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While home this weekend for the Canadian Thanksgiving, my mother brought out old albums for us to browse thru. One of those albums was filled with various images of difference vacations my grandparents/parents took over the years. It was so nice to see how happy everyone looked and all the cool places they ventured out too. So keeping with that theme, today’s ‘Vintage Photo Tuesday’ is all about Family Vacations (featuring 1950’s and early 1960’s images of families in all shapes and sizes).


1950s Family vacation to Hawaii. The photo on the back says “The Hawaiian Trio”.

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1950s Families who wear matching outfits when at Yosemite, stay together (or at least I think that is how the saying goes).

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A visit to the Hoover Dam in 1953.

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Calico Ghost Town…1950’s.

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Kids & their Casinos. Golden Gate Casino Las Vegas, 1950’s (The hotel still stands today).

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Four women on a cruise ship.

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A stylish beauty in Mexico.

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Knott’s Berry Farm or Bust!

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Taj Mahal 1960’s.

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One cannot visit Venice without taking a gondola ride, circa 1960’s.

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Lastly, vacations are meant for enjoying the small things, like drinks and a paper while on a terrace in France.

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Question Time: Do you have vintage family photos of vacations from times gone by? Or was your family more of the stay at home kind?






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  1. Fabulous photos as always! There are very few photos of my grandparents generation due to the cost of cameras. They were all working class people and cameras were the last on their list of priorities. It’s a real shame, but I totally understand. I do have a small number of a couple of my relatives from the 1920s – 1940s, which are just gorgeous, but most of the family photos are from the late 1960s and onwards.

    • My grandparents photos came in the 60s and later as well as they too did not own a camera, especially since my dad’s parents were in Germany during the war. Once they moved to Canada the images just started coming in. I’m glad that you still have some early photos of your family to treasure though, that is a great piece of family history you will always have.

  2. Matching or not, how stylish is that mum with her blue sweater and rolled up jeans?

    We have some pictures of my granddad on a cycling holiday around Britain with some friends, maybe in his early 20s I guess. A bunch of skinny white guys with their shirts off standing in front of bikes, but they are still awesome pictures!

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