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My Favorite Vintage Images on Pinterest (April Edition)

I’m back! And while I’m off editing all the photos I took at VIVA and working on my posts I thought I would fill your eyes with lovely images from my last few weeks on Pinterest.

Enjoy and stay tuned for Viva Post # 1.


First up while I was gone, Easter happened.

Doris Day 1950s Easter Image
Doris Day 1950s

Nothing to see here but cute Easter bonnets and really fantastic coats. I also adore the older girls purse that she is carrying. Such style at such a young age.

Vintage Easter Image
Source: Living Vintage

Easter Sunday in Harlem, NY 1942 (Henri Cartier-Bresson). Now that is a hat!

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Easter Sunday in Harlem, NY 1942
Source: MoMA

Summer is quickly approaching (or at least in my mind it is) and I’m looking forward to all the cool events I’m attending. One of those is the “Hats & Horseshoes” event at Woodbine Racetrack. To prepare for this years event I’m have been enamoured with the 1930s images of well dressed folks spending their “Day at the Races” and hope to maybe channel their looks for my day.

Below Photo: At the races in Autieul 1938-39. That Hat and Dress…Stunning is the only word I can find right now to describe this image.

At the races in Autieul 1938-39
Photo Credit: Regina Relang

Ascot Racecourse, June 1932, Margaret Whigham, later Duchess of Argyll, and friend.

Ascot Racecourse, June 1932, Margaret Whigham, later Duchess of Argyll, and friend

Well we all know that at Ascot the day is less about the horses and more about the hats on everyone’s heads. Here is an excerpt  from the British Newspaper The Sphere,1939 entitled “Madcap Millinery at the 1939 Ascot”. Do you have a favorite hat from the picture here?

1939 Vintage Hats at Ascot
Source: vintagefashionfairs

At Viva this year a dear friend offered to pay for my hair to get done by a professional hairdresser for one day of the event (you will see the hair in my viva post). So for the last few weeks I have been researching vintage hairstyles on Pinterest for inspiration. Here is some of what I found.

Yes the below is similar to what I normally wear but I still like it (clearly for a reason).

1940s hairstyle vintage image

Stunning photo of June Haver, Vivian Blaine, and Vera-Ellen. The perfect 1940s hair.

1940s movie stars vintage image

Evelyn Ankers, 1940s hair is really adorable and probably fairly easy to pull off.

What I like seeing in these photos is the frizz on her tips. Makes me feel better knowing that even movie stars did not always have 100% perfect hair.

1940s Hairstyle Evelyn Ankers

Lastly I figured that if I was really in a pinch I could pick a style from this chart of 1950s stars and their styles.

1950s retro hair chart

I would like to end this post on a cute note and this image from January 1927 of a young visitor and her toy elephant who discovers that the elephant house at London Zoo is closed for their winter holidays, fits the bill perfectly.

1927 vintage image of a child and her toy
Source: Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday! Or sad Wednesday if your that little girl.

Liz 🙂

My 4 favorite Online Vintage Hair Tutorial ladies

I thought I would share some of my favorite vintage ladies who are doing some great hair tutorials online and maybe help you find a great vintage look for that next dance or night out.

1940's Hair

As a lover of vintage clothing of the 1940’s & 50’s I eventually got to the point that it was just not enough to throw on a vintage dress and head out the door, I needed a little something “extra”. So after much thought over a glass of wine 🙂 I figured out that the “extra” was my hair and makeup, but for a long time I was going on and on about how my hair never keeps a curl and I can’t apply liquid eyeliner if you paid me a million dollars (note: I still can’t but that is not these ladies fault lol) so what’s the point? Well one day I was surfing the net looking for all things vintage and I stumbled upon “Lisa Freemont Street” who has a YouTube channel FILLED with vintage hair & makeup tutorials. I watched some of her “foundation” videos and realized…I had it all wrong! Lisa has hair like me (fine and poker straight) and she manages to pump out amazing vintage hair styles probably 30 times a day lol, so why could I not do that? So off I went to Sally’s Beauty for all my “must have supplies” and started watching all her videos for tips & tricks. Next thing I know after about 3 failed pincurl sets and a curly hair frizz disaster…I had it! I really had it! Now I can’t do everything, in fact I have only mastered my foam roller set, brush out and some easy vintage styles but I still did it! And boy has it made a difference in my whole vintage look and now I try to set my hair at least once a week (especially before I go dancing) because it just makes me feel…awesome. My husband has even gotten use to seeing me run around our apartment in foam rollers and a hair scarf like it’s something he has seen since day one 🙂

ANYWAYS…all that aside here are some of my top picks for some great inspiring Vintage Hair Tutorials.

# 1: Lisa Freemont Street (Blog link)

Lisa Freemont

This woman has talent coming out of her ears and it amazes me every time I watch her videos how she makes it look so simple (and many of the times it actually is..Surprise Surprise!). Her YouTube channel has everything from “Pinup hair styles”, “vintage makeup tutorials”, “the basics for great vintage hair” and even clothing tutorials. There are many videos on there, so make sure you make time to browse thru her selection and pick some easy ones to get started and build your confidence up.

Lisa Freemont Youtube

Funny story about Lisa Freemont, 2 years ago I went to VIVA Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend with the intention that if I saw her there I would go up and say hi. My finance (now my husband) knew my plan and was on the lookout for her but 3 days had gone by at the event and no sign of her so I had given up hope that I would get to meet her. Jump to the Tiki pool party on the Sunday afternoon, I’m sitting on the grass watching the people go by and I look to my right and sitting 3 people over is Lisa Freemont (Ashley is her real name)…right there 3 people over from me. My husband sees her too and goes “There she is go say hi”, BUT instead of walking over there and saying hi and could not move off my towel to go say hi. I got all shy and was wondering what I would say to her that would not make me sound like a dork. So I let her be and never got my chance to introduce myself and my husband teased me for the rest of the weekend on being that dork I was soooo trying not to be lol!

Side note: The attached link is the video that Lisa Freemont took at that pool party, which I AM IN! So you can see how close I was too her and still never said hi lol. You can see me at the 11-15 sec mark sitting on the ground facing towards the pool.


# 2: Cherry DollFace


This woman is also super-duper amazingly talented, with not only Hair but also Makeup. She always looks so pulled together when I watch her tutorials and I’m pretty sure she wakes up looking awesome lol. Her tutorials also cover a good range of the vintage world from a “Bettie Page look” to how to get great “Hawaiian hair”. The YouTube site also have clothing reviews and great makeup tutorials. CHECK HER OUT!

# 3: Super Kawaii Mama

Super Kawaii Mama

I have recently started reading her blog and watching her hair tutorials and she is..awesome! There was a snood tutorial that just made my life so much easier at a recent 1940’s dance I went to (wish I had pictures). Enjoy!

# 4:Vivid Makeup“.

vivid makeup

She does not have a lot of posts and she also seems to have disappeared from doing them BUT the posts she does have on vintage hair styles and makeup have given me lots of good tips. My personal fav is her Pincurl tutorial which (while not mastered…yet!) has helped me go down the right path to pincurl perfection 🙂


So there you have 3 of my personal fav “go to” vintage hair online tutorial sites. If you have some really good ones that you go to all the time, I would LOVE for you to share them with me as I’m always on the hunt.

Happy vintage hair styling 🙂


Pinup and Vintage Hair Styling Workshop-This Sunday in Toronto

I really wanted to share this workshop on my blog because it’s very rare that Toronto gets an Official Vintage Hair Styling Workshop and so I think it’s important to spread the news to get gals to attend!


OR….Space is very limited, pre-registration required. Please call Alchemy Center at 416-838-9837 or email us: info@alchemycenter.com

Vintage hair
The lovely lady running the workshop is actually the stylist that did my hair and my makeup for my wedding..Larissa and you have seen in past pics what an amazing job she has done so I just know her workshop will be very informative and helpful.

So if you live in the Toronto area, please sign up today for this workshop, I’m 100% sure you won’t regret it 🙂


My 1940-50′s Swing dancing Vintage Wedding-Part 2: The Accessories

I had so many awesome accessories for my wedding that I felt that they needed their own post to do them justice (If you would like to see the dress, please visit my earlier post) So here goes….

The Shoes-My Something Blue

My Shoes for the wedding are the first thing I purchased (even before my dress) and they really set the tone for the colour scheme for my wedding. They are Irregular Choice shoes and I found them in Ireland while on vacation and fell in love right away. I mean really…look at them…how could you not??? Plus I loved that it had a scotty dog on them as my husband parents are from Scotland and it made the shoes even more special.

Irregular Choice shoes
Irregular choice shoes, brooch bouquet

The only bummer part about my shoes, was that about a month before my wedding I was dancing and twisted my ankle pretty bad. By the time I got married I could only wear the shoes down the aisles and for some pictures 🙁

My bouquet

I was determined NOT to have a lot of real flowers at my wedding (to save money) and so I looked on the internet for “non flower” bouquet inspirations and I stumbled upon several photos of “vintage brooch bouquets”. I loved this idea but after looking at the price to buy one (way out of my budget), I gave up the idea of ever getting one. Until a friend of mine and the wife of my husbands best friend/best man, Brooke told me she would like to make it for my wedding. I cried after reading the email and said yes right away! Here is her hard work (below and above)….

brooch bouqet

Brooke spent a few months looking for these vintage brooches and I’m honestly still blown away at how beautiful it is every time I pass by it on display in my livingroom.

My Hair and makeup (the Ultimate Accessory)

I was fortunate to stumble upon (via the land of the internet), Blonde Moxie  aka Larissa the Vintage Hair & Makeup queen 🙂 She did an amazing job making my wish come true to look like a 1950’s pin-up.

1950's wedding hair and makeup

My necklace above is 1950’s Vintage as well from a great Etsy seller called “Love in the Afternoon“. I actually purchased the necklace at a Vintage Fair that was held here in Toronto and the ladies working the booth were so nice and helpful and their selection and prices were wonderful.

My Veil and Earrings

My Veil is not vintage but it came from “Fancy Bridal New York” where I purchased my wedding dress. My earrings were my grandmothers and were my “something borrowed”. Here is another shot of the hair as well…sigh I wish I could repeat this look on my own.

1950's wedding hair and makeup

My Jacket

My Fur Jacket is very special to me as it belonged to my Grandmother (my mom’s mother) also named “Elizabeth” who passed away only a year before I was born.  The jacket is from the 1950’s and it even has her initials in the inside (see below pic,  It’s on the right side).

1950's vintage wedding

My Gloves

1950’s vintage from a favorite Queen St. West Vintage shop called “The Painted Table” (1716 Queen St. West, Toronto).

My Brooch

Another 1950’s Vintage Find from a dear friend who owns her own vintage online store called “Swanky Selections“.

1950's vintage pin

After the Wedding Hair Accessory

After I got married, I changed out of my veil and put on the most darling hair flower. If you are reading my blog then you know that I’m obsessed with hair flowers so it only made sense that I wore one for my wedding. The flower is from “Sara Gabriel Veiling & Headpieces” and I actually purchased it at a bridal salon called “Gabriella New York” in NYC because I wanted to see the pieces in person and since it was Sara Gabriels flag-ship store they had many items out on display. Note….Shopping at Gabriella was AWESOME! They treated me like I was buying one of their $5000 dresses as opposed to a $200 hair piece. “Campbell, with a “C” as he made it clear when we met lol helped me chose my hair piece and he was funny and helpful and made me want to stay and hang out for the rest of the day at the salon 🙂 Amazing experience there, loved it.

After purchase it was sent away to be created just for me and then weeks later it showed back up at Gabriella (I chose to pick it up there when I went back from my dress fitting at Fancy) in a beautiful box with a ribbon and my name on it. Inside there was a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase and they wished for me to have a wonderful wedding day…how nice! Here is my purchase…

1950's wedding hair accessories

Vintage handkerchief

I don’t have a picture of this item 🙁 But I was carrying a 1950’s handkerchief with a bride on it, in my dress pocket.

So there you have it, all my accessories for the wedding. Now you see why I needed to create its own post?

Next Post will be on all my DIY and Etsy purchases I made for the wedding.


Photo Credit: Rizwan Photography  RIZWANDARPHOTOGRAPHY@GMAIL.COM