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Happy 184th Birthday Toronto! Souvenirs of Toronto’s Past

1960s Original Air Canada Toronto Travel Poster

Today Toronto celebrates it’s 184 Birthday! Happy Birthday!!! As many of you know my adopted hometown is Toronto and I have lived here since 1999 when I moved here for school and instantly fell in love (with the city and later with my husband). Where I live in the city, I can walk to local grocerers, bars, restaurants and public transportation (that takes us to all the fun things in the city). Our little piece of paradise is perfect for our lives and it’s also a GREAT place to visit. So for today’s post I wanted to showcase some cool vintage sourvenirs/items from Toronto’s past that one might of collected to remember their visit or time in the big city (p.s. the items below are all for sale at time of this post, if you wish to take a piece of Toronto history home with you).

Lets begin!

When you visit Toronto, attending the theatre was/is a must! Here is a vintage program from the Royal Alexandra Theatre (still standing) stating the upcoming announcements for the week of Dec 2, 1929.

Royal Alexandra theatre toronto vintage program 1929
Source: Etsy


Royal Alexandra theatre toronto vintage program 1929 inside page
Source: Etsy

Soldiers at Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto, Canada, which is showing the British film Balaclava (1928) after it was reissued as a talkie (Source).

Soldiers at Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto, Canada, which is showing the British film Balaclava (1928) after it was reissued as a talkie
Source: Wikimedia

Postcards were once a very popular way of communicating with friends and family about the fun you were having on vacation (my husband and I still send postcards on our trips). This 1930s Toronto postcard featuring our city hall (this building still stands but is no longer our city hall), is a beautiful example of this mode of communication.

1930s vintage postcard Toronto, Canada
Via Etsy

1920/1930’s Felt Pennant for St. Hilda’s College. St. Hilda’s was founded in 1888 as a women’s college & residence affiliated with the University of Trinity College. Initially St. Hilda’s students took separate pass lectures, but in 1894 all Trinity classes were opened to women. By 1904 the colleges merged with the University of Toronto and eventually would cease to be used as a building for education (Source). The building still stands today.

Vintage Original 1920s Felt Pennant Sewn Letters for St. Hilda's College, University of Toronto
Via Etsy

Sweets for your Sweets-Signed 1930’s Willard’s Chocolates Box. Willards is a Toronto brand that opened it’s doors in 1917 (In 1954 Willard’s was purchased and their named remained till 1968).

1930s Willards Chocolates Box Vintage Toronto History
Via Etsy

Canadians love their hockey but we also love our Baseball and in Toronto it’s all about the Toronto Blue Jays.

The below item is a Vintage 1930s Novelty Popcorn & Salted Peanuts Glassine Bags – Toronto Made, used at Maple Leaf Stadium. Now the Jays were not around to play at this stadium in the 1930s but the Toronto Maple Leafs were and they played there for 42 seasons (1926-1967).

RARE Vintage 1930s Novelty Popcorn & Salted Peanuts Glassine Bags - Toronto Made, Used at Maple Leaf Stadium
Source Etsy

Photo of a young boy with 2 members of the 1950’s Toronto Maple Leafs.

Toronto Maple Leafs baseball 1950s vintage image
Source: Pinterest

Local magazines are a great way of taking home a piece of the city or country you were in. The Star Weekly magazine was founded by J.E. Atkinson, the publisher of the Toronto Star (newspaper) and began it’s life in 1910. It was an attempt to create a Canadian counterpart to the popular British type of Sunday newspapers. Initially the Weekly was a grab-bag of features, articles by the daily paper’s reporters, advertising and pieces purchased cheaply from syndicates. Before long, however, the Weekly had comic strips, good illustrations and cartoons, and by 1920 it was lavishly using colour (Source).

Vintage (March 17, 1945) RARE! The Star Weekly | Toronto Star magazine WWII-era issue. Cover of a female soldier.
March 17th, 1945. Source: Etsy

Getting around the city is pretty simple (most times) because of our TTC system, the Toronto Transit Commission. We have streetcars, buses and subways to get you where you need to go and when you need to transfer onto another route, you need to take a ticket transfer. These tickets have been around for years like the vintage 1940s one seen below.

TTC 1940s Vintage Ticket - Instant Collection- Toronto Transit
Source: Etsy

The T. Eaton Company (Once Canada’s largest department store chain) welcomes you to early 1950’s Metropolitan Toronto. The below guide was created for the American tourist to easily get around the city and point them to the direction of the Eaton’s flagship store.

Eatons guide to Toronto 1950s
Source: Etsy

One more city guide from 1953 calling Toronto, The “Queen City” (never heard this nickname before).Cover Art: Toronto skyline as seen from the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

1953 Metropolitan Toronto Vintage Visitor's Guide
Source: Etsy

The Canadian National Exhibition is the last 2 weeks of the summer and is beloved by residents and visitors alike. It’s basically a giant fair, with rides, food building, exhibitors, shows and animals and so much more. The 1950’s souvenior scarf below is a marvelous way to remember the fun that was had.

Canadian National Exhibition 1950s vintage scarf
Source: Etsy

Just like how the CNE marks the end of summer, it also ends today’s blog post. I hope you enjoyed browsing souvenirs of Toronto’s past. Happy Birthday Toronto!

Lastly, if you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I like to post about cool and fun vintage history posts on my city. I have done several over the years, and if you click on the link HERE you can check them all out.

Question Time: When you travel what things do you like to bring back that will remind you of your trip? Let me know in the comments below!

Liz 🙂

Disclosure: Some of the links on my blog from Etsy are Affiliate Links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 



The 2017 Christmas Kitsch Roundup!

It’s my favorite time of the year, the Christmas Season! And what is a Vintage Christmas without some Kitschy items to fill your home with (or gift to your dearest friends & family).

Today’s post is a roundup of fun vintage kitschy Christmas items that you can pick up right now, because everyone deserves to have a Merry Kitschmas!

Kitsch 1950s christmas card
Source: Vintascope

1950s Vintage Metal Christmas Tree Spinning Spinner, and it works! (Buy HERE).

1950s Vintage Metal Christmas Tree Spinning Spinner Toy Tin Santa Molto Retro Kitsch
Source: Etsy

1950’s Christmas Flocking Deer Ornaments (Buy HERE).

1950's Christmas Flocking Deer Ornaments
Source: Etsy

1950’s Vintage Ornaments (Various Sellers).

Vintage Christmas 1950s ornaments
Source: Etsy

Vintage 1950s Christmas Double Sided Honey Comb (Buy HERE).

Vintage 1950s Christmas Kitsch Antique Center Piece Double Sided Honey Comb
Source: Etsy
Vintage 1950s Christmas Kitsch Antique Center Piece Double Sided Honey Comb
Source: Etsy

Vintage 1950’s Cookie Cutters In Original Box (Buy HERE).

Vintage 1950's Cookie Cutters In Original Box
Source: Etsy

1950’s Reindeer Figurine, mom and baby (Buy HERE).

1950's Vintage Reindeer figurine mom and baby
Source: Etsy

Poinsettia Bells Girls, Lipper & Mann Figurines (Buy HERE).

Vintage Noel Poinsettia Bells Girls Lipper Mann Christmas w/box Figurine
Source: Etsy

Vintage 1950’s shelf doily (Buy HERE).

1950's Christmas Doily Vintage
Source: Etsy

Dead Stock 1950’s Jewelry Box (Buy HERE).

Vintage Kitsch Jewelry Box Pastel 1950s
Source: Etsy

Vintage Felt Stocking Card Holder (Buy HERE).

Vintage Pink & Gold Felt Stocking Christmas Card Holder
Source: Etsy

Vintage Florida Christmas Postcards (Buy HERE).

Vintage Florida Christmas postcards set of 2 1950s
Source: Etsy

50s paper napkins still in their original packaging (Buy HERE).

50s paper napkins still in their original packaging
Source: Etsy

Thanks for stopping by everyone! So did something catch your eye, or is Christmas Kitsch not your thing? Share in the comments below.

P.S. Don’t forget, that if something has caught your eye in this post to buy asap! All the items are vintage and when they are gone, they are gone.

Merry Kitschmas!


My Favorite Vintage Pins on Pinterest-Spring Edition

It’s been awhile since I have done my “Favorite Pins on Pinterest” post, but that just means that I have so many new editions of fun images, advertisements, clothes and whatever else that has caught my eye to showcase. Lets take a look!

 Vintage Advertising Board:

Yummy Seven-Up! This ad is colourful and fun and truly ridiculous enough to make me actually want to buy a bottle.

1950's vintage Sevenup ad
Source: Pinterest

I’m a sucker for a good Canadian Advertisement and this one is awesome! While I did not receive Canada Savings bonds in the 50’s (more the 80’s) they were an item that was a popular gift to kids from loving family members (or whomever). Sadly this year the government has decided to discontinue the program but we will always have the ads.

1955 Canada Savings Bond vintage ad
Source: Pinterest

“Help your winter ration coupons go further”. 1940’s Wartime Hints from B.C. (British Columbia) Electric. Another great look into Canadian history.

Canadian WWII wartime hints for rationing and perserving vintage BC Electric Ad
Source: Pinterest

Awesome Vintage Pictures Board:

1945’s University of Chicago archery class (or group).

1945's University of Chicago University of Chicago archery. Photographic Archive, [apf digital item number, apf4-00005], Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library.
Source: Pinterest
1950’s Hawaiian party at the University of Chicago.

University of Chicago Archives-Hawaiian Shirts 1950's
Source: Pinterest

When I found this image I truly felt like this woman was me, if Liz was around in the 1950’s. Kitschy fun to the max!

1950s vintage image of flamingo orange and a woman
Source: Pinterest

As a swing dancer, I’m a sucker for a good circle skirt that spins out just at the right time. This 1950’s cheerleader has accomplished this task (and high fives to the photographer for capturing the moment).

Vintage Photo..Twirly Skirt 1950's Original Found Photo
Source: Pinterest

Stunning 1951 vacation image of a woman near the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Looks like it belongs in a magazine (and maybe it was at one point).

1951 Vintage Italy Image of Leaning Tower of Pisa vintage image
Source: Pinterest

Vintage Mish Mash of Things I Love Board:

I stumbled upon a fantastic article that was appeared in my Pinterest feed on ‘Margaine-Lacroix and the dresses that shocked Paris‘. It was such an interesting read about a designer who achieved so much for fashion but has never received the recognition she deserved.

Margaine-Lacroix and the dresses that shocked Paris
Source: Pinterest

I’m a Lindy Hopper (the dance of the 1930’s & 40’s) and so I’m always drawn to amazing images and art that reflects that time period. This poster was taken from a famous 1943 Life Magazine image, seen HERE.

vintage lindy hop image
Source: Pinterest

Are you in the market for a one of kind 1950’s Paris themed tie? Well if you are then you are in luck as it’s currently for sale on Etsy and it’s fantastic (as of May 19th, 2017)!

1950s vintage tie with paris theme
Source: Pinterest

My Vintage Style: This board is dedicated to my dream closet.

1940’s Evening Gown.

40s Evening Gown with Brass Studded Floral Design Vintage Womens
Source: Pinterest

Vintage 1930s Dress – Rare Curve Hugging Late 1930s Peggy Hunt Jean Carol Label Evening Gown with Ruffled Accents

Vintage 1930s Dress - Rare Curve Hugging Late 1930s Peggy Hunt Jean Carol Label Evening Gown with Ruffled Accents
Source: Pinterest

1947 Vintage Evening Gown with an image of the owner wearing it! These are always amazing finds.

1940s vintage evening gown with vintage image of owner
Source: Pinterest


That is all the pins for today! I hope friends you enjoyed browsing some of my favorite Pinterest Pins from the last month. I always have a fun time on this website and I love when I can share my finds with all of you.

Have a good weekend!


The Vintage Easter Roundup

Easter is this weekend (mmmm chocolate) so for today’s post I wanted to do a roundup of all things that fall under the category, “Vintage Easter”. This will include photos,ads, kitschy vintage Easter items for sale and anything else I can find. Of course it’s all from the 1920’s to the 1960’s because as you know, I just love those time periods.

Let the Easter Fun Begin!

Doris Day 1950s Easter Image

What used to be an annual tradition in Toronto was the Easter Parade. Here is an image from 1924 of stylish Torontonians walking past the Sunnyside Pavilion. Even all bundled up the women still look incredibly elegant.

1920's easter parade toronto

Easter chocolates and candy are not just for little kids (1950’s).

1950s vintage easter image
Source: Ebay

It’s important at any age to don your best dress for the Easter festivities. Aren’t these 2 girls just adorable?

1960s two little girls in their easter dresses vintage photo
Source: Tumblr

Bunnies as presents (only a good idea if approved first), circa 1930’s.

1930s vintage photo of boys at easter with real bunnies
Source: Etsy

You know you have been a good girl when you get to pick something up for Easter BEFORE Easter (1950’s). On a side note, I believe I own a similar purse that the lady looking at the camera is holding.

1950s bakery selling easter goods vintage image
Source: Tulsa Gal

A big part of Easter is all the wonderful foods that are served when the family gets together. Good thing it was a popular to post ads with recipes to help boost sales of products. Here are a couple of cake recipes to help make your Easter a bit more vintage.

1950's easter bunny cake vintage ad
Source: Click Americana
1950s vintage cake ad receipe
Source: Click Americana

How about Kitschy items for your table? Like this 1950’s Swedish Table Runner.

Swedish retro vintage 1950s printed linen design tabelcloth runner with green/ yellow/ pink flower/ chicken Easter motives on grey bottom
Source: Pinterest

A 1930’s Bobble Head Bunny planter makes perfect sense when wanting to add a touch of fun to the decor.

1930s bobble head bunny planter vintage
Source: Etsy
vintage 1950s plastic easter bunnies
Source: Etsy

Every egg needs a place to rest before being gobbled up.

Vintage Silver Plated Egg Cup Chicken in Nest Egg Holder 1950s
Source: Etsy

The Look: Gentlemen do you need a tie for your weekend activities? Then look no further than Wembley Ties (1954).

1954 Wembley Ties Ad - Easter Time is Wembley Time - 1950s Spring Neckties for Men
Source: Etsy

Need other tie options? How about Easy Tint Ties (1947)?

Easter Tint Ties by Manhattan - 1947 advertisement
Source: pzrservices

The men are all set, now ladies what will you wear? Maybe one of the pretty dresses pictured below?

Vintage Easter Dresses Ad
Source: Etsy

Matchy Matchy so you don’t lose each other in the Easter parade (I would assume).

Cardigan ad Pandora Sweaters, March 1953
Source: Pinterest

For those who like to adorn their outfits with kitschy brooches, then this vintage style carrot is perfect.

Easter bunny carrot brooch 1940s 1950s style
Source: Etsy

If you are wearing a carrot brooch then you really do need earrings to match. Like these super adorable 1940’s/50’s flocked bunny earrings pictured below.

Vintage 1940s-1950s Flocked Easter Holiday White Bunny Rabbit Earrings
Source: Etsy

Don’t forget the Easter Bonnets! 1928 Ad.

1928 Easter Hats vintage ad
Source: Old Advertising Tumblr

Chocolates and a hat..Oh My!

1946-- Sally Victor hats Whitman's Chocolate Ad
Source: Flickr

Cards are always a big part of this time of year, as American Greetings reminds us in 1949.

American Greeting Cards Ad 1949 (Easter)
Source: Pinterest

I tend to like to give out funny cards to family and friends and I know my hubby does too. Here is one from the 1950’s I just know I would end up with from the mister.

1950s vintage easter card front
Source: Etsy
1950s vintage easter card inside
Source: Etsy


Have a wonderful Easter Weekend friends!


Vintage New Years Eve Roundup

Vintage New Years Eve Roundup the vintage inn blog

Wow I cannot believe that 2016 is almost over, thank goodness. It has been quite a year for myself, my friends and family and of course the celebrity and political world. So I’m sure that I share many others sentiments when I say…glad to see you go 2016! Bring on a wonderful and fantastic 2017!

For today’s last post of the year I want to showcase what I love, a fun collection of Vintage New Years Eve images, advertisements and whatever else I can find. Let the NYE party post begin!

1920s New years eve party getty images
Source: Elle
's vintage new years eve ad
Source: Etsy

For the New Year and You-1940’s New Years Eve Card.

1940s vintage new years eve card
Source: Pinterest

The famous Sands-Las Vegas 1957.

1950s new years eve the sands las vegas ad
Source: Tumblr

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from two adorable Scottie Dogs

1920s antique christmas card with scottie dogs vintage
Source: Etsy

Okay I’m sneaking in one more Scottie Dog image (they are just so cute!)

vintage scottie dogs happy new year
Source: Pinterest

If you’re hosting a party this New Years, then this 1950’s reversable apron would be perfect while you zip around the home.

1950s vintage reversable apron merry christmas happy new year
Source: Etsy

No NYE party is complete without champagne or sparkling wine (including the non alcoholic version). I adore a good glass of the bubbly pretty much anytime but especially on NYE.

vintage champagne tower vintage image
Source: Tumblr

After a few drinks, ones party could possibly turn into the roaring good time below.

1950's new years eve vintage party image
Source: Etsy

Party hats for all!

vintage New Years Eve Party image
Source: Neato Coolville

The toast and the kiss.

1940s New years eve vintage image

1940s new years vintage illustration couple kissing
Source: Tumblr

Make Some Noise! Vintage Noise Makers.

Vintage Party noise Makers new years even
Source: Etsy

Here is what happens when the streamers get out of control.

1950s vintage new years eve party image
Source: No pattern required

What are you doing on New Years Eve?

Lastly, friends and family who faithfully read my blog..thank you! This has been a good year for my little Vintage Inn and I’m so happy to still be here sharing my love of all things vintage with you. I look forward to seeing what 2017 has in store and I especially look forward to sharing it all with you.

Happy New Year!


Vintage Buttons-The Little Beauties of the Clothing World


Vintage Buttons Blog Post

Today’s weekly vintage post is all about Vintage Buttons. This post is inspired by a comment that Theresa from Vintage Style Files said on a past clothing blog post:

“They had some of the coolest buttons and buckles on clothing back then”

As I sat back and thought about her comment, I realized that she was completely right! So for today’s post I want to show off those little beauties of the clothing and accessories world.


To begin here is a fantastic article by Hobby Lark on “Vintage Button Guide-Ways to Identify Antique Buttons” . This article will get you up to date on the different types of buttons out there (Bakelite, Celluloid, Lucite, Metal etc.), how to identify them and how to clean them. An excellent read for all vintage clothing enthusiasts out there.

Now examples of Vintage Buttons:

Vintage Celluloid Buttons. Celluloid buttons became very popular during the late 1900’s through the 1920’s. They can be opaque, transparent or both and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors (Source).

Source: Etsy

Bright Green Celluloid Buttons. Very Art Deco looking.

Source: Etsy

Buttons don’t have to come in just the round shape, they can come in all shapes and sizes. Like these Celluloid ‘Ribbon’ buttons. What kind of outfit or accessory do you think they were used for?

Source: Etsy

Bakelite Buttons-not the first plastic buttons, but are some of the most sought after and highly collected. They come in all shapes and sizes and are heavier than Celluloid buttons (Source).

The below buttons are Vintage Black and Apple Juice Bakelite. Called apple juice because at one point the yellow was white and has gone yellow over time.

Source: Etsy

Cream Corn Fluted Vintage Bakelite buttons. These look like little works of art.

Source: Etsy

Lucite Buttons were most popular from the 1930’s on through the 1960’s. It’s a low density material but stronger than plastics that came before it. They can be clear or opaque and different colors, shapes and sizes and could also be carved (source).

Here is a beautiful example of 1940’s Lucite buttons, looking like miniature flower bouquets.

Source: Etsy

Yooza look at these! Hands down my favorite buttons of this whole blog post. Lucite Cherry Candy Buttons. I can envision these beauties on a sweet 1940’s/50’s summer dress. Could you?

Source: Etsy

1940’s Bow Buttons-Cute as a….Button. Now I know what the reference to buttons means in that saying! Because at one point all the buttons were “cute”.

Source: Etsy

You could purchase these buttons for the packaging alone (it’s that cool) but you don’t have to because these ‘Teen Agers’ themed 1940’s plastic buttons are together and in mint condition.

Source: Etsy

1950’s and the Kitsch continues with these adorable Plastic Shoe Buttons.

Source: Etsy

.I will now end this vintage button extravaganza with one more 1950’s kitschy plastic button, this time in the shapes of fruit. Carmen Miranda would of loved these.

Source: Etsy


Question Time: Do any of your vintage outfits have some outstanding buttons? Or maybe you own a collection of vintage buttons yourself. Please share!