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Vintage Photo Tuesday: 1940’s Street Style

1940s Street Style 2 women victory rolls-Vintage Photo Tuesday

Many of the online searches that find their way to my blog is for “1930’s-1950’s Fashion ideas”. So I thought for this week’s Vintage Photo Tuesday, I would find some well dressed “regular folks” images from the 1940’s and share them with all of you. Then future VPT’s will focus on the other timelines.

Let’s check out the 40’s Street Style!

(Note: Some of the links on my blog from Etsy are Affiliate Links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.)

1940s couple vintage photo
Source: Etsy
1940s happy couple vintage image
Source: Etsy

Peacock brooches are always a good choice to brighten up a standard black jacket.

1940's african american woman in coat vintage image
Source: Etsy

I’m having serious hair envy with this young lady and that is why she is in this collection.

1940s young woman on the street vintage image
Source: Etsy

I admire a man who can wear swim trunks with seashells and seahorses on them and look good while doing it. These are pretty awesome and totally deserve to be on this list.

1940s man in a swimsuit vintage image
Source: Etsy

Fantastic hat for the win!

1940s vintage photo of woman in hat with feathers
Source: Etsy
Vintage Photo of Two Friends at Cannon Beach, Oregon, 1940's
Source: Etsy
1940s woman at a fountain, vintage image
Source: Etsy

The man in this image may have a hurt hand but I can’t stop looking at the cool “woods style” that these 3 finely dressed folks have.

1940s photo of 2 women and man vintage image
Source: Etsy

1940’s winter style.

1940s young women in warm coats vintage photo
Source: Etsy

Thelma Porter, Miss Subways New York City, 1948. Thelma was the first woman to integrate a beauty contest in America and became the first African American Miss Subways in April, 1948.

1948 miss subway vintage image
Source: Pinterest
1940s image of a woman in a black jumper
Source: Etsy

A handsome sailor with his beautiful mother.

1940s image of sailor with his mother vintage
Source: Etsy

Another outstanding hat partnered with a well dressed man at the world famous Leon & Eddie’s in NYC.

1940s vintage photo of a couple in a restaurant
Source: Etsy


We now have come to the end of this weeks post, but due to the fact that I found so many images for this weeks post, I will most likely do a part 2 in the future (exciting!).

Question Time: What photo was your favorite look from above? Share in the comments below.



My “Virtual” 1940’s and 50’s Vintage Closet – New Year Edition

2017 is all about new beginnings and for many it means refreshing their wardrobe. I would LOVE to do an add-on to my vintage collection this year (not restart) but due to current situations in my life and space I’m all about the virtual window shopping instead. So thank you Pinterest for allowing me to fill up my “closet” with so many fantastic vintage goodies.

Lets go shopping in my virtual closet friends!


1940s Rayon Dress. This would be marvelous on the dance floor. Who ever now owns it, is one lucky gal.

1940s Rayon vintage dress
Source: Etsy

1940’s Green Emerald Swing Dress dream.

Vintage 1940s Dress . Emerald Green . Pleated Sleeves
Source: Pinterest

As I continue to look for a new job, I’m always thinking about what my first day, future new jobs clothing would look like. This Dorothy O’Hara 1940’s wool suit would be so perfect and make quite a statement. Don’t you agree?

Vintage 1940s Dorothy O'Hara Navy Blue Wool Wiggle Dress
Source: Pinterest

One of my dream trips with my husband is to rent a camper in Scotland and drive around to the castles and distillery’s for several weeks. This 40’s red plaid wool swing coat and hat would be so amazing for this trip!

Red Plaid Wool Swing Coat and Hat Set
Source: Etsy-Sweetbeefinds

When one needs a gown for a special function, you can’t go wrong wearing a 1950’s Suzy Perette Dress.

Vintage 1950s Suzy Perette Gold Lame
Source: Etsy- MyLiliMarlene

Who is not a fan of adorable cotton 50’s dresses? They are perfect for any occasion and come in all figure flattering styles.

1950s Vintage Dress - 50s Pink and Silver Floral Cotton Dress
Source: Etsy-Sweetbeefinds

This is a Liz dress…right here. I can see it on me already, I can see where I would wear it and how I would wear my hair. Now someone else owns this, but I don’t think that should stop me from dreaming about one day owning this early 1940’s day dress.

1940s vintage day dress
Source: Pinterest

Like most of the Vintage community, I have a love for the designer Jonathan Logan and his 1950’s designs. What a great colour combination, and look at those pockets!

vintage 1950s Jonathan Logan dress
Source: Etsy-Trunk of Dresses

Art Deco influence meets 1940’s classic styling.

Vintage 1940s navy crepe vintage dress
Source: Pinterest

Are you a card playing, Vegas loving gal? Then this cute kitschy 40’s dress would be perfect for you. I love Vegas, just terrible at cards.

vintage 1940s dress playing card novelty applique black 40s wiggle dress
Source: Pinterest


And that is a peak into my virtual closet for this month. If you like what you see, keep up to date on my Pinterest Board, ‘My Vintage Style‘.

Question Time: If you could have any vintage outfit or designers outfit on the planet, what/who would it be?

Next Weeks Blog Post: Vintage Photo Tuesday-Art Deco Toronto


15 Fashion Tips from Chatelaine Magazine-June 1947

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

A couple of weekends ago at the Toronto Vintage Clothing & Antique Show I purchased two Vintage Chatelaine Magazines from a favorite vendor.

While browsing the June 1947 copy over coffee later on that day, I discovered a great feature called ‘Fashion Shorts‘. In this piece the magazine discusses fashion tips to make your June a fashionable success. These tips are wonderful insights into a time period of fashion that many of us love and I knew that I just had to share it with my readers. PLUS 1947 was a turning point in fashion with the ‘Dior’s New Look‘ making its way onto the runways only a few months early.

So without further adieu lets begin!

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

1. Lovely the Bride (it is the June Magazine).

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Perfect Example: Princess Elizabeth II and Philips November 1947 Wedding.

Photo: Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2014.

2. Marquiesette Gowns are a must for the bride and her attendants.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

What is Marquisette?

Marquisette is a sheer, lightweight mesh or net fabric with a leno weave.  It can be made from almost any fibre: silk, cotton, wool, rayon, nylon, polyester and a blend of any of the above.  It is used for dresses, curtains, and mosquito netting (Source).

Note: For a more detailed description please check out The Dreamstress blog post on this interesting fabric.

Now the below dress is not from 1947 but it is a beautiful example of a 1940s Marquisette gown,

Source: Vintageous

3 & 4. You’ll want a striped cotton and Yellow in your wardrobe.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

1940s Striped Cotton Day Dress
Source: Pinterest

1947 Fashion Tips for Women


5 & 6. Order ribbons on a lapel are all the rage, and playsuits are not just for the wee ones.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Source: Vintage Dancer

7 & 8. From work to play or sometimes just to play.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Source: Pinterest

9. New York and its high style.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Source: Pinterest

10 & 11. Bertha collars and influences from famous British salons.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Bertha Collar Examples.

Source: Pinterest

A Norman Hartnell Gold tissue!

Source: Pinterest

12. Stay much cooler than the men with your pantaloon slip!

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

13. Peasant blouse & dirndls skirts for comfort and for formal occasions.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Source: Pinterest

14. Beach Coat Time!

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Source: Vintage Patterns

15. Stocking Clocks ARE due for a comeback! Wait what are stocking clocks?

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

And there you have it, fashion tips from June 1947 Chatelaine.

Question Time: What was your favorite fashion tip stated above? Did you learn anything new about June 1947 fashions? Please share.


Vintage Blog Love: Go and Greet These 5 Vintage Bloggers

og post by Vintage Inn Blog

As mentioned before this past weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful this year. One of those blessings is my readers who faithfully read, share and comment on my blog each and every week. You make writing this blog so very easy when I know I have your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Today I wanted my readers to meet (and go and greet) 5 of my followers who have their own blogs, of which I have enjoyed and found inspirational over the years.

1. Jessica from Chronically Vintage

Chronically Vintage

Jessica is one of the first bloggers that ever reached out and started to leave comments on my blog. She was always encouraging, warm and made it feel like we have known each other for years, Jessica is also a fellow Canadian so we share many of the same vintage loves about our country.quarks and fun history tidbits.

If you are not following Jessica yet (and you really should be) you can expect to see on her blog: her vintage clothing style (the 40s & 50s), fun interviews with other vintage bloggers, vintage recipes/images/items to purchase and so very much more.

UPDATE (Oct 17th/16): Jessica and her husband were recently involved in an arson fire and they lost everything (home, personal belongings, her Etsy store products and all her vintage items). There has been a crowd funding campaign started to help them get back on their feet. If you have it in your heart to donate to them please do. DONATE HERE.

2. Retro Rover-Vintage Living with Dogs and Cats

Retro Rover Vintage Blog

One of the things I love about Katherine’s blog (besides her Star Trek love) is how her vintage looks are ever changing. She can rock an awesome 1920s look and then in her next post she is sporting a fantastic 50s look. Katherine looks great in it all! If you love cute dogs (she has so many adorable ones) then you need to check out her blog to see how they are incorporated in her vintage lifestyle.

3. Tanith Rowan- Adventures in Millinery: Vintage, Costume & Modern

Tanith Rowan Blogger and hat Maker

If you love vintage hats, costume hats, hats in general then you need to follow Tanith and her adventures in hat making. Her blog is filled with tons of inspiration on how to style your hat, what hats used to look like in vintage ads and old movies, fun posts like ‘The Sisterhood of the travelling Hat’ and ‘Snoodtember’ (which I totally missed out on). There are even tips on how to make hats, yes Tanith makes her own stunning hats that can be purchased right off her Etsy site or even custom made. Bloggers and Vintage enthusiasts far and wide love Tanith hats and blog and I know you will too.

4. Vintage Gal


Cate from the Vintage Gal blog is an inspiration to all who want to jump into the “sew clothes from vintage patterns” game. Her 1930s style, created most of the time by her own hands are fantastic and I look forward to every single outfit she posts. Cate’s blog though is much more than clothes, she posts about vintage movies & tv shows, her vintage lifestyle, books she has read and vintage items she has acquired (and much more). I have learned so much about UK vintage TV shows from this blog that I’m always googling how to watch them here in Canada (with limited success).

If you have a passion for the 1920s-40s then Cate and her blog is truly the place for you.

5. What Kate-Em did next

What Kate-Em did next

Kate-Em has one of the cutest blogs out there for lovers of knitting vintage clothes and boy are her skills on point. I have typed many a comment using the words “wow”, “super envious”, “so talented” to describe her creations and I hope that one day thru the power of magic I will be able to knit like her (one day). What I also love about Kate-Em’s blog is her posts on her vintage adventures, vintage finds, 1940s anything and of course her vintage style. These are all topics that are very close to home for me and why I have been a fan for so long. I know that you, my readers will enjoy her blog as well.


Once again thank you to ALL my readers new and long term for sticking with this gal from the Vintage Inn. I truly do appreciate every single one of you. Also stay tuned in the future for a part 2 (maybe 3, 4 etc) on other vintage bloggers who follow my blog.


Time to get Tikified!

Tomorrow night the Toronto Vintage Society is hosting our 4th annual Tiki Lani Lanai Party right here in Toronto and we cannot wait! It’s going to be chalked full of what we do best…fun! 3 Surf bands, Burlesque, Limbo Contest, King & Queen of Tiki and so much more. If you live in Toronto join us at the Caddy.

Toronto Vintage Society's Tiki Lani Lanai Party

In honour of the party I wanted to share some of the fun items for sale that you can take home to Tiki up your decor, yourself, or maybe for your very own Tiki party. Whatever it is, have fun with it and get TIKIFIED!

Bali Hai Restaurant, Shelter Island in San Diego, California.
Source: Flickr

Obviously one needs the perfect shirt for all those summer Tiki parties you will be attending, so here is a couple that I really liked.

Vintage 1940s Rayon Hawaiian Shirt.

Vintage 1940s Rayon Hawaiian Shirt
Source: Etsy

This next shirt is a pricey option but 100% worth it because it’s so different. A 1940s Vintage Hawaiian Dress shirt by Nani Co. of Hawaii. Hand painted and dyed, with real coconut buttons, with a seamless pocket. Beautiful.

1940 Silk Hawaiian Shirt
Source: Etsy

And ladies who like a good Tiki dress, here are some lovelies to choose from.

A 1950’s Vintage Alfred Shaheen.

1950's vintage Alfred Shaheen
Source: Etsy

A stunning Hale Hawaii label late 1940s Hawaiian dress (This is a dream dress).

Hale Hawaii label late 1940s Hawaiian dress.
Source: Etsy

Now normally one would not need cufflinks to wear to a Tiki party BUT maybe you want to bring your love of Tiki to the office? Then these Pineapple cufflinks would do the job.

Pineapple Cufflinks Men's Cufflinks
Source: Etsy

Here is another Tiki Accessory to take with you everywhere you go, the Tiki Brooch.

Tiki Drink Pin, Tiki Bar, Tiki Mug
Source: Etsy

Another fun one (this is personal favorite).

50s Inspired Tropical Brooch,Pineapple Pin,Hibiscus Pin,Tiki Brooch
Source: Etsy

No Tiki closet or party is complete without the Vintage 1940s/50s Resort Hat, pictured below. I have seen at least 1 person a year wearing this hat at the Tiki party pool parties at VIVA.

1940s-50s Resort Hat
Source: Etsy

Well I am super bummed out now, I found my dream fascinator way to late. This would have been the perfect accessory for my outfit while I MC the event tomorrow night. Who does not love a flamingo on one’s head (a fake one of course lol)?

Flamingo fascinator, tiki
Source: Etsy

This next item is so cool, I just had to share it! It’s a Tiki Lurex Turban (AND the brooch is removable). Love it!!

Tiki Time lurex turban // Vintage style turban
Source: Etsy

Having at least one Tiki/Hawaiian purse in your collection is a must, like this cute 1950s wicker purse.

Wicker woven hawaiian 1950's bag
Source: Etsy

I don’t have kids but I want this for someone’s baby that I know. An Easter Island Bib.

Moai Baby Bib, Tiki, Easter Island
Source: Etsy

Having Tiki artwork on your walls is always a good way to instantly get that Tikified look and a good artist to look at for inspiration and images is the artist ‘Shag‘.

Here is a greeting card with a ‘Tiki Band’ that you could frame and put on your wall.

SHAG Rare "TIKI BAND" Greeting Card
Source: Etsy

Tiki Bosko is another very famous artist, who has created (and still creating) everything from Tiki mugs, masks, poles and so much more.

Tiki art by Tiki Bosko
Source: Tiki Bosko
Tiki Mod by Tiki Bosko
Source: Tiki Bosko

Polynesian Pop an original illustration by Mookie Sato.

Polynesian pop, Tiki Mug Poster
Source: Etsy

And of course you need a Tiki mug or two in your home to complete the look. My ‘Internet friends’ (I call them this because we have never met lol!) have some super Tiki mugs for sale on their website ‘The Greaser & the Doll’.

Holualoa Tiki mug
Source: Greaser & the Doll

Mai Tai Tiki mug (I love a good Mai Tai).

Mai Tai Tiki mug
Source: Greaser & the Doll

And now friends, you have been TIKIFIED! Do you feel a bit more Tiki now?

Have a great weekend and make sure you follow me on Instagram to not miss all the adventures from tomorrows party.

Liz 🙂




Vintage Hats for Horse Race Events

This Past Sunday I attend my 3rd Hats and Horseshoe event at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto for the prestigious 157th ‘Queens Plate‘. I wore one of my favorite 1940s Vintage hat that I had previously worn the first time I attended this event (but with limited pictures) so I thought I would give it a spin again with a different outfit. Here is the hat with my gorgeous friend Steph and her Hat.

Hats & Horseshoes 2016 1940s Vintage Hat

Before I get into the post I wanted to share some images from that day of my well dressed Toronto Vintage Society Friends & Family (My parents are on each end of the image).

Hats & Horseshoes 2016

Hats & Horseshoes 2016 Queens Plate

This lovely couple of friends pictured below, are very talented sewers and tend to make all their own outfits for their adventures. Andrea created this outfit (the hat she made herself) as an ode to My Fair Lady and you can read all about it at her blog ‘PhysicsGirl on the Loose‘.

Hats & Horseshoes 2016 Queens Plate

The hubby and I. My dress is 1950s Vintage from Flash Back Vintage in Toronto, my vintage Lucite basket-weave purse was purchased (after 4 years of dreaming about it) from Cabaret vintage. Hat vintage 1940s from a friend and vintage Lucite ‘L’ pin from the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show.

Hats & Horseshoes 2016 Queens Plate

3 of the guys made it into the Top 10 of the Best Dressed Men’s Comp (#82 #21 & in the blue suit with boater).

Hats & Horseshoes Queens Plate 2016 Best Dressed Mens Competition

And another friend (#62) made it into the finals for the women (there were around 160 entries that they brought down to 60).

Hats & Horseshoes 2016 Queens Plate
Photo Credit: Dean Villafuerte

Now on to today’s post. I was so inspired by what I saw at the race and by the image below that I thought I would scour the internet for quirky and beautiful vintage hats that one could wear to a horse race event.

Let the Hat Race Begin!


This 1930s vintage hat SCREAMS Horse Races does it not? I love the Lucite oriental hair stick on the front.

1930s art deco vintage straw hat

Vintage toy tilt hat from the 1930s or 1940s in black and white, made by Austelle. I love the train and the bow at the end that keeps the hat on your head. Small and cute and a bit quirky exactly what I’m looking for.

1930s Toy Tilt Hat, Straw Fascinator
Source: Etsy

Stylish vintage 1930s tilt hat.

1930s vintage hat
Source: Etsy

1930s Quirky Tilt hat to the max! This will get you noticed, that is for sure.

1930s vintage tilt Hat
Source: Etsy

Because I love Cherries- 1940s Tilt hat with Cherries and a cool top Knot (click on image for more views of this hat).

1940s tilt hat
Source: Etsy

Horse Race Hat WIN! This 1940s “peek-a-boo” hat will get you noticed, fall in the quirky category and keep the sun off your head and that colour…gorgeous!

1940s Vintage Hat
Source: Etsy

The green in this 1940s vintage hat makes it so unique.

 1940s 'New York Creation' tilt hat in chartreuse green
Source: Etsy

Oh my goodness…..Vintage 1940s hat, blue straw tilt. This is simply marvelous and super fun! And my absolute favorite so far.

Vintage 1940s hat, blue straw tilt with polka dot ribbon
Source: Etsy

Dior’s New Look is excellent for making a statement when you head to your seat. The brim reminds me a bit of the song “Surrey with the Fridge on Top” from Oklahoma, don’t you agree?

Vintage 1950s hat
Source: Etsy

I find 1950s hats could sometimes head into the most interesting direction with their styles, like this lovely AND Quirky 50s Floral skull cap.

Vintage 50's orange and green floral skull cap.
Source: Etsy

As I end the hat section I’m going to post my bucket list hat which is actually not vintage at all, but is just so stunningly beautiful. Sigh..Want so bad….

1940s vintage style tilt hat
Source: Etsy

Lastly, For a great blog post that showcased many of the hat styles seen at the Queen Plate this past Sunday, check out the blog ‘Hats by Anne‘. You just might see myself in there as well.

Question Time: Would you go with Quirky or Elegant for a hat to the races? Or maybe you would combine the styles together? Let me know.

Liz 🙂

The Beautiful World of 1940s Linoleum Flooring

This past weekend I attended a vintage event in Toronto at the gorgeous and historic, Todmorden Mills. On site they have an adorable 1940s cottage with the most amazing original flooring from the 40s in their kitchen. The flooring was linoleum and just look at the pattern….wow! So wow that when I posted it on Instagram the ‘Vintage Gal‘ commented that it would be a fantastic pattern for an outfit and I00% have to agree with her!

Linoleum floor Todmorden Mills 1940s

I will be honest I did not truly realize how colourful and fantastic 1940s flooring was (I think I was distracted by all the other items to look at in images), and this discovery intrigued me to see what other designs were out there. So Friends….

1940s Linoleum Flooring

Why Linoleum? Well very simply it was known for being clatterproof, easy to clean, and resistant to stain. So ideal for a room in the house like the kitchen.

Example of Designs:

1939 Geometric linoleum patterns.

1939 Linoleum vintage flooring pattern Armstrong
Source: Cooper Hewitt

1941 featured abstract shapes with stars in muted colours.  On side note, why does the kitchen look like it should be outside?

1941 Yellow & Green Armstrong Kitchen
Source: Flickr

1945-Green’s in every shade!

1945 Green Armstrong Kitchen Linoleum floor
Source: Flickr

Can’t make up your mind on which floor style to go with? Why not go with 2 of them?

1940 vintage kitchen decor linolem flooring
Source: About Home

When you have pink polka dots as a design element, then your linoleum floor 100% needs to be less flashy.

1940s vintage kitchen design with linoleum and pink polka dots
Source: Mid Century Home Style

In 1945 the below colour scheme of Burgundy, Grey and Gold was considered a big departure from the old ways of doing things.

1945 kitchen design with linoleum floors
Source: Source: Mid Century Home Style

This kitchen in 1949 with this fun floor could have been yours for only $50 (a lot of money back then).

1949 Bird Linoleum Company
Source: Vintage Caravans

The Linoleum floor in this kitchen is my absolute favorite. It really is darling, don’t you agree? This kitchen reminds me of the movie Dumbo and the pink elephants for some reason.

Armstrong 1940s Kitchen Design
Source: Hanbury House

Which style to choose?

1940s kitchen decor
Source: Etsy

Linoleum was not regulated to only the kitchen. It was also found in other places in the home, like the bedroom.

1940s Linoleum floor ad armstrongs
Source: Etsy

And the washroom as seen in the most adorable space ever! I love the “designated” areas for each of the family’s items.

Vintage-green-and-yellow-laminate-floored-bath 1940s
Source: Retro Renovation

Green was a very popular colour during the 40s (1941 Washroom).

1941 Linoleum flooring in bathroom
Source: Remarkably Retro

Phew, that was a lot of colour, patterns and green going on in these rooms (why so much green?). Did you have a favorite style of linoleum from this post or from your vintage travels?

Lastly if you have not checked the website ‘Retro Renovation’ you really should. There are tons of great ideas on how to return your home into a mid-century masterpiece. Especially the piece on 1940s decor which was a great help for this post today.

Liz 🙂

Colourful Retro Kitchen Design

This is a different and fun post for me and I’m just squeezing in on the last possible day for May’s deadline.

Big Chill (retro & professional kitchen appliances) approached me and asked if I would be interested in doing a post on how I would decorate my dream kitchen using one of their amazing retro designed appliances. They mentioned that the colour for May is Turquoise, and since I don’t have a great kitchen in my teeny tiny apartment this was a fun little project to tackle.

My appliance to start off with is their stove, as seen below. HOW CUTE!!

Big Chill Retro Stove


And now here is how ‘The Vintage Inn blog’ would style my kitchen around this item. I went with a Turquoise, Tangerine, Chrome and Off-White theme.

Big Chill Retro Appliances Vintage Inn Blog Collage


What do you think? Totally cute right? And soooo me. The stove is just fantastic and I know that my not so vintage loving husband would approve of having one major piece in the kitchen being this colour. However…he is not aware that I would probably throw in the fridge as well (seen below). Surprise!  🙂

Big Chill Retro Fridge

Here is a breakdown of the items I used:

  1. Big Chill Retro Stove
  2. Green Acorn Kitchen on Etsy. Vintage Pyrex Design Window Curtain
  3. Rejuvenation Deco Drawer Pull
  4. Wayfair-Iconics Pink Flamingo Steel Marquee Light
  5. American Chairs-Rectangular Retro Diner Table
  6. Wilsonart-High Pressure Laminate Boomerang Pattern
  7. Wayfair Loloi Rugs Brighton Tangerine Area Rug
  8. AllModern-Spindle Multicolor Wall Clock
  9. Hamilton Beach Retro Toaster-No longer being made (I currently own this toaster)
  10. Deco Dot 12 piece dinnerware set-Kate Spade
  11. Lumens-Semi Pendant by Gubi

Have you been on the Big Chill website? You should totally head over there and see all the retro appliances they have and then begin transforming YOUR kitchen into your retro/vintage dream.

Question time: How would you transform your kitchen using a Big Chill item?

Liz 🙂



My Ultimate “VLV” Wardrobe Wish List

Next week I leave for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend! I can’t wait! This will be my last one for a while as my husband and I would like to take other trips and try other events, so I’m going to make the most of out of it this year.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015
Me and the Sign at last years Viva

The vintage clothing is HUGE at Viva (one of my favorite parts) and I love seeing all the lovely pieces of that everyone brings. I’m always happy with the items that I bring but I do like to dream that if I won the lottery and or had size 24″ waist, what would be my ultimate VIVA wardrobe?

So that is what today’s post is all about, what would I bring if I had the means? Let the dreaming/drooling begin!

1940s Green Gingham Sundress-SO ME! If you have a 27″ waist this could be yours (the price is actually pretty good). I would totally wear this dress to the car show.

1940s Dress // Green Gingham Ruffle Sundress
Source: Etsy

Another day dress for wandering around the hotel, hitting up the strip or just lounging by the pool – A 1950s Mr. Mort Gingham (I’m in gingham mode right now) sundress. The top of the dress is so different and really cool.

1950s Mr. Mort gingham dress smocking spaghetti straps 50s sundress 1950s sundress vintage gingham smocked
Source: Etsy

I love Tiki and I love Tiki Dresses like this beauty of a dress from the 1950s and perfect to wear to Frankie’s Tiki Room. The pattern is a novelty tiki cat print.

1950s Dress // Novelty Tiki Cat Print Full Skirt Dress
Source: Etsy

Mexican Handpainted skirts are very very popular in the Rockabilly/Vintage world and this one is a perfect example of why they are, simply stunning! This skirt is a good choice for any evening of the event.

Vintage 50s SEQUINED Mexican Hand Painted CIRCLE Skirt
Source: Etsy
Vintage 1940s Evening Dress. Perfect for dancing in, to all the amazing bands that play all weekend long. Possibly a super Saturday night dress.
Vintage 1940s Evening Dress Pink
Source: The Cats Pajamas

Here is another Saturday Night Dress – A Emma Domb 1950’s dress french blue satin. Isn’t it dreamy?

50s Dress Emma Domb XS / 1950s Vintage Strapless Beaded Liquid Satin Gown
Source: Etsy

One more option for Saturday Night (or really any night of the event). 1940s Vintage Crepe Gown (this is my favorite).

vintage 1940s gown // 40s pink crepe beaded evening gown
Source: Etsy

The Pool Parties at VLV happen all weekend but on Sunday they have the women’s vintage swimsuit contest. If I had a lot of money, I would buy this suit and enter – A 1950s Novelty Rooster Print Catalina Swimsuit. The print is just so fun and I think you would have a good chance of winning.

1950s Novelty Rooster Print Artist Textile Catalina Swimsuit Bathing Suit
Source: Etsy

Shoes! I very rarely wear awesome shoes at this event because I’m normally dancing…a lot and my shoes are usually built for comfort over style. However, if I could have some dream shoes these would be in my suitcase.

1940s sling back, peep toe heels. Cute with a bit of danger to them.

 1940's Shoes . WW11 Shoes . 1940's Sling Backs
Source: Etsy

Another pair of fantastic peep toe 1940s shoes (I adore the 40s shoes).

Vintage 1940s Shoes /// Chocolate Suede Peep Toes
Source: Etsy

And then the ultimate wish list shoes (and my top pin on Pinterest)……1940s Platform heels, very Carmen Miranda and sold to some lucky person in this world.

intage 1940s shoes / 40s designer platform
Source: Pinterest

Accessories. Once again, since I’m a dancer my accessories are usually limited to items that won’t fly off my body when dancing (brooches, earrings, hair flowers) but we are talking “My wish list” so I would wear Bakelite Bracelets! Up my arm and down the other. Ha Ha, not really but I would wear more than just one like many of the lovely ladies I have seen do.

1930s red Bakelite carved clamper bracelet.

1930s red Bakelite carved clamper bracelet
source: Pinterest

And here are all the bracelets ready for my arm. The carved ones are truly my favorite (I currently only own smooth Bakelite).

Vintage Bakelite Bracelets
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And there is my Ultimate VLV Wardrobe wish list. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the things that make me drool or wish I had one the lottery.

This will also be my last weekly post till I’m back from my trip (I will only be gone for one week, friends so don’t worry). You can follow my adventures on Twitter and of course Instagram.

Have a super week friends and see some of you at VLV!

Liz 🙂

My 7 favorite Vintage Online Reads & Videos This Month

For the last couple of weeks, I have been reading and seeing some really great posts & videos on many different vintage topics. Some of them were so interesting that I thought I would share the Top 7 with you.

1940s Image of a woman vintage

1. I’m going to begin with a real Canadian issue: The Weather.

Here in Canada we have a great show called ‘This Hour has 22 minutes‘ (now called ’22 minutes’) and it’s a comedy show that focuses on Canadian politics, combining news parody, sketch comedy and satirical editorials. It’s really funny and I have enjoyed their skits over the years. Recently they added a parody to the 100 years of Beauty video that has been making it’s rounds, with a VERY Canadian version. Take a look (click on image to see video)

22 minutes 100 years of canadian beauty

2. Pembroke, Ontario, a local business entrepreneur, Lawrence Freiman has just opened an exciting new store that everyone in town is talking about…..

Online Shopping in the 1950s‘ by MessyNessychic

1950s vintage image of is-O-Matic department store

3. ‘How to get a 1930s Look without spending a fortune‘ by Vintage Gal

This post made me over the moon with excitement, because I love 1930s style (especially those wide legged pants) but really don’t have any pieces in my closet due to the cost. WELL those days are possibly over thanks to the Vintage Gal. Check out her post on some great tips.

How to get a 1930s look without spending a fortune

4. The big VIVA Rockabilly weekender is almost upon us (APRIL!!) and Jessica from Chronically Vintage did a super post on ‘25 Fabulous Vintage Fashions Finds for VIVA‘. Happy Shopping!

Vegas sign brooch

5. Need a little Vintage music inspiration? Then look no further then ‘The Glamorous Housewife” blog post on just that, ‘A Vintage Inspired Musical Journey‘. She has featured 5 fantastic artists, including Toronto’s favorite ‘Alex Pangman‘ who plays for the Lindy Hop scene and Jazz lovers alike on a regular basis.

vintage-inspired-music by the glamorous housewife

6. As Black History Month is winding down, I wanted to share a very important piece of Canadian History. The story of Viola Desmond, an entrepreneur who challenged segregation in Nova Scotia in the 1940s.

7. And then to end this post, lets end it with the most heart warming moment of this month…..71 Years Later, WWII Vet Reunites with Wartime Girlfriend in Australia.

World War II vintage image of a couple
Source: Peoples


I hope you enjoyed some of these vintage goodies, as much as I did (Isn’t that last one just so wonderful??).

Question Time: Did you find some cool reads or videos this month that you would like to share? If so post in the comments below.

Have a great weekend friends.

Liz 🙂