Happy Easter Friends!

For today’s post I’m going to carry on the theme I started last year, with a roundup of all things that fall under the category, “Vintage Easter”. This will include photos,ads, kitschy vintage Easter items for sale and anything else I can find. Of course it’s all from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.

Okay friends let’s begin the Easter fun!

Easter Egg Race Winners 1950s Quebec vintage image
Easter egg race winners, Gatineau Park, Quebec, 1957 Source: Tumblr

Yummy Easter Egg Cake with Recipe (1953). Main ingredients: Swans Down Yellow Cake Mix and Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate. If any of my readers end up making this cake please let me know how it was!

1953 Easter Egg cake recipe vintage advertising
Source: Tumblr

Easter Sunday, 1950.

John W. Mosley - Easter Sunday, c. 1950 vintage image of a black woman all dressed up
Source: Tumblr

Blog Post by the Vintage Inn: Let’s do the Bunny Hop!

The Bunny Hop history by the vintageinn blog

“Then the Easter Eggs danced.” Easter Party held by Glen Taylor School, Walnut Creek, California in 1949 via Life Magazine.

1940s vintage easter egg hunt as seen in life magazine
Source: Retro Musings

“Mr. Bunny Paints the Eggs” -Vintage 1940s Children’s Book by Lee Maril Illustrated by Irena Lorentowicz.

Mr. Bunny Paints the Eggs Vintage 1940s Children's Book by Lee Maril Illustrated by Irena Lorentowicz
Source: Etsy
Mr. Bunny Paints the Eggs Vintage 1940s Children's Book by Lee Maril Illustrated by Irena Lorentowicz
Source: Etsy

Washington, D.C. “Easter Sunday, 1925.”

Washington, D.C. Easter Sunday, 1925. National Photo Co
Source: National Photo Co

Milky Ways…my favourite!

1950s chocolate vintage easter advertising
Source: Pinterest

In London, the Easter eggs are bigger (1936).

Easter Shopping in London 1936 vintage photo of 2 girls with car
Source: Tumblr

Easter egg colouring kit, 1940s.

Vintage Easter Egg Colouring Kit 1940
Source: Found in Mom’s Basement

American Greeting Cards Ad 1949 (Easter).

American Greeting Cards Ad 1949 (Easter)
Source: Pinterest

Video of the famous NYC Easter Parade (1950).

Judy Garland and Fred Astaire in the 1948, Easter Parade Musical (one of my favs!).

Easter in Chicago, 1941 (Those shoes!!!!).

Easter Parade Chicago 1941 vintage image
Source: get bent

Easter Favourites…Chocolate! What is your fav treat during this time of the year? Share in the comments below.

late 1930s early 1940s chocolate advertisement vintage
Source: Found in my mom’s basement


Once again, Happy Easter! I hope you all have a lovely weekend doing whatever you traditionally (or not so traditonally do). I’m off to see the families, so lots of driving all over Ontario. Good thing I will have all that chocolate to keep my energy up.

Take care everyone!




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  1. Oh my gosh, those ladies from 1925! Their coats, their hats, their shoes!! I absolutely love everything they’re wearing. I have a beautiful photo of a great uncle and aunt when they got married on Easter Monday in the 1920s. They both look so amazing! xx

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