I’m back! And while I’m off editing all the photos I took at VIVA and working on my posts I thought I would fill your eyes with lovely images from my last few weeks on Pinterest.

Enjoy and stay tuned for Viva Post # 1.


First up while I was gone, Easter happened.

Doris Day 1950s Easter Image
Doris Day 1950s

Nothing to see here but cute Easter bonnets and really fantastic coats. I also adore the older girls purse that she is carrying. Such style at such a young age.

Vintage Easter Image
Source: Living Vintage

Easter Sunday in Harlem, NY 1942 (Henri Cartier-Bresson). Now that is a hat!

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Easter Sunday in Harlem, NY 1942
Source: MoMA

Summer is quickly approaching (or at least in my mind it is) and I’m looking forward to all the cool events I’m attending. One of those is the “Hats & Horseshoes” event at Woodbine Racetrack. To prepare for this years event I’m have been enamoured with the 1930s images of well dressed folks spending their “Day at the Races” and hope to maybe channel their looks for my day.

Below Photo: At the races in Autieul 1938-39. That Hat and Dress…Stunning is the only word I can find right now to describe this image.

At the races in Autieul 1938-39
Photo Credit: Regina Relang

Ascot Racecourse, June 1932, Margaret Whigham, later Duchess of Argyll, and friend.

Ascot Racecourse, June 1932, Margaret Whigham, later Duchess of Argyll, and friend

Well we all know that at Ascot the day is less about the horses and more about the hats on everyone’s heads. Here is an excerpt  from the British Newspaper The Sphere,1939 entitled “Madcap Millinery at the 1939 Ascot”. Do you have a favorite hat from the picture here?

1939 Vintage Hats at Ascot
Source: vintagefashionfairs

At Viva this year a dear friend offered to pay for my hair to get done by a professional hairdresser for one day of the event (you will see the hair in my viva post). So for the last few weeks I have been researching vintage hairstyles on Pinterest for inspiration. Here is some of what I found.

Yes the below is similar to what I normally wear but I still like it (clearly for a reason).

1940s hairstyle vintage image

Stunning photo of June Haver, Vivian Blaine, and Vera-Ellen. The perfect 1940s hair.

1940s movie stars vintage image

Evelyn Ankers, 1940s hair is really adorable and probably fairly easy to pull off.

What I like seeing in these photos is the frizz on her tips. Makes me feel better knowing that even movie stars did not always have 100% perfect hair.

1940s Hairstyle Evelyn Ankers

Lastly I figured that if I was really in a pinch I could pick a style from this chart of 1950s stars and their styles.

1950s retro hair chart

I would like to end this post on a cute note and this image from January 1927 of a young visitor and her toy elephant who discovers that the elephant house at London Zoo is closed for their winter holidays, fits the bill perfectly.

1927 vintage image of a child and her toy
Source: Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday! Or sad Wednesday if your that little girl.

Liz 🙂