Mother’s Day is near, so Happy Mothers Day to my mom and to everyone else who celebrates!!

scottie dog vintage mothers day card
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Today’s post features vintage ads that were created to promote this special day, or should I say help promote their products. Either way, there is some great advertising out there that I just had to share with all of you. Lets Begin!


1928 – Say it with Flowers. I love the use of the red as the only colour in the ad.

1928 Mother's Day theme Say It With Flowers florist vintage print ad
Source: Ebay

1947 Whitman’s Sampler Chocolate Ad.

1947 Whitman's Sampler Chocolate Candy Mother's Day Advertisement
Source: Etsy

Another great 1951 Whitman’s Chocolates ad.

1951 Whitman’s Candy Sampler Mother’s Day Original Vintage Advertisement
Source: Etsy

Nothing says Mother’s Day like buying your mom..underwear? A 1941 Kickernick Advertisement.

Original 1941 Kickernick Ad, Matted Ad for Mother's Day, underwear ad
Source: Etsy

One more, “Buy her Lingerie” for Mother’s Day ad (1948).

1948 Vintage Blue Swan Undies Slips Gowns for Mother's Day Ad
Source: Ebay

1947 Jewelite by Prophylactic, Brushes and Combs (so pretty I want these for myself).

1947 Jewelite by Prophylactic Brushes and Combs Mothers Day Advertisement
Source: Etsy

Send a Western Union Telegram to your mom, don’t forget (1947 Ad).

1947 Western Union Telegram Mother's Day Advertisement
Source: Etsy

Ohhhh scented Telegrams, how fun!

1950s vintage AD WESTERN UNION , Scented Telegrams for Mother's Day
Source: Ebay

Pyrex is a great gift for the bride or for your mother (1941).

1941 vintage Kitchenware AD PYREX
Source: Ebay

A beautiful Speidel Ming Tai Watch Bracelet (1950).

vintage SPEIDEL Ming Tai Watch Bracelet MOTHERS DAY GIFT Jewelry Orchid Pkg AD
Source: Ebay

Nothing says I love you mom, like giving her a Hotpot Coffee Maker (1935) oh and an Iron….

1935 General Electric HOTPOINT Glass Coffee Maker POT Mother's Day GIFT Ad
Source: Ebay


Have a wonderful Mother’s Day to everyone that celebrates! I hope you don’t get an iron!

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