Here in Canada the kids have been back in school for a full week now and everyone’s routines are set, so I figured it’s a perfect time to share my Vintage Photo Tuesday“- Back to School Post.

Off we go!

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1950s two children running with lunchboxes
(Photo by Lambert/Getty Images)

1930’s-Leather straps to hold one’s books work well for these 2 boys on their way to class.

Two small boys, carrying a satchels, walks to school circa 1930's.
(Photo by FPG/Getty Images)

Back to School with coolest 1950’s kids around.

1950s back to school photo of two children vintage
Source: Etsy
Vintage Photo, Black & White Photo, Clean Cut School Children, Back to School 1950s
Source: Etsy

Teeny tiny lunch boxes, for teeny tiny kids.

1950s vintage photo of kids going to school with lunchboxes
Source: Etsy

Homecoming parade-1940’s High School Majorette.

Vintage 1940's Cute High School Majorette Ready For Parade
Source: Etsy

One of the fun things about going back to school is meeting up with old friends again and hanging out between classes. Howard University-1946.

howard university students 1940s vintage photo

Back to school, means back to classes like in this 1935 cooking class photo (I would totally be the girl with the lack of excitement on her face).

Cooking Class, 1935. Vintage Photo
Source: Etsy

Return to class is not just for the students but also the teachers. “Regretfully, Edna P. “Teach”.

1930s Vintage Photograph- English Teacher at Desk
Source: Etsy

Say Cheese it’s Photo Time! 1940s High School Photos.

1940s High School Year Book Vintage Photo Collection
Source: Etsy

1946 Howard University students-Take note, this is how you dress for school or even going to the grocery store.

1946 Howard University students
Source: Flavorwire

Freshman class, 1944 at the School of Nursing-North Carolina Baptist Hospital.

Freshman Class, North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing, 1944
Source: Flickr

Daydreaming during class, Florida, March 1947.

A girl daydreaming during class, Florida, March 1947.
Source: Pinterest. Photo by Allan Grant
circa 1955: A little girl and boy carrying a lunch pails and notebooks stand near a school zone traffic sign.
(Photo by Lambert/Getty Images)

And there you have this week’s Vintage Photo Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed spending a few moments going Back to School with me.

Question Time: Do you have fond memories of heading back to class or not so great memories (share in the comments below)? I personally loved the first day back at school, it was everything after I was not fond of. Ha Ha!



10 comments on “Vintage Photo Tuesday-Back To School”

  1. Wow, those lunchboxes are WAY TOO TINY to fill their bellies. I love the snazzy Howard outfits. you are right about that. And the girls in cooking class with all those scarves and blousy tops, it seems like those are a “recipe” for danger near an open flame. My only lunchbox memory is not being able to decide between two at the store, so I wound up getting the orange Disney school bus shaped one with a Donnie & Marie thermos inside LOL.

    • Your lunchbox sounds pretty darn awesome! As for the ladies in the cooking class, I have to agree that someone must of caught on fire at least once a day. I know with the way I cook that would be me for sure! lol

  2. Oh those little lunchboxes and bags!! So cute.

    I can tell you that the first day of school was super exciting when I was a kid, and full of dread as a teacher. Next up I will get to experience it as a parent. I’m guessing it will be super exciting again 😛

    • I look forward to hearing how you make out on the parent side. I’m sure exciting and a bit of sadness as they head off on their own (my mom cried like a baby on our first day at school lol)

  3. I love the girls cooking class, I would love to be part of that! Also, the guys from 1946 in their boaters are so cool. Could you imagine boys turning up to class looking like that today? xx

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