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Let Them Drink Tea! Vintage Tea ads from the 1920s-1950s

Let Them Drink Tea. Vintage Tea Ads from the 1920s-1950s

Glorious wonderful Tea. It’s been enjoyed for 1000’s of years all over the world from Kings and Queens to moms and dads, with no sign of ever going away.  Now I’m personally more of a coffee drinking, but I do enjoy a nice flavoured cup once in a while and I always have it on hand for guests (this is mandatory as a host).

1932 Ladie home Journal Ad featuring Tea
1932 Ladies Home Journal Illustration-Source: Etsy

For today’s post I wanted to share some vintage Tea ads from the 1920’s-50’s that I have gathered from various parts of the web. So I hope you will settle in (with a cup of tea maybe) and browse the world of vintage tea advertising with me.

1920s Tea Advertising Vintage Ad
Source: The Advertising Archives
Mappin And Webb 1920s France Cc Tea vintage advertising
Source: The Advertising Archives
1920s Vintage Tea Ad Home and Colonial Tea
Source: Pinterest

King Cole Tea is a Canadian tea company that has been around since 1910 from Saint Johns, New Brunswick.

King Cole Tea vintage 1930s Canadian Tea Company

Lipton’s Tea-1931.

1931 Lipton Tea vintage advertising

1940’s Australian Ad for Bushells Tea.

Bushells 1940s Vintage Tea Advertising
Source: Ebay
1940s Vintage Lipton Tea Advertisement
Source: Pinterest

1944 Tea Advertisement for Canterbury Tea published in the Family Circle Magazine.

Illustrated Vintage Canterbury Tea Advertisement, 1944
Source: Flickr

Tea Council Ad.

vintage tea advertising 1940s 1950s

Woman’s Day, November 1952. Note: Woman’s Day was originally produced for A&P stores as a free in-store menu/recipe planner (Source).

A&P Vintage Tea Advertising 1950s
Source: Flickr

Ty-Phoo Tea, Great British Tea since 1903.

Typhoo tea vintage advertising

Lipton Tea 1950 vintage ad
Source: Pinterest

1950 LIFE Magazine Tea Council Ad.

1950 LIFE Magazine Tea Council Ad - vintage magazine ad
Source: Etsy
vintage tea advertisement
Source: Pinterest


Hope you enjoyed this roundup of vintage Tea Advertisements friends. Do you have a favourite out of the ones listed? Are you a tea drinker yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below and have a wonderful day!


Summer is here! Vintage Catalina Swimsuit Ads

Catalina, the coveted swimsuit line of the vintage community (for women and men). The line is classy, beautiful and as you will see in this post, truly one of a kind.

Catalina vintage label

History of Catalina Sportswear:

Their history began in 1907, as Bentz Knitting Mills, a small manufacturer of underwear and sweaters. The name was changed to Pacific Knitting Mills in 1912, accompanied by the introduction of swimwear to their existing knit lines. The third and final name change came in 1928, to Catalina.

During the 1920s, Catalina broke out of the norm of producing wool knit suits that were patterned after a simple one-piece style and created baring and fashionable swimwear for both men and women. Styles like, the boldly striped Chicken Suit, men’s Speed Suit and Ribstitch “S” suits.

The 1930’s glitz and glamour of the sliver screen had Catalina adopting the slogan “Styled for the Stars of Hollywood“. They added to the prestige by using Hollywood starlets, including Bette Davis, Joan Blondell, and Olivia de Havilland in their marketing campaigns. At the time, the average Catalina swimsuit retailed between five and ten dollars, equivalent to $87–$175 today (assuming 1935 dollars) (Source).

Catalina swimsuits by orry kelly vintage ad
Source: Glamoursplash

The Miss America Beauty Pageant:

Catalina was a sponsor of the beauty pageant starting in the 1940’s, with the contestants wearing their off-the-rack swimsuits (featuring 2 flying fish logo’s, instead of the standard 1 on the hip as seen below).

miss America pageant vintage swimsuit contest image

In 1951 there was a bit of drama when Catalina dropped sponsorship of the pageant after the winner Yolande Betbeze, refused to pose for publicity pictures while wearing a swimsuit.

Side Note: Yolanda is pictured above (Miss Alabama), wearing a Catalina swimsuit before she was a winner so I’m so sure what the issue was (if you know please share in the comments below).

Seeing pageants as a good publicity tool, Catalina would go onto to found the Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss Universe pageants, co-sponsoring them for decades to follow. With this came a new slogan to emphasize their growing global awareness: “Around the world… it’s Catalina” (source).

1951 vintage catalina swimsuit ad

1960’s Catalina becomes a sister company to Cole of California, a swimwear manufacturer established in 1925.

cole of california 1950s vintage swimsuit ad hawaii

  • 1993 the duo joins Authentic Fitness Corporation, a subsidiary of Warnaco Inc.
  • 1994 Catalina and it’s newly extended swim, active & fitness brand (thanks to its merger with Wanaco) is offered to Wal-Mart stores across America
  • 2007 Warnaco sells the Catalina business to In Mocean Group
  • As of 2014 you can only buy Catalina swimsuits in Wal-Mart
  • Catalina is one of the oldest clothing manufacturers in California (Source).

History lesson complete, now lets check out some of the awesome advertisements!

1940s Catalina Vintage Swimsuit Ad
Source: Flickr

1935’s Baby Pants, “So Very Provocative.”

1930s vintage Catalina Swimsuit Ad
Source: Pinterest

A giraffe on a swimsuit?! How fantastic!

vintage 1940s Catalina Swimsuit ad


1949 Catalina Vintage Swimsuit Ad

The most popular swimtrunks in America!

1955 Catalina Swimwear Ad for men
Source: Flickr

Families who match their swimsuits together, stay together.

1950s vintage family swimwear Catalina Ad

“Any girl who wears a Catalina swimsuit is apt to be singled out for special attention from Mr. Cupid.”

1950s vintage Catalina swimsuit ad
Source: VintagePrecious

1960’s Men’s Swimwear

1960s mens Catalina swimsuit vintage ad

Schiaparelli’s design.

Catalina vintage bathing suit / swimsuit ad, 1949 advert

“Lovelier by Design.”

1950s Catalina Vintage Swimsuit Ad

1952 Miss Universe Catalina Ad.

1952 Miss Universe Catalina Ad
Source: Glamoursurf

1953-New Swim and Sun Fashions.

1953 Catalina vintage swimsuit ad
Source: Etsy

1948 & 1949 Ads. Fish and Ducks for men and women.

Vintage Catalina Swimsuit men and womens ad
Source: Glamoursurf

I also own a Catalina that I wore at VIVA Rockabilly Weekend in 2016, it’s not as glamorous as the ones in the ads we just saw but it’s still cute!

The Vintage Inn Blog at viva rockabilly weekend tiki pool party 2016

Lastly, If you are interested in what the Catalina Labels looked like, the Vintage Fashion Guild has a super collection of them that can be found HERE.

QUESTION TIME: Do you own a Catalina? If so please share what it looks like. If you don’t do you like the brand? Want to own one yourself one day? Do tell in the comments below.


Mother’s Day Vintage Advertising

This Sunday it’s Mother’s Day, so Happy Mothers Day to my mom and to everyone else who celebrates as well!!

scottie dog vintage mothers day card
Source: Pinterest

Today’s post features vintage ads that were created to promote this special day, or should I say help promote their products. Either way, there is some great advertising out there that I just had to share with all of you. Lets Begin!


1928 – Say it with Flowers. I love the use of the red as the only colour in the ad.

1928 Mother's Day theme Say It With Flowers florist vintage print ad
Source: Ebay

1947 Whitman’s Sampler Chocolate Ad.

1947 Whitman's Sampler Chocolate Candy Mother's Day Advertisement
Source: Etsy

Another great 1951 Whitman’s Chocolates ad.

1951 Whitman’s Candy Sampler Mother’s Day Original Vintage Advertisement
Source: Etsy

Nothing says Mother’s Day like buying your mom..underwear? A 1941 Kickernick Advertisement.

Original 1941 Kickernick Ad, Matted Ad for Mother's Day, underwear ad
Source: Etsy

One more, “Buy her Lingerie” for Mother’s Day ad (1948).

1948 Vintage Blue Swan Undies Slips Gowns for Mother's Day Ad
Source: Ebay

1947 Jewelite by Prophylactic, Brushes and Combs (so pretty I want these for myself).

1947 Jewelite by Prophylactic Brushes and Combs Mothers Day Advertisement
Source: Etsy

Send a Western Union Telegram to your mom, don’t forget (1947 Ad).

1947 Western Union Telegram Mother's Day Advertisement
Source: Etsy

Ohhhh scented Telegrams, how fun!

1950s vintage AD WESTERN UNION , Scented Telegrams for Mother's Day
Source: Ebay

Pyrex is a great gift for the bride or for your mother (1941).

1941 vintage Kitchenware AD PYREX
Source: Ebay

A beautiful Speidel Ming Tai Watch Bracelet (1950).

vintage SPEIDEL Ming Tai Watch Bracelet MOTHERS DAY GIFT Jewelry Orchid Pkg AD
Source: Ebay

Nothing says I love you mom, like giving her a Hotpot Coffee Maker (1935) oh and an Iron….

1935 General Electric HOTPOINT Glass Coffee Maker POT Mother's Day GIFT Ad
Source: Ebay


Have a wonderful Mother’s Day to everyone that celebrates! I hope you don’t get an iron!

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