Let Them Drink Tea. Vintage Tea Ads from the 1920s-1950s

Glorious wonderful Tea. It’s been enjoyed for 1000’s of years all over the world from Kings and Queens to moms and dads, with no sign of ever going away.  Now I’m personally more of a coffee drinking, but I do enjoy a nice flavoured cup once in a while and I always have it on hand for guests (this is mandatory as a host).

1932 Ladie home Journal Ad featuring Tea
1932 Ladies Home Journal Illustration-Source: Etsy

For today’s post I wanted to share some vintage Tea ads from the 1920’s-50’s that I have gathered from various parts of the web. So I hope you will settle in (with a cup of tea maybe) and browse the world of vintage tea advertising with me.

1920s Tea Advertising Vintage Ad
Source: The Advertising Archives
Mappin And Webb 1920s France Cc Tea vintage advertising
Source: The Advertising Archives
1920s Vintage Tea Ad Home and Colonial Tea
Source: Pinterest

King Cole Tea is a Canadian tea company that has been around since 1910 from Saint Johns, New Brunswick.

King Cole Tea vintage 1930s Canadian Tea Company

Lipton’s Tea-1931.

1931 Lipton Tea vintage advertising

1940’s Australian Ad for Bushells Tea.

Bushells 1940s Vintage Tea Advertising
Source: Ebay
1940s Vintage Lipton Tea Advertisement
Source: Pinterest

1944 Tea Advertisement for Canterbury Tea published in the Family Circle Magazine.

Illustrated Vintage Canterbury Tea Advertisement, 1944
Source: Flickr

Tea Council Ad.

vintage tea advertising 1940s 1950s

Woman’s Day, November 1952. Note: Woman’s Day was originally produced for A&P stores as a free in-store menu/recipe planner (Source).

A&P Vintage Tea Advertising 1950s
Source: Flickr

Ty-Phoo Tea, Great British Tea since 1903.

Typhoo tea vintage advertising

Lipton Tea 1950 vintage ad
Source: Pinterest

1950 LIFE Magazine Tea Council Ad.

1950 LIFE Magazine Tea Council Ad - vintage magazine ad
Source: Etsy
vintage tea advertisement
Source: Pinterest


Hope you enjoyed this roundup of vintage Tea Advertisements friends. Do you have a favourite out of the ones listed? Are you a tea drinker yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below and have a wonderful day!


11 comments on “Let Them Drink Tea! Vintage Tea ads from the 1920s-1950s”

  1. Well, being English, you can probably guess that I love my tea! I do only drink decaf though as I’ve been caffeine free for over four years. I love all of these adverts, they’re just gorgeous but I think my favourite is the Mappin & Webb one, which I’m assuming is advertising the tea service to buy as they’re still a luxury jewellery and gifting company.

    One thing I will mention is that the first image from the 30s actually shows a coffee pot, not a tea pot, so they’re more likely to be drinking coffee. Coffee pots are taller than tea pots, which are actually quite dumpy. You can see the difference on the Mappin & Webb advert, the coffee pot is on the left and the tea pot is on the stand. I think that’s a hot water pot on the right to top them both up with, which you sometimes get served in posh hotels when having afternoon tea. xx

  2. I think my favorite ad is “Take Tea and See” because it’s mid-pour, which always gets people excited, and it’s steaming. And there’s the bonus of the man in his skivvies, holding a giant teapot LOL. In Texas, we mainly drink iced tea. I drink iced tea every day. The only hot tea my family drinks is when it’s cold and too late for coffee (ha!) like Sleepytime tea. But I love the images!

  3. I was in fact just sitting down with a cup of tea when I started reading this, so how appropriate! And, if you are wondering, I am definitely looking as glamorous as the ladies in these ads.

  4. These are lovely images and much more glamorous than tea adverts are now. I’m a big tea drinker, decaf though, but I can’t get through the day without lots of cups!

  5. Simply take a pinch of the tea leaves, place them in the tea strainer and pour the water into the cup. Remove the tea strainer and tea leaves the tea is ready. This is my method! The tea is weak but refreshing. Alternatively, you can add the leaves to the tea pot and strain through the tea strainer if you have more people.

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