15 Fashion Tips from Chatelaine Magazine-June 1947

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

A couple of weekends ago at the Toronto Vintage Clothing & Antique Show I purchased two Vintage Chatelaine Magazines from a favorite vendor.

While browsing the June 1947 copy over coffee later on that day, I discovered a great feature called ‘Fashion Shorts‘. In this piece the magazine discusses fashion tips to make your June a fashionable success. These tips are wonderful insights into a time period of fashion that many of us love and I knew that I just had to share it with my readers. PLUS 1947 was a turning point in fashion with the ‘Dior’s New Look‘ making its way onto the runways only a few months early.

So without further adieu lets begin!

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

1. Lovely the Bride (it is the June Magazine).

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Perfect Example: Princess Elizabeth II and Philips November 1947 Wedding.

Photo: Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2014.

2. Marquiesette Gowns are a must for the bride and her attendants.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

What is Marquisette?

Marquisette is a sheer, lightweight mesh or net fabric with a leno weave.  It can be made from almost any fibre: silk, cotton, wool, rayon, nylon, polyester and a blend of any of the above.  It is used for dresses, curtains, and mosquito netting (Source).

Note: For a more detailed description please check out The Dreamstress blog post on this interesting fabric.

Now the below dress is not from 1947 but it is a beautiful example of a 1940s Marquisette gown,

Source: Vintageous

3 & 4. You’ll want a striped cotton and Yellow in your wardrobe.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

1940s Striped Cotton Day Dress
Source: Pinterest

1947 Fashion Tips for Women


5 & 6. Order ribbons on a lapel are all the rage, and playsuits are not just for the wee ones.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Source: Vintage Dancer

7 & 8. From work to play or sometimes just to play.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Source: Pinterest

9. New York and its high style.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Source: Pinterest

10 & 11. Bertha collars and influences from famous British salons.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Bertha Collar Examples.

Source: Pinterest

A Norman Hartnell Gold tissue dress..wow!

Source: Pinterest

12. Stay much cooler than the men with your pantaloon slip!

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

13. Peasant blouse & dirndls skirts for comfort and for formal occasions.

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Source: Pinterest

14. Beach Coat Time!

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

Source: Vintage Patterns

15. Stocking Clocks ARE due for a comeback! Wait what are stocking clocks?

1947 Fashion Tips for Women

And there you have it, fashion tips from June 1947 Chatelaine.

Question Time: What was your favorite fashion tip stated above? Did you learn anything new about June 1947 fashions? Please share.


Vintage Photo Tuesday: Youths of the 1920’s and 1930’s

Vintage Photo Tuesday-Youths of the 1920's & 1930s

1920’s Cool Kids.

1920s Teenagers Vintage Photo
Source: Flickr

First step to being a 1920’s fashion icon…bob your hair.

1920s flappers vintage photo
Source: Flickr

Friends forever.

1920s Teenagers Vintage Photo
Source: Flickr

FAVORITE PHOTO- The Anti-Flirt Club: The Anti-Flirt Club was an American club active in Washington, D.C., during the early 1920s. The purpose of the club was to protect young women and girls who received unwelcome attention from men in automobiles and on street corners. The Anti-Flirt Club launched an ‘Anti-Flirt’ week, which began on March 4, 1923 (source).

1920s young woman vintage photo The Anti-Flirt Club
Source: Flickr

World..Meet Glenn.

1920s Teenage Man vintage photo
Source: Flickr

The below picture is believed to be directed at Handsome Glenn who is in the image above.

On the back it reads: “I will have some of myself alone soon & you shall have one to keep you laughing” -Boots (the girl on the bottom left).

1920s Teenagers Vintage Photo
Source: Flickr

1920’s Fall style for young women.

Late 1920s Young women vintage photo
Source: Flickr

Education is Power-1930’s. I love the 3 young women in the front rows style.

1930s Teenagers in School vintage Image
Source: Flickr

Out on a biking adventure-1930’s.

1930s teenage young men on bikes vintage image
Source: Flickr

Even a broken umbrella is better than no umbrella to keep the hot sun off you-1930’s.

1930s Young Couple vintage photo
Source; Flickr

We made it to the woods, time for the obligatory photo! Even the handsome young man in the top right thinks it’s funny.

1930s youth vintage image
Source: Flickr


And that is Vintage Photo Tuesday for this week friends. What was your favorite photo from this weeks edition?


Vintage Blog Love: Go and Greet These 5 Vintage Bloggers

og post by Vintage Inn Blog

As mentioned before this past weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful this year. One of those blessings is my readers who faithfully read, share and comment on my blog each and every week. You make writing this blog so very easy when I know I have your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Today I wanted my readers to meet (and go and greet) 5 of my followers who have their own blogs, of which I have enjoyed and found inspirational over the years.

1. Jessica from Chronically Vintage

Chronically Vintage

Jessica is one of the first bloggers that ever reached out and started to leave comments on my blog. She was always encouraging, warm and made it feel like we have known each other for years, Jessica is also a fellow Canadian so we share many of the same vintage loves about our country.quarks and fun history tidbits.

If you are not following Jessica yet (and you really should be) you can expect to see on her blog: her vintage clothing style (the 40s & 50s), fun interviews with other vintage bloggers, vintage recipes/images/items to purchase and so very much more.

UPDATE (Oct 17th/16): Jessica and her husband were recently involved in an arson fire and they lost everything (home, personal belongings, her Etsy store products and all her vintage items). There has been a crowd funding campaign started to help them get back on their feet. If you have it in your heart to donate to them please do. DONATE HERE.

2. Retro Rover-Vintage Living with Dogs and Cats

Retro Rover Vintage Blog

One of the things I love about Katherine’s blog (besides her Star Trek love) is how her vintage looks are ever changing. She can rock an awesome 1920s look and then in her next post she is sporting a fantastic 50s look. Katherine looks great in it all! If you love cute dogs (she has so many adorable ones) then you need to check out her blog to see how they are incorporated in her vintage lifestyle.

3. Tanith Rowan- Adventures in Millinery: Vintage, Costume & Modern

Tanith Rowan Blogger and hat Maker

If you love vintage hats, costume hats, hats in general then you need to follow Tanith and her adventures in hat making. Her blog is filled with tons of inspiration on how to style your hat, what hats used to look like in vintage ads and old movies, fun posts like ‘The Sisterhood of the travelling Hat’ and ‘Snoodtember’ (which I totally missed out on). There are even tips on how to make hats, yes Tanith makes her own stunning hats that can be purchased right off her Etsy site or even custom made. Bloggers and Vintage enthusiasts far and wide love Tanith hats and blog and I know you will too.

4. Vintage Gal


Cate from the Vintage Gal blog is an inspiration to all who want to jump into the “sew clothes from vintage patterns” game. Her 1930s style, created most of the time by her own hands are fantastic and I look forward to every single outfit she posts. Cate’s blog though is much more than clothes, she posts about vintage movies & tv shows, her vintage lifestyle, books she has read and vintage items she has acquired (and much more). I have learned so much about UK vintage TV shows from this blog that I’m always googling how to watch them here in Canada (with limited success).

If you have a passion for the 1920s-40s then Cate and her blog is truly the place for you.

5. What Kate-Em did next

What Kate-Em did next

Kate-Em has one of the cutest blogs out there for lovers of knitting vintage clothes and boy are her skills on point. I have typed many a comment using the words “wow”, “super envious”, “so talented” to describe her creations and I hope that one day thru the power of magic I will be able to knit like her (one day..one day). What I also love about Kate-Em’s blog is her posts on her vintage adventures, vintage finds, 1940s anything and of course her vintage style. These are all topics that are very close to home for me and why I have been a fan for so long. I know that you, my readers will enjoy her blog as well.


Once again thank you to ALL my readers new and long term for sticking with this gal from the Vintage Inn. I truly do appreciate every single one of you. Also stay tuned in the future for a part 2 (maybe 3, 4 etc) on other vintage bloggers who follow my blog.


Vintage Photo Tuesday: Family Vacations

vintage-photo-tuesday family vacations 1950s 1960s

While home this weekend for the Canadian Thanksgiving, my mother brought out old albums for us to browse thru. One of those albums was filled with various images of difference vacations my grandparents/parents took over the years. It was so nice to see how happy everyone looked and all the cool places they ventured out too. So keeping with that theme, today’s ‘Vintage Photo Tuesday’ is all about Family Vacations (featuring 1950’s and early 1960’s images of families in all shapes and sizes).


1950s Family vacation to Hawaii. The photo on the back says “The Hawaiian Trio”.

Source: Etsy

1950s Families who wear matching outfits when at Yosemite, stay together (or at least I think that is how the saying goes).

Source: Etsy

A visit to the Hoover Dam in 1953.

Source: Etsy

Calico Ghost Town…1950’s.

Source: Etsy

Kids & their Casinos. Golden Gate Casino Las Vegas, 1950’s (The hotel still stands today).

Source: Etsy

Four women on a cruise ship.

Source: Etsy

A stylish beauty in Mexico.

Source: Etsy

Knott’s Berry Farm or Bust!

Source: Etsy

Taj Mahal 1960’s.

Source: Etsy

One cannot visit Venice without taking a gondola ride, circa 1960’s.

Source: Etsy

Lastly, vacations are meant for enjoying the small things, like drinks and a paper while on a terrace in France.

Source: Etsy

(Blog Title Image Source)

Question Time: Do you have vintage family photos of vacations from times gone by? Or was your family more of the stay at home kind?






Party Foods of the 1950’s

Party Foods of the 1950s

One of my more popular posts is entitled “The Mini Guide to Hosting the Ultimate 1950’s Themed Party“. Inside this post, I talk about invites,decor, music, clothing and food, the essentials for a successful party. The post is very high level and I have noticed that one of the terms used to find my blog has been “Party Foods of the 1950’s”. Clearly, you my readers are looking for a bit more detail and that is what I plan to supply you with today. Not a full cookbook (I am not a cook) but some recipes, images and ideas to make the food at the party a highlight of the evening.

Let’s break out the Cheez Wiz and start the 1950’s food party, shall we?

Source: Flickr

From my original post:

For the most authentic experience for your party, you need to serve 1950’s food. If you want recipes or ideas see if you can find some old 1950’s cookbooks online or in used book stores, they will really help plan your menu.


I own the 1950s Betty Crocker Cookbook in the image above and it has been really helpful in creating that authentic 1950’s food experience. Here are a few recipes from my book you can use for your own party.

1950s party food ideas

Jello Molded Salads will be a big hit with your guests…guaranteed.

1950s Jello mold salad

1950s party food ideas

Canapes are always a good way to go and they are quick to make.

1950s party food ideas

1950s party food ideas

Drinks are a must and a good punch recipe should always be on hand. Here are 2 for you.

1950s Party Drink ideas-Punch

Vintage advertising is an excellent source for 1950’s food ideas and recipes (just type into Google ‘1950’s vintage food recipes’ and watch the magic happen).

1954 Food Ad, Hellmann's & Best Foods Mayonnaise, with Potato Salad Recipe
Source: Flickr

I showed you a Jell-O Mold Salad from my vintage cookbook above, here is another one for your eating pleasure.

Party Food Note: I’m pretty sure this won’t work at your event, but it was kind of fun to add because at some point SOMEONE thought this was a good idea.

Source: Allday

SPAM! Yes you need this!

Source: Pzservices

Meat Loaf. Easy to make and a true 1950’s staple.

Source: McCallum Vintage Recipe Divas

Seven-Up Floats. Can be dessert, a drink option or a main dish.

Seven-Up Floats vintage 1950s ad
Source: Pop Culture Safari

Ikea can easily supply you the next food option OR if you want to be authentic here is a recipe for Swedish Meat Balls.

Source: Antique Alter Ego

Looking for some dessert ideas to sweeten the party up? Angel Food cake is oh so good!

Betty Crocker Softasilk Cake Flour, May 1951
Source: Flickr

Marshmallow Crispy Squares are so easy, even I can make them!

950s ad for Rice Krispies cereal featuring Howdy Doody.
Source: Flickr

Lastly here were my other suggestions from my original post:

  • French Fries
  • Hotdogs and Hamburgers
  • Celery & Cheese whiz
  • Devilled Eggs
  • Pineapple upside cake
  • Casserole…anything
  • Fondue
  • Fruit on Skewers
  • Roasts
  • Pound Cake
  • Fruit Cup
  • Meat Pies
  • TV Dinners 🙂
  • Soufflé
  • Grilled cheese
  • Ice Cream/Banana splits

I hope this extension of my “How to host a 1950s Themed Party” blog post was helpful and got the wheels turning on what to serve at your own party. Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

Question Time: What are your favorite 1950s Party Foods that you would add to this list?


Vintage Photo Tuesday (new series): Celebrating Thanksgiving

Vintage Photo Tuesday: Celebrating Thanksgiving with vintage images

If you have been following my blog for some time you know that I have a love of vintage photos and will share them on here as much as I can. Because of this, I have a new series for my blog that will appear every Tuesday: “Vintage Photo Tuesday”.

Today’s photos will showcase Thanksgiving gatherings as this coming weekend is the Canadian Holiday (Yay Turkey!).

Source: Pinterest

A real 1950s Canadian Thanksgiving family gathering. The gentlemen on the right can’t WAIT to eat it as he is clearly not caring about the photo being taken.

Source: Flickr

It takes 3 to make the Turkey just right.

Source: Etsy

Time to eat!

1958 Thanksgiving family gathering vintage image
Source: Flickr

Who needs forks when you have Turkey Legs?

Source: Etsy

Proud as punch that the turkey cooked!

Source: Etsy

The higher the better when carving the turkey.

Source: Etsy

Kenny and the ‘Neck’ (sorry my veggie eating friends).

Source: Etsy

Tiny tables for big turkeys.

Source: Ebay

Thanksgiving is all about being with the family in the fish room.

Source: Flickr

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Friends! And in another month to all my American friends!



It’s Vintage Oktoberfest Poster Time!

It's vintage oktoberfest Poster time by the vintage inn blog

It’s one my favorite times of the year! It’s Oktoberfest time in Germany and in North America! I love getting dressed up in my dirndl, listening to a good Polka band and having fun with friends in big Oktoberfest halls. It’s truly a good way to start the Fall season.

For today’s post, I wanted to show off some of the ‘works of art’ vintage Oktoberfest Posters I have found while scouring the web.

Lets begin our journey with Trans-Canada Airlines.

oktoberfest-poster-vintage Trans Canada Airlines
Source: Flickr

When I mentioned works of art, I was speaking of the next three images in particular. Not only are they fantastic to look at but also feature some of the history of the festival as well. Here is what you will see:

  • The grilled fish on a stick (Steckerlfisch) is a very popular meal at the Munich Oktoberfest
  • The Monk. Munich around 1100’s was founded by Monks and ‘Munichen’ literally means, ‘Founded by Monks’
  • Beer. Around 1818 the festival began to be more centered around beer and even installed rules (must be brewed in the city limits and have a minimum of 6% alcohol by volume)
  • Radishes, Pretzels & Heart cookie. A culinary delight
  • The Horse. For the inaugural Oktoberfest, a horse race in the presence of the entire royal family was the central activity of the event. It was this race – not the beer that the festival has become known for – that was the initial tradition that was repeated yearly as a celebration of Bavarian heritage in Munich. The races were cancelled in the 1960s (source).
German Oktoberfest Posters Plakate 1950s
Source: Invaluable
Source: Pinterest
German Oktoberfest Posters Plakate 1950s
Source: Invaluable

Lowenbrau beer’s lion gets in on the festival fun.

Source: Pinterest

Hacker-Pschorr Brau Munchen (there is the horse again).

Hacker-Pschorr Brau Munchen
Source: Pinterest

Carnival rides and games are also a big part of Oktoberfest as seen in the poster below.

Oktoberfest 1954
Source: Zazzle

An integral part of the festivities..the Chicken Dance! As cheekily noted in our next poster from 1962.

Source: AntikiBar

Belgium sure likes their Oktoberfest as seen in another Wieze poster this time from the 1970s.

Source: Pinterest

Lastly, we are going to go way back into the image vault with this beautiful 1905 postcard.

Postkarte München Oktoberfest Paar 1905
Source: Pinterest

Now for some fun! One of my favorite songs ‘Sierra Madre’ being sung with sparklers in Munich.

Question Time: Will you be celebrating Oktoberfest season or is the beer and polka music not your idea of fun?

Want to read more about my love of Oktoberfest season, check out my other posts:

Happy Festival Season!


A Peak Into My Vintage Collection- Early 1950s Nancy Drew Books

Growing up I was a huge book reader, I read anything I could get my hands on, but one of my favorite series was Nancy Drew. Her super girl sleuth style and cool friends like George the tomboy, Bess and Ned her boyfriend had me coming back for more, time and time again. I think I must have read every book written from the 1930s-60s and to this day are part of my fond memories of my childhood.

Vintage Nancy Drew Covers

So it was with delight and excitement that when I saw a collection of 1950s Nancy Drew books for sale on Ebay several years ago, I knew I had to buy them right then and there (especially since my books from my childhood were long passed on to others to enjoy).

Today’s post will show off my books, as well as supply you with a bit of history and other vintage goodies on the Super Sleuth herself…Nancy Drew.

Brief History of Nancy Drew Books:

Nancy Drew is a fictional American character in a mystery fiction series created by publisher Edward Stratemeyer (who also created the Hardy Boys Series). Stratemeyer believed that a woman’s place was in the home, but he was aware that the Hardy Boys books were popular with girl readers and wished to capitalize on girls’ interest in mysteries by offering a strong female heroine.

The character first appeared in 1930 and was an immediate success. The 6,000 copies that Macy’s ordered for the 1933 Christmas season sold out within days. In 1934 Fortune Magazine featured the Syndicate in a cover story and singled Nancy Drew out for particular attention: “Nancy is the greatest phenomenon among all the fifty-centers. She is a best seller. How she crashed a Valhalla that had been rigidly restricted to the male of her species is a mystery even to her publishers.”

The character of Nancy Drew has gone through many permutations over the years. Despite revisions, “What hasn’t changed, however, are [Nancy’s] basic values, her goals, her humility, and her magical gift for having at least nine lives. For more than six decades, her essence has remained intact.”

The books are ghostwritten by a number of authors and published under the collective pseudonym Carolyn Keene. They have sold over 80 million copies in 25 different languages (Source).

My Collection:

Early 1950s Vintage Nancy Drew Book Covers with 1940s Style Binding (1950-53)


About the Binding:

The 1940s Style binding is one of the earliest types of Nancy Drew library editions.  The front covers of most books have a line drawing based on the original Russell Tandy dust jacket art from the 1930s.  The overall style matches that of the 1946 regular editions that have the solid blue cover, large blue silhouette, and the dark blue lettering. These books were bound as early as 1950 and as late as 1953. This particular library binding is unquestionably the scarcest and most difficult to acquire of the Nancy Drew library editions (Source).

Front cover of the books:

Front Cover of Nancy Drew 1950s Books

Inside cover of all the books:

inside 1950s Nancy Drew Book

Inside image.

1950s Nancy Drew inside image

Another inside image.

1950s Nancy Drew inside image

Now that you have seen my collection lets check out some other examples of early years Nancy Drew Covers (1930s-50s):


Source: Series Books
Source: Nancy Drew Sleuth


Source: Nancy Drew Sleuth
Source: Nancy Drew Sleuth


Nancy Drew The Ringmasters Secret 1950s

Source: Series Books
Source: Series Books

Nancy Drew in the Movies:

1938-1939 Four Nancy Drew Movies were created, starring Bonita Granville as Nancy and Frankie Thomas as Ted (not Ned! What?!).

1930s Nancy Drew Movies
Source: NY Times

And in the 1970s there was television series starring Pamela Sue Martin (also featuring the Hardy Boys). Then the last movie version was in 2007 with Emma Roberts as Nancy.  It seems from lack of onscreen exposure that Nancy is not too popular in Hollywood.

Source: Wikipedia

The Vintage Inn Final thoughts:

Nancy Drew is an iconic fictional character that will never fade into history. She may go thru more changes on her looks and her who she is as a character (don’t we all) but in the end, she will always be the teenage girl with an eye for super sleuthing and adventure. The stories I fell in love with as a kid (and still love today).

For more reading on Nancy Drew history (and many other cool items and topics) please check out the fantastic website ‘Nancy Drew Sleuth‘.

Question time: Are you a Nancy Drew fan? Or were you a fan of other series of books? If so please share.

Liz 🙂

Vintage Photos: The Front of House Edition

Have you ever noticed when browsing vintage photos, that there are many taken in the front of people houses, front steps or front doors? If not, then you will now (one of those glass shattering moments). I personally just noticed this while browsing Flickr the other day and I thought “why have I not seen this before?” And “why the house all the time?”. Intrigue set in and off I went to see what images I could find with this setting.

Source: Etsy

Here are some of the goodies I discovered…..

Doris & Phillis showing off their outstanding taste in 1940s hats. Wow!

Source: Flickr

Proud Parents-1940s (Amazing hair on this beautiful new mom)

1940s Vintage Image of husband and wife with baby
Source: Etsy

1950s Wedding Day, photos at home with mom and sis. I love all the dresses in this photo, especially the sister on the right.

Source: Etsy

Cub scouts, on their way to a gathering.

Source: Etsy

Three little girls all in a row.

vintage children image 1920s
Source: Etsy

Never leave home without making sure that the family is dressed to the nines.

1961 vintage family image
Source: Etsy

Three sisters during WW2, all off to do their part for the war effort.

Source: Etsy

Heading out to lunch with friends.

Source: Etsy

Stylish kids in training-1960s. Can I have her purse?

Source: Etsy

1920s fashion on display.

Source: Etsy

Bob the hair and show off those ankles, it must be the 1920s!

Source: Etsy

I’m going to cheat a little bit with this last image as it’s not technically in front of the house, but I was in love with her 40s skirt and just had to share. Isn’t marvelous? True Vintage inspiration, right there.

Source: Etsy


Last thoughts: I think the pictures in front of houses are popular due to the house being the central area where family and life is and therefore making the home part of the family. What do you think?

Next up in this fun little mini series “Front of Car”.

Liz 🙂


My favorite Vintage Online Reads & Videos for Summer 2016

The summer has gone so fast and now September is here which means that the warm days are almost gone (sad face). It’s been a wonderful summer with August ending up to be somewhat of a quiet month which has been nice. BUT it all kicks back into high gear starting this Friday. I’m off to Red Hot Blue Rockabilly Weekend right here in Ontario (Brockville), then off to a friend’s wedding outside of Quebec. We close out the fun with a mini road trip with the hubby. It’s going to be really great and I’m looking forward to it (follow the fun on Instagram).

In the mean time I have been reading some really great articles and watching some really fun videos that I would like to share with you today.

How to plan a successful underwater wedding 1954 Style by Eliza Berman

Wedding Time Magazine
Source: Time Magazine

The Vintage Girls of New York  by Harpers Bazaar. This article features a vintage friend Voon who has amazing style and I’m thrilled is featured in this article.

New Yorks Vintage Girls By Harpers Bazaar
Source: Harpers Bazaar

I’m a Vintage Clothing Dealer / Behind the Seams by Mode.com. This woman is amazing and I want to be her when I grow up (like seriously).

Toronto’s Top 10 Lost Vaudeville Theatres by Bygone Theatre

Toronto Vintage Theatre-Shea’s Hippodrome – 440 Bay St., Toronto
Source: Toronto Archives

Watch the Birdie-Scene from Hellzapoppin’ (a movie that Lindy Hoppers go wild for because of its famous dance scene). This scene features another dance legend Dean Collins dancing with Martha Raye. Band is Gene Krupa’s Orchestra with Anita O’Day singing.

Get Ready for Snoodtember! Join along with Tanith Rowan and the vintage world (including yours truly) as we celebrate snoods and a time to wear them and love them.

snoods by lilly dache 1945
From The Australian Women’s Weekly, 27 Jan 1945

While it’s not great that the world lost at MGM Musical star Gloria DeHaven at age 91, it is interesting to read what a life she lived. Thanks for the movies Gloria.

Gloria DeHaven MGM Musical Star
Source: Hollywood Reporter

And for my last share, I want everyone to see this AWESOME GIF from the recent ‘International Lindy Hop Championships’. This is so cool!


Have a great remaining week and weekend friends! I’m going to be off for one week on this blog to enjoy my trip with the husband, but as stated above just follow me on social media and it’s like I was never gone.

Liz 🙂