The Photo Booth, the precursor to the “Selfie”.

Now in this day in age photo booths while fun at weddings (we had one at ours), are mostly sitting empty in malls across the world. There is just no need for them with camera’s on our phones to document every moment in our lives. However in days gone by, the photo booth was popular by all walks of life to capture whatever moment in life they wanted (no different from what we do today).

Therefore for today’s ‘Vintage Photo Tuesday’ I wanted to showcase various photo booth photos that were taken by kids, lovers, friends and families. Photos that would of eventually ended up in wallets, on dresser tables and on walls, reminding the subject or the holder of the image of a special moment in time.

Let’s begin!

1950’s young couple in love.

vintage photo 1950s young woman and soldier in photobooth
Source: Etsy

1945 Chicago International Sportsmens Show.

Vintage Photobooth Photo 1945 Chicago International Sportsmens Show
Source: Etsy

Not sure what the numbers on the hats mean, but it’s a fun vintage photo of these two ladies (possibly something to do with their school?).

1920s vintage photobooth image of two women
Source: Etsy

Capturing the special moments. Like a Graduation!
Source: Etsy

Mountains and hair bows.

1940s young woman vintage photo take in photobooth
Source: Etsy

“Red”. The hat photo is a good one.

Vintage Arcade Photo Booths c1940s vintage photo
Source: Etsy

The little girl with the pretty hair. Circa 1930s/1940s.

vintage photobooth photo 1930s 1940s young girl
Source: Etsy

1930’s photo of a dapper man, mastering the art of the “side profile”.

1930s photobooth vintage image of man
Source: Etsy

Look into the camera and give your best “don’t mess with me impression”. Mission accomplished.

1940s vintage photobooth image of young teenage girl
Source: Etsy

A 1944 happy sailor.

vintage photo 1944 Sailor photobooth image
Source: Etsy

“Look Mom, I have a baby!” A proud dad showing off his little one.

Vintage Photobooth baby and father vintage image
Source: Etsy

Two goofy Soldiers having a good time.

Vintage Photo Booth Photo Two GI Pals Goofy Guys 1940's,
Source: Etsy

The Summer of Love.

vintage photobooth image of young couple in love
Source: Etsy

A big smile for the camera-1940s beauty.

1940s photobooth vintage image of a beautiful young woman
Source: Etsy


Question Time: Do you like photo booths? Have any fun memories? Share in the comments below!


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6 comments on “Vintage Photo Tuesday: The Photo Booth”

  1. Thank you for sharing these rare finds. I feel like I get to go back in time to their special moment. Love them 🙂

  2. I laughed at those goofy soldiers and love that last image as well. I used to go to photo booths as a teen, so I must have at least a couple dozen black and white strips, as well as some in the past few years. It’s a great place to be silly and have an excuse to make several poses, like Red did.

    • Photo booths are the perfect place for goofy fun. At our wedding, we had over 850 photos taken in the booth. I think my guests spent more time there then on the dance floor! It was funny to watch the photos go from somewhat serious to darn right hilarious as the open bar took hold of the guests lol!

  3. Wonderful photos, as always! So many special moments in people’s lives. I love the two of ‘Red’, particularly the one where he’s pulling a funny face. It’s so sad that photo booths are so rare these days, they were such a joy to mess about in when we were kids. xx

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