It’s now 2016 and that means I start to prepare for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend in April. Now I by no means prepare like some ladies (and gents) I have met, who have been preparing since the day they walked off the Orleans property. I just start to think of what I might like to bring, what I’m missing to complete an outfit and what hairstyles I might try to practice before I hit hot and humid Vegas for a week. Then I get to Vegas and all of that goes out the window when I’m too tired, lazy or more interested in dancing and socializing then doing my hair and then you get “standard liz hair” in all my pictures (seen below).

No curl pic and then I went crazy and now I have curl lol

THAT said, I did want to share a bunch of images I have been saving to my ‘Vintage Hairstyles‘ Pinterest board to help not only myself but anyone else who might be looking for vintage styles as well. Lets check out what I have found.

Big Pincurls and a Side Bun. You know what I love about this look, is that the instead of trying to hide the bobby pins inside the curl (which is so difficult for me sometimes), by simply using pretty decorative hair pins you can secure it like the image below and it looks stunning.

Note: While buns were not a 40s, 50s look it is fun that one era is meshed with another era to create a new vintage hairstyle.

vintage pincurls hairstyle
Source: Flickr-miriamethel

Victory roll updo. I can do the bottom part no problem. The Victory Rolls…not so much but it sure is pretty and totally doable (from what I have been told lol).

1940s hairstyle
Source: Flickr-Elegant Musings

Cute Alert! And maybe possibly not that hard to do, it looks like a Faux Bob.

rockabilly vintage hairstyle 1950s

Ponytail..check! Those rolls again….not so much. I really need to practice because I really really adore this look and it would be perfect for VIVA.

1950s victory rolls and ponytails vintage hairstyle
Source: We Heart It

This is a great image because it shows you exactly where you need to place the clips in order to have that great 1950s hair that glamour icons like Dita Von Teese rocks.

1950s Hairstyle tutorial

I love 40s hair and this one is just fantastic.

1940s vintage hairstyle
Source: Flickr-miriamethel

This style seems pretty quick and easy after you have done all the hard work with a set.

1950s vintage hair

I will be honest, I have no idea how to do this style but this image is so striking and the hair so beautiful that it just had to make this roundup.

Vintage Retro Hairstyle
Source: miriamskafferep

I wanted to tryout this complete look before VIVA last year but it never happened, maybe this is the year.

rockabilly vintage hairstyle

And if it all fails and you just can’t keep going on with whatever your hair has done then a turban is always a good way to go.

Working women in World War II
Source: Flikr-Minnesota Historical Society


Want more inspiration? Check out my blog post that I did on 2 American Hairdressing magazines I had picked up from the late 1940s. Lots of great stuff in there.

1940s hairstyle from American Hairdresser Magazine

AND if you are total beginner at vintage hairstyles then check out this post on ‘My 4 favorite Online Vintage Hair Tutorial ladies‘. These online tutorials have been lifesavers.

Question time! Did you like to experiment with hairstyles or do you find yourself falling into the “same old same old” look because it’s tried and true?

Liz 🙂