Today is Remembrance Day and I will be spending it acknowledging the courage and sacrifice of those who served their country. As for my blog today I wanted to supply you with a roundup of posts done about Canadian’s/Canada specifically during WW2.

Canada Poppy

Starting off, please head over to my friend Elinors Blog ‘Wartime Wednesday‘. I have mentioned her before on this blog (several times to be exact) because it’s a wonderful piece of Canadian History (and beyond) that needs to be read by everyone! All month she has been sharing blog posts on her Facebook (and other social media channels) on stories from her new book ‘My Favorite Veterans’ and they are fascinating. Please take the time to read some of them today.

wartime-wednesday Elinor Florence

2. Another friend Jessica from Chronically Vintage wrote a marvelous blog post on the ‘Canadian Ration Book of WW2‘. It’s a interesting read on how Canadians handled rationing.

Canadian WW2 Ration Book

3. Victory Gardens. “We urge every citizen to endeavour to grow more vegetables in order to make an appreciable difference in the situation that confronts us,”– Emily Schofield and Elizabeth MacKenzie


I personally have written various posts on Canada during WW2. Here are a few of them:

4. Tale of the Canadian Army Show. This idea behind the show was to entertain troops, promote recruitment by enhancing the army’s image, to increase the sale of war bonds, and to bolster civilian morale.

Canadian Army Show

5. The Canadian ‘Rosie the Riveter’-Veronica Foster.


6. ‘WW2 Air Force Uniforms for Canadian Women‘.


This blog post is very special today, not just for the content (provided by Elinor Florence) but because of the below comment I recently received from Marie:

I served in the RCAF Womens’ Division during 1942-46 stationed in Ottawa at Princess Alice’s Barracks. I am now 92 yrs old and remember those years with much fondness. I just recently had my greatcoat cleaned and pressed and donated it to the Legion in Aurora, Ont. My family still enjoy my tales of my time as a WD.I am grateful that I was able to serve Canada during that stressful time.

Isn’t that comment incredible? I’m so glad that Marie reached out to share this with myself and my readers. Thank you for your service.

And with that comment, I’m going to end this blog post today so that I can go off and reflect.

Thanks for stopping by friends!


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