pies
  • TV Dinners
  • Soufflé
  • Grilled cheese
  • Ice Cream/Banana splits

I hope this extension of my “How to host a 1950s Themed Party” blog post was helpful and got the wheels turning on what to serve at your own party. Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

Question Time: What are your favorite 1950s Party Foods that you would add to this list?


14 comments on “Party Foods of the 1950’s”

  1. Devilled eggs, yes. Lime cheese salad, no. NO NO NO. My son tried his first Vienna Sausage a couple weeks ago, and he will not make that mistake again. He read the label and asked, “What is Mechanically Separated Chicken?”

  2. All those jelly salad things are super to look at but I really don’t want to eat one. Lime cheese salad gets a big no from me! If I see old cookbooks I often buy them for the photos of the dodgy looking party foods!

  3. After a delicious Sunday dinner of roast beef, the dessert was often strawberry jello
    With sliced bananas, chunks of Apple mixed in and topped with whipped cream !

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