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Time to get Tikified!

Tomorrow night the Toronto Vintage Society is hosting our 4th annual Tiki Lani Lanai Party right here in Toronto and we cannot wait! It’s going to be chalked full of what we do best…fun! 3 Surf bands, Burlesque, Limbo Contest, King & Queen of Tiki and so much more. If you live in Toronto join us at the Caddy.

Toronto Vintage Society's Tiki Lani Lanai Party

In honour of the party I wanted to share some of the fun items for sale that you can take home to Tiki up your decor, yourself, or maybe for your very own Tiki party. Whatever it is, have fun with it and get TIKIFIED!

Bali Hai Restaurant, Shelter Island in San Diego, California.
Source: Flickr

Obviously one needs the perfect shirt for all those summer Tiki parties you will be attending, so here is a couple that I really liked.

Vintage 1940s Rayon Hawaiian Shirt.

Vintage 1940s Rayon Hawaiian Shirt
Source: Etsy

This next shirt is a pricey option but 100% worth it because it’s so different. A 1940s Vintage Hawaiian Dress shirt by Nani Co. of Hawaii. Hand painted and dyed, with real coconut buttons, with a seamless pocket. Beautiful.

1940 Silk Hawaiian Shirt
Source: Etsy

And ladies who like a good Tiki dress, here are some lovelies to choose from.

A 1950’s Vintage Alfred Shaheen.

1950's vintage Alfred Shaheen
Source: Etsy

A stunning Hale Hawaii label late 1940s Hawaiian dress (This is a dream dress).

Hale Hawaii label late 1940s Hawaiian dress.
Source: Etsy

Now normally one would not need cufflinks to wear to a Tiki party BUT maybe you want to bring your love of Tiki to the office? Then these Pineapple cufflinks would do the job.

Pineapple Cufflinks Men's Cufflinks
Source: Etsy

Here is another Tiki Accessory to take with you everywhere you go, the Tiki Brooch.

Tiki Drink Pin, Tiki Bar, Tiki Mug
Source: Etsy

Another fun one (this is personal favorite).

50s Inspired Tropical Brooch,Pineapple Pin,Hibiscus Pin,Tiki Brooch
Source: Etsy

No Tiki closet or party is complete without the Vintage 1940s/50s Resort Hat, pictured below. I have seen at least 1 person a year wearing this hat at the Tiki party pool parties at VIVA.

1940s-50s Resort Hat
Source: Etsy

Well I am super bummed out now, I found my dream fascinator way to late. This would have been the perfect accessory for my outfit while I MC the event tomorrow night. Who does not love a flamingo on one’s head (a fake one of course lol)?

Flamingo fascinator, tiki
Source: Etsy

This next item is so cool, I just had to share it! It’s a Tiki Lurex Turban (AND the brooch is removable). Love it!!

Tiki Time lurex turban // Vintage style turban
Source: Etsy

Having at least one Tiki/Hawaiian purse in your collection is a must, like this cute 1950s wicker purse.

Wicker woven hawaiian 1950's bag
Source: Etsy

I don’t have kids but I want this for someone’s baby that I know. An Easter Island Bib.

Moai Baby Bib, Tiki, Easter Island
Source: Etsy

Having Tiki artwork on your walls is always a good way to instantly get that Tikified look and a good artist to look at for inspiration and images is the artist ‘Shag‘.

Here is a greeting card with a ‘Tiki Band’ that you could frame and put on your wall.

SHAG Rare "TIKI BAND" Greeting Card
Source: Etsy

Tiki Bosko is another very famous artist, who has created (and still creating) everything from Tiki mugs, masks, poles and so much more.

Tiki art by Tiki Bosko
Source: Tiki Bosko
Tiki Mod by Tiki Bosko
Source: Tiki Bosko

Polynesian Pop an original illustration by Mookie Sato.

Polynesian pop, Tiki Mug Poster
Source: Etsy

And of course you need a Tiki mug or two in your home to complete the look. My ‘Internet friends’ (I call them this because we have never met lol!) have some super Tiki mugs for sale on their website ‘The Greaser & the Doll’.

Holualoa Tiki mug
Source: Greaser & the Doll

Mai Tai Tiki mug (I love a good Mai Tai).

Mai Tai Tiki mug
Source: Greaser & the Doll

And now friends, you have been TIKIFIED! Do you feel a bit more Tiki now?

Have a great weekend and make sure you follow me on Instagram to not miss all the adventures from tomorrows party.

Liz 🙂




Summer Is Here-Tiki Dress Time It Is!

Ohhhh I’m sooo happy that summer is finally here (well it will be here as of tomorrow but close enough). It was a long cold winter here in Toronto and I have been itching to get out into the warmer weather since the first day of winter. I will admit that jetting off to Spain for week 100% helped kick me into summer mode but I’m never full happy till I hear “SUMMER IS HERE!” and that happens tomorrow! Yippee!!

1950s summer

So with the wonderful summer weather upon us that means it’s full on summer dress time for me and that includes some of my Tiki dresses. Invited to a BBQ..why yes I will wear my pink flamingo tiki dress. Invited for drinks on a patio..why yes I will wear my two piece tiki outfit. etc. etc. You invite me to something I will try to “summer it up” as much as possible and that means for me lately that can lean towards a Tiki theme.

Sadly my closet is limited on space and my pocket-book is lean BUT if I had the space and money here are some of the “Tiki Dresses” I would have in my wardrobe.


I’m a big fan of sometimes simple design makes a strong statement, and this 1950s dress does.

tiki dress 1950s
Source-Etsy “simplicityisbliss”

The below Jeffrey of California 1970s dress just SCREAMS 1940s/1950s. I’m so in love with the fruit basket pattern, madly in love.

1950s tiki inspired
Source-Etsy “ChickaBoomVintage”

The below dress is an “OuterLimitz” creation and I think I might actually need to buy this one. I currently own 2 dresses from this fantastic designer and will admit that I’m a huge fan. You MUST check out the Etsy Site to see so many more “Hawaiian” and “Tiki” creations (amongst many others).

1950s hawaiian sarong dress

Oh my! Look at the glorious colours on this “Fashions of Hawaii” hourglass dress. And the back train! I have no words…no words.

1950s tiki dress
Source-Etsy “Butch Wax Vintage”

Sarong dresses are a favorite of mine because they just such a flattering look on almost every shape. The below 1950’s “Sun Fashions of Hawaii” Tiki dress is wonderful example of this.

1950s sarong dress
Source-Etsy “Wear it again”

Can we have a moment of silence for this amazing creation. Ssshhhh….Okay now speak! EEKKK!!! The novelty print is crazy cool! and the one shoulder design with the bow..fantastic! Sigh…love.

1950s rayon hawaiian dress
Source-Etsy “jumblelaya”

Fish Print 1950’s Alfred Shaheen in green. Ohh la la, beautiful.

1950s Alfred Shaheen
Source-Etsy “dethrosevintage”

I’m going to end this wonderfully colorful post with this 1950’s Hawaiian Sundress by Kamehameha. This would be a perfect addition to ANY Tiki party or BBQ you might be attending this summer.

1950s tiki swing dress
Source-Etsy “Geronimo Vintage”


Lastly for a wonderful collection of “Summer Vintage Photos” please check out a dear fellow bloggers Jessica’s website “Chronically Vintage“. She has recently posted a few inspiring summer images from Flickr that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Liz 🙂

Toronto Vintage Clothing Show-The Highlights

So this past Sunday I was excited to be able to work the booth for the Toronto Vintage Society at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show. We were there to raise awareness of our society, sell some beautiful “Make Do and Mend” sewing kits and also sign up fellow vintage enthusiasts for our meetup group.


Here I am with the lovely Larissa from Blonde Moxie at our booth. I’m wearing a Ethel of Beverly Hills sweater that got so many likes that day and even one lady wanted to buy it off me while at the show 🙂

Toronto Vintage Society

Photo Courtesy of Larissa

We were also joined by some of the other lovely ladies of TVS. Lisa, Larissa and Irene from Petite Plus, Meow!

Toronto Vintage Society

All of us together (minus our fearless leader Jacquie who was out-of-town on business).

Toronto Vintage Society

Here is a picture of the mending kits we created with vintage fabric for the pin top. Inside was candy, vintage buttons and everything else you need to sew up something fabulous.

vintage mending kits

Image courtesy of Irene 

We had a draw at our booth too and it had lots of wonderful goodies that any vintage loving person would want (there was some great items for the men as well, but just not showing in this pic).

Toronto Vintage Society

 Image courtesy of Shermy from Shermette

At one point during the day our booth even had some swing dancing happen. Here is somewhat blurry but fun picture of myself and my friend Dean doing some Lindy Hop.

Toronto Lindy Hop

Photo Courtesy of Blonde Moxie

Then there were more dancers…yay!

Toronto Lindy Hop

Amongst many of the wonderful visitors that stopped by the booth, one was Diane from the Costume Society of Ontario. She was wearing the most amazing Edwardian outfit! Don’t you just love it on her?

Costume Society of Ontario

After socializing and promoting TVS, I finally got my turn to head out to the show and do some shopping. I managed to pick up a couple of things but did not snag any clothes because I’m in saving mode for VIVA next month in Vegas, where I know I will be buying a lot of outfits.

Here are my purchases….

My kitschy Leather Poodle Pin..love it!

vintage poodle brooch

Second purchase was this absolutely gorgeous green 1950s hair piece with the more glorious feathers you have ever seen. It was being sold for $40 but some of the feathers needed a glue gun and so I managed to snag it for $20. Yippee! This baby is coming to Vegas with me.

1950s hair headband

Now I did not purchase this but a friend of mine did and it truly was the PURCHASE OF THE SHOW! 

A skirt out of Marimekko 1960’s fabric. They did not know the significance of the pattern or the fabric, which is why she only got it for 30$. It is signed too. Quite the find and you can read all about the extensive history of this brand here. Good job Erica!



Now here are some pictures of what I wish I could have purchased.

Lets start with the granddaddy of them all…a 1950’s Vintage WITH TAGS Alfred Shaheen! I have never seen a for sale Shaheen in real life (online only) AND with tags. This dress was a unicorn at this show AND also too small for me. ugh 🙁 If you are in Toronto it’s being sold at 69 Vintage on Queen St. West.

Alfred Shaheen

If you are an xsmall you could have taken home this beautiful 1950’s swimsuit! I just LOVE the buttons and the skirt portion and of course the fabric. Wonderful piece.

1950s vintage bathingsuit

Going to prom? Then this beautiful stunner of a 1950s prom dress would have been perfect.

FYI: The dress is still for sale at “House of Vintage” on Queen St West.

1950s vintage prom dress

Those were basically the only pictures I had time to take from the show but if you head over to the Toronto Vintage Society website you will see a wonderful post on the event.

On another note, I have been doing a pin-curl set lately with my hair instead of foam rollers and I’m really really enjoying how it is turning out.

vintage hairstyle

P.S. did you see my eyelashes?? Look how long and fantastic they look. I just recently got extensions put in by Shangri-Lash and I love them! Stay tuned for a review on that experience.


In the end the whole day was a success and we ended up with a load of new members to our group and we met so many wonderful vintage shoppers! I look forward to getting to know many of them at future events.

Did you do any vintage shopping this weekend? Score any great deals?



My Vintage Christmas Wish List

I’m only a couple of days away from my non vintage vacation to Vietnam and I’m getting very excited to see such a different culture than “small town Toronto” lol 🙂 But before I go I must do my annual “vintage wish list” that I use to just do on my own but now that I have a blog I can share it with you! The list is just basically all the things that I love that is for sale right now (regardless of price) that I really really wish I could have.

wish list

1. Bakelite Scotty Dogs-Ever since I got married to my Scottish husband I have somehow become OBSESSED with obtaining this dog in Bakelite form.

For Sale on Etsy-One Mans Junque $213.25

Bakelite Scotty Dogs

1940s Vintage Suit-I just LOVE the pockets so much.

For Sale on Etsy-Rococo Vintage $463.69

1940s vintage suit

1950s Lucite Purse. Like this gorgeous Rialto “Bleeding Hearts” purse.

For Sale on Etsy-Paris Antiques $158.47

lucite purse

1950’s Vintage Dress-Black Corduroy. I love the letters on the bottom of the dress.

For Sale on Etsy-Fab Gabs $148.73

1950s vintage dress

Vintage Celluloid and early plastic cherries. So cool!

For Sale on Etsy-The Plastic Fever $136.70

vintage celluloid necklace

A 1950s Alfred Shaheen dress. Love the pattern, the colour, the…Everything!

For sale on Etsy- Rock this Joint $234.00

Alfred Shaheen

Bakelite Bracelet that has some sort of design on it (all mine are beautiful but plain)

For sale on Etsy -Bakelite Cache $262.00

Bakelite bracelet

Lastly I would love to have a Jonathan Logan dress (see my love affair post here). The one below would be perfect for Viva.

For sale on Etsy -Wanderlust Couture $119.00

Jonathan Logan


What is on your vintage Christmas wish list?

Liz 🙂