My Favorite Vintage Pins on Pinterest: Nov/Dec Edition

It’s been awhile since I have done my favorite “Pins on Pinterest” post, but since we are close to the end of the year there is no better time than right now to share all the vintage goodies I have found. Let’s dive right in friends!

Source: Envisioning the American Dream

This photo made me giggle and then want watermelon right after (like right after). Oh and check out those outstanding 1940’s Victory Rolls, gorgeous!


Life is better with good music.

Source: Glamourdaze

1930’s Fashion. “I’ve got your back”.

Source: Pinterest

From the movie: TILL THE END OF TIME -1946. Actors Guy Madison and Jean Porter give us a kind of slow motion Lindy Hop. This video reminds me of my beginner days of learning the dance, expect I did not look as cute as Jean.

Keeping the ‘Swing Dancing’ theme going, here is an excellent article by Billboard Music on “Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary: How WWII Changed Music & Claimed the Life of a Swing Superstar“.

Source: Billboard

I adore a good kitschy/novelty brooch and this one ranks with the best of them. Currently for sale on Bow & Crossbones website, this “Mystery key to my heart” vintage brooch is pretty awesome. Pull one of the keys, and the lock moves to reveal your love. So fun!

Source: Bow & Crossbones

When I did my post on Galveston Texas, I didn’t get a chance to add this stunning 1930’s Art Deco “Martini Theatre” to the post.

According to the Galveston History website…

The Theatre was built in 1937 for Attilio Martini. At one time, the Martini family owned eight theaters on the island. As television caught on, the popularity of theaters diminished on the island and elsewhere. The 990-seat Martini Theatre, designed in art deco style, closed in 1975. Originally used for both vaudeville and motion pictures, the building is one of Galveston’s few examples of Art Deco architecture. Vacancy and lack of maintenance are taking their toll on the exterior of the structure. The original tall neon marquee was lost many years ago and recent storms have damaged the remaining elements. The bustling Postoffice Arts and Entertainment District could benefit from the rehabilitation of this important building, an example of the numerous theatres once located in downtown Galveston (Source).

This Building is currently on the ‘Heritage at Risk List’ on their website. Know anyone who can help save it?

MARTINI THEATRE-Galveston Texas Art Deco
Source: Galveston History

Oh my…1940’s French Fashion at it’s best!

Source: Thunder Horse Vintage

Beautiful 1940’s fashion illustration: Dutch pattern catalogue ‘Record’ July 1942.

Source: Sheep & Chick Blog

My dream 1940’s dress.


Okay maybe this is my dream 40’s dress? So many gorgeous choices that are sadly NOT for sale.


It’s that time of the year when we are busy planning parties and maybe thinking of parties to come. Here is a FANTASTIC resource from the 1930’s to make that job easier. Vintage Farm Journal and Farmer’s Wife guide, “A Year’s Good Parties”.

30 pages of ideas and instructions for giving different themed parties throughout the year. The parties are New Year’s Eve Ice Carnival, A March of Time Party, Making Merry With The Mad March Hare, An Evening With Music, A Candle Birthday Party, A June Jamboree, A Birthday Party, A Back-to-School Party, A Football Party, A Halloween Party, Round-Up Time, and A Christmas Party.

Source: Etsy

Lastly..It’s that time again..I’m off to Cuba again and possibly for the last time for awhile (insert sad face). Why? Well the restrictions are slowly being lifted off the Americans to be able to visit, and that means the prices of resorts and hotels in Cuba & my beloved Havana have gone up considerably. Our little affordable getaway is not becoming so much anymore (good for the Cuban people, bad for Canadians looking for cheaper vacation spots). BUT we are going to have a super time anyways, especially since we are going with a bunch of friends and family to celebrate my hubby’s upcoming 40th Birthday (which is Dec 22nd).

So next week there will be no Vintage Inn post as I will be on a beach BUT I will be back just in time for a holiday post. Have a great week friends!

the vintage inn blog
Happy Early Birthday Santa (aka my husband)


Toronto Vintage Society-The Last Dance


The Toronto Vintage Society this Saturday will be throwing our last party ever for the vintage community in Toronto. But don’t worry we aren’t going anywhere, we will still be online telling you all the fun vintage events to attend and of course we will be at many of them ourselves! We just felt it was time to pass the vintage party gauntlet onto the community that has grown in leaps and bounds since we started our events 3 years ago. So that said, I wanted to take a walk down memory lane to our past parties as we prepare to have our ”Last Dance”.

Warning..lots of awesome fun photos ahead!

First Up..a big THANK YOU to Jacquie the creator of TVS and the main brain (and worker) behind every one of our events. Jacquie’s dream was to find more friends to attend cool vintage events with and she accomplished that and much more.

Toronto Vintage society

The Parties & Events:

Mad Men Viewing Party 2013- The First Official TVS Event

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men 2013 Party

Tiki-Tacky Retro Patio Party-TVS First Tiki party in Toronto in 2013

toronto vintage society tiki party 2013

The best dressed family that year.

Toronto Vintage society Tiki Party 2013

Mad Men Season Premier Party 2014

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men Party

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men Party

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men Party

The Pinup Picnic 2014

toronto vintage society pinup picnic

toronto vintage society pinup picnic

toronto vintage society pinup picnic

Tiki Party 2014


Kitschmas Cabin -2014

Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Cabin 2014

Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Cabin 2014

Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Cabin 2014

Man Men last Season Party – 2015




Mad Men Finale Party-2015

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men Finale Party 2015

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men Finale Party 2015

Pinup Picnic 2015


TVS Tiki Party 2015

Source: Snapd




White Kitschmas- December 2015





Photo credit – Derk Derk Van Derk

TVS Tiki Party 2016

Source: Lux Media
Source: Lux Media
Toronto Vintage society tiki party 2016
Source: Kyle Burton

And now we come to our final party this Saturday. Obviously no pictures but as per usual follow me on Instagram to see the party in action.

Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Time Kapsule 2016

Final Words. Being part of the TVS events team has been so much fun and I will be honest, I will be sad to hangup my MC microphone for the last time this Saturday. BUT as I said before this is not the end of TVS only the beginning and I’m very excited to see what the future brings.

Final Final Words..To all our fans and supporters over the years..THANK YOU!



Vintage Travel To Do List: Galveston,Texas

Vintage Travel to do list Galveston Texas

Recently I was watching HGTV and they had an episode on about a couple buying a home in Galveston, Texas. I instantly loved the city and knew I needed to add it to my ‘Vintage Travel to do list’.

For today’s post lets take a look at some of the reasons and interesting historic points on why you and I should visit Galveston.

Source: Postcard Roundup

Galveston is less than 60 miles from Houston and is the fourth largest city in the United States. It is an island, has a sub tropical climate and was founded by a Pirate, named Jean Lafitte.

In 1900 the city was hit with a devastating hurricane. After the storm, the city decided to shore up its defenses against future storms by building a permanent concrete seawall along a large portion of the beach front (source). This wall is still standing today.

Galveston Texas vintage postcard
Source: Flickr

1920’s to the 1950’s the city re-emerged as a major tourist destination centered on casinos and other vice businesses. Featuring venues such as the famed Balinese Room the city became nationally known as the sin city of the Gulf.

The Balinese Room. Originally opened in 1923 as the Chop Suey, then the Sui Jen a few year later. It finally became the Balinese Room in 1942 with its famed south seas motif.

Balinese Room

In its heyday, The Balinese played host to high rollers from all over the country, including local legends Glenn McCarthy, Diamond Jim West, and Howard Hughes. The showroom featured headliners such as Frank Sinatra, Sophie Tucker, Burns and Allen, Bob Hope, and Jack Benny. Long before Las Vegas attracted the big names to the desert, Maceo’s Balinese Room brought ‘em to Galveston (source).

Frank Sinatra at the Balinese room
Frank Sinatra with Maceo

Balinese was raided many many times over the years for gambling but was never able to be shut down, until May 30th, 1957. It remained closed until 2003 when a new owner brought it back to its former glory. It lasted till 2008 when another storm unfortunately destroyed it, but the owner seems to want to rebuild in a new location according to his website. I do hope this comes true for Galveston and for vintage lovers like me.

Balinese Room New

Galveston is also home to the glamorous and historic, ‘Hotel Galvez‘.

Source: Hotel Galvez


  • This hotel is the only historic beachfront hotel left on the Gulf Coast of Texas
  • Bears the name of Bernardo de Galvez, who surveyed the area in 1786
  • Built with $1million after the famous and devastating 1900 storm
  • Opened on June 10th, 1911, at 6pm
  • Rooms were $2 per night in 1911
  • The hotel boasted modern, time-saving tools such as a potato peeling machine, an ice-maker, a dishwasher and an ice cream maker
  • Headquarters for the International Pageants of Pulchritude, the beauty pageants that were predecessors to the Miss Universe Pageant (1920-1932)
  • Temporary White House for FDR
  • Served as WWII Coast Guard Facility
  • Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin Stayed Here (most likely to sleep off a night of partying at the Balinese Room)
  • Room 501 is Haunted-Legend has it a seaman’s fiancé was staying in room 501 when she heard his ship had sunk, and took her own life. Now she haunts the halls
  • (Source)
Galveston Beach, Sea Wall Boulevard and Hotel Galvez
Source: card cow

Inside Hotel Galvez


June 1928-Third International Pageant of Pulchritude held at the hotel.

Source: Shorpy Historic

One event I would love to attend is the Galveston Island Beach Revue which is a revival event of the first Bathing Girl Revue started in 1916 by the Galveston Beach Association (An organization formed early in the 20th century to promote tourism).

Want to see what the Bathing Revue was all about? Then check out the silent film below on the 1925 Revue (the swimsuit fashions are fantastic!).

Here is another video of Dorothy Weaver talking about her memories of the early days of the revue and the fun that was to be had on the beach.

Galveston is not just all beach there are also gorgeous Vintage Homes and even a East End Historical District.

Source: guidrynews

The Bishop’s Palace-1892. WOW!


The Grand Staircase of the Bishop Palace.

Source: Pinterest

Lastly, I must make note of the ‘Galveston World Famous Victorian Holiday Festival‘. This event looks like a lot of fun!

Source: Galveston Historical Foundation


Hope you enjoyed this brief tour of Galveston, now who wants to join me to discover what else this beautiful city has to offer? AND if you have been there, please share what one should see when visiting.



My Recent Vintage Finds in October and November

I have not done a “my recent vintage finds” blog post in quite some time, only because I’m not doing as much shopping as I used to but I did find some great stuff recently at great prices that I wanted to share with you today.

We begin with the most expensive item on this list, the book pictured below. Okay I’m just kidding this book was found on the side of the road by my eagle eye friend and so ended up being FREE.


The book was written in 1949 and given to Maria in 1969 before her wedding (I’m assuming). It is filled with goodies on what to expect on the honeymoon (does not go to much into “adult time”), how to spend money, working, kids, how to keep from fighting all the time, religion etc. BUT all done with mid-century thinking, so you know it’s filled with “wife at home, father is the man of the house” content. It might be fun to do a blog post at later date on some of the key points in the book. Stay tuned.


Another image from inside of the book that I wanted to share because there are so many vintage goodies to look at (like her skirt, the luggage, the car etc).


The weather in Toronto has been so lovely for late Fall almost Winter, so I have been taking advantage of it by getting out and going for walks. I was joined this past Sunday by a dear friend and we decided to hit up a great Vintage Shopping destination, ‘Kensington Market‘ here in Toronto to see if we could score any great finds. I was not overly lucky this trip but I did find this fun 1970’s skirt at Exile Vintage for a great price. This will be perfect for everything from dancing, to moving thru all the seasons in vintage style.


Toronto recently hosted a very big Vintage and Antique market in October. It’s one of my top vintage shows in the city because many of my favorite stores and vendors are all together under one roof. This year I was on a super limited budget so I could have purchased way more than I did, but in the end I’m very happy with my finds.

Like this adorable vintage brooch. Perfect for Novelty Brooch Friday and to channel the artist I will never be.


Christmas is just around the corner and these vintage deer and tree mini’s will play center stage in something I plan/hope to make.


I love vintage magazines, just as much as I love my vintage pictures and so you can image how thrilled I was to have found these 2 Canadian 1947 Chatelaine Magazines.

If you read my blog you will also know that I recently shared an article from the June magazine entitled “15 Fashion Tips from a June 1947 Chatelaine“. It was a fun post to write, filled with lots of wonderful tips for the budding vintage fashionista.


Vintage Dance Cards like the beauties below are really fantastic finds especially when they have been used like the ones below. I found these at my favorite booth/store ‘Gadabout Vintage‘.



When I can find a piece of Toronto history from the 1920’s-50’s I try to scoop it up right away. Finding this 1930’s Canadian National Exhibition Fashion Show Pamphlet was truly exciting! First up I never knew they ran a fashion show at the CNE (it’s a large fair) in the 30’s but now we do and the music was provided by a live big band. How glorious!


Here is a glimpse of the advertising inside the pamphlet. Look at those 30’s designs! Wow!


And last but not least Gadabout Vintage brought a bevy of wonderful vintage images for myself (and others) to browse thru. Here is what I found….

Three young women in the 1940’s. This image caught my eye because I love getting fashion inspiration from real women and this picture is an excellent example of 40’s everyday fashion.


I picked the next image because I liked this woman’s 1940’s style and how happy she looks. I could not leave her behind.


The third Image I found is just super because it came with a description on the back. I love when that happens because it just brings the picture to life.


Here is “Me”, a 1930’s beauty in white.


And here is the Governors palace today and the front door where the lovely woman above is standing. This connection would not of been possible without the writing on the back of the picture.

Governors Palace, Williamsburg

Lastly this weekend I’m attending the annual ‘Swing out to Victory‘, it’s an amazing 1940’s event held in a warplane museum with a big band. It’s a sold out event and it’s going to be amazing! Follow me on Instagram to see all the magic and you can check out a past post I wrote on the event HERE.


Vintage Photo Tuesday: ‘Hanging Out With The Car’ Edition

Vintage Photo Tuesday Vintage Car edition

It’s Vintage Photo Tuesday again (everyone claps with excitement) and this week’s edition is vintage photos from the 1920’s-1950’s of folks with their cars. Why their cars? Well purchasing a vehicle 50, 60+ years ago was a much bigger deal then it is today, so owners (or their family & friends) wanted to document their hard work or good fortune for all to see!


We begin with a 1930’s romance and a car.

Cars from the moment they were created, became focal points in many a romance and this image is an excellent example of that connection.

Source: Etsy

This family from the 1920’s looks like they might be heading out for a day of fun. Such great 20’s style!

Source: Etsy

Okay everyone let’s get a quick photo with the car before we enter the speakeasy.

Source: Etsy

Cloche Hats, good friends and a random child on the car makes for a lovely moment in time.

Source: Etsy

This is how you let people know you were divorced in 1930’s. This image makes me laugh, this man was clearly very happy to be free of his wife. It’s just him and his car now.

Source: Etsy

Our First Car-1930’s.

Source: Etsy

Fenders sure came in handy for sitting on for photos, didn’t they? This is a cute photo, I love the woman’s 1940’s style and the photo bombing kid is funny.

Source: Etsy

This 1940’s couple and their car are working on their “aren’t we cool?” poses. I think they are succeeding, don’t you?

Source: Etsy

Smile and be happy kids, your dad just bought a car!

Source: Etsy

1940’s Love? Not so sure, the pretty lady in the image does not look very impressed with her guy being so affectionate.

Source: Etsy

These two lovely couples are dressed to the nines and ready to hit the town for night of fun, 1950’s style.

Source: Etsy


And this last image brings VPT to a close for another week. Now it’s question time! Do you have vintage photos of family members or friends with their cars? Or maybe you have a fond memory of your own photo with your first (or favorite car)? Please Share.






Remembrance Day-Roundup of Interesting Canadian WW2 Posts

Today is Remembrance Day and I will be spending it acknowledging the courage and sacrifice of those who served their country. As for my blog today I wanted to supply you with a roundup of posts done about Canadian’s/Canada specifically during WW2.

Canada Poppy

Starting off, please head over to my friend Elinors Blog ‘Wartime Wednesday‘. I have mentioned her before on this blog (several times to be exact) because it’s a wonderful piece of Canadian History (and beyond) that needs to be read by everyone! All month she has been sharing blog posts on her Facebook (and other social media channels) on stories from her new book ‘My Favorite Veterans’ and they are fascinating. Please take the time to read some of them today.

wartime-wednesday Elinor Florence

2. Another friend Jessica from Chronically Vintage wrote a marvelous blog post on the ‘Canadian Ration Book of WW2‘. It’s a interesting read on how Canadians handled rationing.

Canadian WW2 Ration Book

Side Note: Jessica and her husband suffered a devastating loss recently as a fire swept thru their home due to arson and destroyed everything. If you can help with anything please visit Jessica’s Blog post about this loss and donate whatever you can (I have). Thank you so very much.

3. Victory Gardens. “We urge every citizen to endeavour to grow more vegetables in order to make an appreciable difference in the situation that confronts us,”– Emily Schofield and Elizabeth MacKenzie


I personally have written various posts on Canada during WW2. Here are a few of them:

4. Tale of the Canadian Army Show. This idea behind the show was to entertain troops, promote recruitment by enhancing the army’s image, to increase the sale of war bonds, and to bolster civilian morale.

Canadian Army Show

5. The Canadian ‘Rosie the Riveter’-Veronica Foster.


6. ‘WW2 Air Force Uniforms for Canadian Women‘.


This blog post is very special today, not just for the content (provided by Elinor Florence) but because of the below comment I recently received from Marie:

I served in the RCAF Womens’ Division during 1942-46 stationed in Ottawa at Princess Alice’s Barracks. I am now 92 yrs old and remember those years with much fondness. I just recently had my greatcoat cleaned and pressed and donated it to the Legion in Aurora, Ont. My family still enjoy my tales of my time as a WD.I am grateful that I was able to serve Canada during that stressful time.

Isn’t that comment incredible? I’m so glad that Marie reached out to share this with myself and my readers. Thank you for your service.

And with that comment, I’m going to end this blog post today so that I can go off and reflect.

Thanks for stopping by friends!


Vintage Photo Tuesday: Canadian Women on the Home Front during WWII

vintage-photo-tuesday canadian women during ww2

This Friday is Remembrance Day, so for this week’s blog posts I am going to focus on Canada during WWII. That means today’s Vintage Photo Tuesday are images of Canadian Women on the Home Front, doing their part for their Country.

War production and savings poster regarding a variety of goods for reuse or repurposing as war supplies, 1940 – 1941 Source: Collections Canada

1943-Time to punch in and begin your service for Canada.

Source: Library and Archives Canada

January 1943-Mrs. Mackay using a Riveting gun at a shipyard in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

Source: Library and Archives Canada

Defense workers on the line.

Source: Library and Archives Canada

Not all women during WWII were working on items for overseas, there was regular upkeep needed of items already made in Canada. Like the train pictured below.

Source: Library and Archives Canada
Female worker Margot Bourassa shellacs the body of a fuse in the breakdown room of the Cherrier plant (Montreal) of the Defense Industries Limited.
Source: Collections Canada

At the same plant mentioned above a woman sews cordite bags. On a vintage hair note, check out that style. Wow!

Source: Library and Archives Canada

It was important in some factories that the workers minds did not go idle, so music was played to help combat this. The below picture is of 2 women workers selecting the music to be played from their central control room at a Montreal factory.

Source: Collections Canada

Female munitions worker Françoise Corbeil turns out parts while listening to the piped music in her factory.

Source: Collections Canada

Break Time! Group of female workers enjoying a break from their work at a munitions plant.

Source: Collections Canada

Testing lenses, at the Instruments Division of the Canadian Arsenals Ltd. optical plant. On another vintage hair note, nice to see hair that looks like mine when I style it (not perfect!).

Source: Collections Canada

The Perry Sisters, employed at the Dominion Arsenals Ltd. plant, armed with rake, watering can and pitchfork, help look after the vegetable garden where they are working (looking mighty cute I might add).

Source: Collections Canada

1943-Women of the Aluminum Co. wait in line to get an autograph from famous Canadian fighter pilot ‘George “Buzz” Beurling‘. Helen Fowler is the lucky lady first in line.

Source: Library and Archives Canada

After a hard day in the factory there is nothing better than catching a few rays with friends. French-Canadian women at Dominion Arsenals (Personal Note: I adore this image).

Source: Collections Canada

Hope you enjoyed the images of our hard-working Canadian ladies of the 1940’s. Thank you for your service!


(Blog Post Main Header Image Source)

Vintage Buttons-The Little Beauties of the Clothing World


Vintage Buttons Blog Post

First up sorry Friends for no Vintage Photo Tuesday this week. I have been working hard on preparing my interview skills (been 11 years since I had an interview), for future job offers. BUT don’t fear VPT will be back next week.

I did though have time to work on my regular weekly vintage post and this week is all about Vintage Buttons. This post is inspired by a comment that Theresa from Vintage Style Files said on a past clothing blog post:

“They had some of the coolest buttons and buckles on clothing back then”

As I sat back and thought about her comment, I realized that she was completely right! So for today’s post I want to show off those little beauties of the clothing and accessories world.


To begin here is a fantastic article by Hobby Lark on “Vintage Button Guide-Ways to Identify Antique Buttons” . This article will get you up to date on the different types of buttons out there (Bakelite, Celluloid, Lucite, Metal etc.), how to identify them and how to clean them. An excellent read for all vintage clothing enthusiasts out there.

Now examples of Vintage Buttons:

Vintage Celluloid Buttons. Celluloid buttons became very popular during the late 1900’s through the 1920’s. They can be opaque, transparent or both and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors (Source).

Source: Etsy

Bright Green Celluloid Buttons. Very Art Deco looking.

Source: Etsy

Buttons don’t have to come in just the round shape, they can come in all shapes and sizes. Like these Celluloid ‘Ribbon’ buttons. What kind of outfit or accessory do you think they were used for?

Source: Etsy

Bakelite Buttons-not the first plastic buttons, but are some of the most sought after and highly collected. They come in all shapes and sizes and are heavier than Celluloid buttons (Source).

The below buttons are Vintage Black and Apple Juice Bakelite. Called apple juice because at one point the yellow was white and has gone yellow over time.

Source: Etsy

Cream Corn Fluted Vintage Bakelite buttons. These look like little works of art.

Source: Etsy

Lucite Buttons were most popular from the 1930’s on through the 1960’s. It’s a low density material but stronger than plastics that came before it. They can be clear or opaque and different colors, shapes and sizes and could also be carved (source).

Here is a beautiful example of 1940’s Lucite buttons, looking like miniature flower bouquets.

Source: Etsy

Yooza look at these! Hands down my favorite buttons of this whole blog post. Lucite Cherry Candy Buttons. I can envision these beauties on a sweet 1940’s/50’s summer dress. Could you?

Source: Etsy

1940’s Bow Buttons-Cute as a….Button. Now I know what the reference to buttons means in that saying! Because at one point all the buttons were “cute”.

Source: Etsy

You could purchase these buttons for the packaging alone (it’s that cool) but you don’t have to because these ‘Teen Agers’ themed 1940’s plastic buttons are together and in mint condition.

Source: Etsy

1950’s and the Kitsch continues with these adorable Plastic Shoe Buttons.

Source: Etsy

.I will now end this vintage button extravaganza with one more 1950’s kitschy plastic button, this time in the shapes of fruit. Carmen Miranda would of loved these.

Source: Etsy


Question Time: Do any of your vintage outfits have some outstanding buttons? Or maybe you own a collection of vintage buttons yourself. Please share!


Halloween-The Vintage Roundup Party Part 2

Halloween the vintage roundup by the vintage inn blog

Last year I created a blog post entitled ‘Halloween-The Vintage Roundup Party‘ which was a mishmash of Halloween “Things” to get you in the spirit of the day. I had so much fun with this post that I decided to do a round 2 with even more cool Halloween items.

Let the Halloween Roundup Party (Part 2) begin….again!

Source: Etsy

Vamp The “Enticer” Soda Labels (1930s) for all the vampire lovers out there.

Source: Etsy

In need of a really cool Art Deco Vintage Halloween Piece? Then you’re in luck with this adorable Die Cut blonde Flapper in a clown costume.

Art Deco Halloween Flapper Die Cut Vintage Halloween Decor
Source: Etsy

Harlequin Clowns were very popular in the 1920’s as seen in this original (I’m going to assume Halloween due to most of the group being dressed up) photo.

Source: Etsy

I hate spiders but I just might consider buying this vintage spider brooch (with a Bakelite body) because it’s just looks really fun for a creepy spider brooch.

Source: Etsy

By far one of the coolest vintage items I have come across for this post, is this 1925 Dennison’s Bogie Book. A book of Suggestions for Decorating and Entertaining at Hallowe’en, Harvest Time and Thanksgiving. This book would be a goldmine of amazing ideas to host a truly authentic 1920’s party.

Source: Etsy
Source: Etsy

If your more of 1950’s guy or gal then this nifty little Pack-O-Fun craft book filled with lots of Halloween costume and craft ideas is perfect for you.

Source: Etsy
Source: Etsy

1950’s Halloween Cupcake Toppers – Cats, Witches and Pumpkin men.

Source: Etsy

Bring 1920’s Halloween decor into your home with this antique box depicting a costume masquerade ball. According to the Etsy Vendor the name on the box in Russian means “Theatre Cape”. Hmmmm I wonder what that looked like?

Vintage 1920s Halloween Box
Source: Etsy

Scare the ghosts and vampires away with this 1920’s Halloween Noise Shaker.

Source: Etsy

Need a Halloween costume for next year (never too late to start planning)? Then pickup these adorable vintage 1950’s cat ears. Add a black dress and a tail and then you are done. You can thank me later 🙂

Source: Etsy

And we are done for another year. Hope you enjoyed this vintage Halloween roundup and I hope that your Halloween weekend (and day) will be filled with spooky fun. I will be attending 2 Halloween parties and then going out with a friend and her wee one, so make sure you follow me on Instagram to see all the fun I will be posting.

Question time: Do you have a favorite vintage Halloween item that you like to put out every year or maybe even wear? If so then please share.


Blog Title Image Source

Vintage Photo Tuesday: The Halloween Edition

Vintage Photo Tuesday The Halloween Edlition

With Halloween so close around the corner it only makes sense that this weeks Vintage Photo Tuesday is the Halloween Edition.

Let the Spooky Spectacular begin!


Anaheim Halloween Parade, circa 1950s. The Witches on Parade.

Anaheim Halloween Parade, circa 1950s
Photo courtesy Orange County Archives

Robin Hood and his Pumpkin-1957.

1950s Halloween Image Boy dressed as Robin Hood
Source: Flickr

Normally the lamp shade ending up on ones heads usually happens at the end of the evening. Hmmm maybe this IS the end of the evening? A 1950’s Costume Party.

1950s Costume Party
Source: Flickr

Halloween Party for US Servicemen in 1943. That pumpkin to the right is bizarre. That is a pumpkin right?

Halloween party for U.S. servicemen 1943
Source: Flickr

Time to pick the winner at our 1955’s school Halloween Party!

1950s School Halloween Party
Source: Flickr

Now it’s the older kids turn. I pick the Carl Perkins look-alike to the right.

1950s School Halloween Party
Source: Flickr

Halloween party, Mars Hill College, 1951

Halloween party, Mars Hill College, 1951
Copyright Mars Hill College

Flash Gordon to the Rescue!

1950's Space Cowboy
Source: Flickr

The prettiest little princess.

1950's Halloween image of a little girl as a princess
Source: Flickr

Everyone wins a prize for best costume in this 1950’s Halloween party image. They all did a great job!

1950's Halloween Party Vintage Image
Source: Flickr

I will leave you with an image of my brother and I at Halloween in the 80’s. What is hilarious about these costumes, is that I just had a conversation with my mom on Thanksgiving about how she felt that she did a really great job on our costumes each year. That was until I found this image and I asked my mom if this was the year she gave up 😉 lol!

Vintage Inn Blog 1980's Halloween

Question Time: What are you being for Halloween this year? Going with a vintage look or something far removed from the vintage world?

Happy Halloween Week!