Happy Halloween Everyone! Vintage Photo Tuesday this week is in the spirit of all things Halloween.

1950s Photo of a boy carving a pumpkin vintage
Source: Etsy

What happens when 2 clowns come to a Halloween Party? They clown around!

1955 vintage halloween photo of 2 little girls dressed as clowns

The littlest Boxer.

1950s little boy as a boxer halloween costume vintage photo

Taking a break from all the party fun-1955.

1955 vintage photo of 3 girls in halloween costumes

Children at a Halloween party at Highlands Community Hall in 1948 (Edmonton, Canada).

1940s Kids Halloween Party vintage image edmonton Canada

Bobbing for apples is a must at a Halloween Party. -1949-

1949 Halloween Party bobbing for apples vintage photo
Source: City of Edmonton

Snap Apple-an apple is suspended from a string and the players try to take a bite.

Vintage image of children playing snap apple 1940s

Rum and Coke! Such creative costumes. -1954-

1954 vintage halloween costume photo 2 adults dressed as pop bottles

Continuing with alcohol as a costume. It’s an Molson Export (A Canadian Beer)! Inuvik, 28 October 1961. Audrey Wark (school teacher) at Halloween party in the single staff quarters.

1961 vintage halloween photo molson export costume

Inuvik, 28 October 1961. Lorna and Lee Post (Northern Affairs Administrator) at a Halloween party in the single staff quarters.

1961 vintage halloween photo of country and western costume

1930’s Royalty.

Source: Florida Views

1935 Trick or Treating.

1935 kids trick or treating vintage photo

Side Fact: Halloween in Canada-Largely considered a holiday for children, Scottish and Irish immigrants brought Halloween to Canada in the 1800s. As a non-religious, non-ethnic, and non-political holiday Halloween quickly became popular (Source).

Have a wonderful Halloween Friends!

Before you go make sure you check out PART 1 of this series for more Halloween Vintage Photos.


4 comments on “Vintage Photo Tuesday-The Halloween Edition Part 2”

  1. Great photos in this part and the previous one. Seeing the lady dressed up as Molson instantly made me want a bottle of it. It’s one of my most favourite beers but virtually impossible to buy in the UK. Grrr! xx

    • Thank you Cate! Molson is your favorite, that is pretty awesome that a Canadian beer is your fav. Next time I’m the UK I will see if the duty free has them (they are super cheap here to buy).

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