Summer is zipping on by like you would not believe! One moment I was getting ready for my favorite season and the next thing I know the calendar is about to flip to September. YIKES! In fact it has been so busy that I have barely had time to devout some good blog posts for all of you. Don’t worry though, September is coming and that is all about to change.

1950s pool swimming illustration
Source: Tumblr

Today’s post is for my series called ‘Vintage Photo Tuesdayand it’s a look back on the fun of summer thru the eyes of those vintage images I love so much. Lets take a peak!

1940s summer photo of young woman in swimsuit
Source: Etsy

1930’s boating with friends. Only one seems to be doing all the hard work though.

Vintage Photograph of Women Friends Boating In Canoe
Source: Etsy

Swimming off the dock, always a favorite past time for many a child and adult. Location: State Park Diving Platform at Hamlin Lake, Michigan.

1950s Great View of State Park Diving Platform and Kids Swimming at Hamlin Lake
Source: Flickr

This lovely woman in her adorable sun suit is ready for some summer fun for sure!

Vintage Snapshot Photo Woman in Sunsuit c1940s
Source: Etsy

Shuffleboard for the win! Such a fun game.

1940's Shuffleboard ~ Vintage Snapshot Photo
Source: Etsy

Tent Camping.

Tent Camping- 1940s Vintage Photograph
Source: Etsy

Just hanging out on floating boats.

Floating Boats- 1940s Vintage Photograph- Women in Swimsuits- Two Piece Bikini
Source: Etsy

An accordion and a beach is always the perfect combination for a lazy summer afternoon.

1950's Kodachrome Picture Slide of beach scene with accordion player
Source: Etsy

Gary Wakefield and his haul from his fishing trip.

1957 Gary Wakefield Dad Holding Up Big Fish 1950s Fishing Vintage Black and White Photo Photograph
Source: Etsy

Camp, 1957.

Original Vintage Photograph Camp Girls 1957
Source: Etsy

Lazy afternoon on the Porch.

Vintage Red Border Kodachrome Slide Afternoon on the Porch 1950's
Source: Etsy

Who is hungry? Snack bar time!

Vintage Beach Photo 1950s Swimsuits
Source: Etsy

Night Cruise: After “dinner” (TV dinner) drinks and leis, 1958.

1958 Boat Cruise with friends Vintage Image
Source: Flickr

And that is it for this week’s VPT, the next installment will be all about “BACK TO SCHOOL”. Have a great week friends!

Question Time: How has your summer been? Did you do or go anywhere super cool? Maybe you have some wonderful memories of summers gone by? If so please share in the comments below!


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  1. Great photos. Thanks for sharing them. I have had an uneventful Summer. I am waiting for Autumn, my favorite season.

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