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Toronto Vintage Society-The Last Dance


The Toronto Vintage Society this Saturday will be throwing our last party ever for the vintage community in Toronto. But don’t worry we aren’t going anywhere, we will still be online telling you all the fun vintage events to attend and of course we will be at many of them ourselves! We just felt it was time to pass the vintage party gauntlet onto the community that has grown in leaps and bounds since we started our events 3 years ago. So that said, I wanted to take a walk down memory lane to our past parties as we prepare to have our ”Last Dance”.

Warning..lots of awesome fun photos ahead!

First Up..a big THANK YOU to Jacquie the creator of TVS and the main brain (and worker) behind every one of our events. Jacquie’s dream was to find more friends to attend cool vintage events with and she accomplished that and much more.

Toronto Vintage society

The Parties & Events:

Mad Men Viewing Party 2013- The First Official TVS Event

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men 2013 Party

Tiki-Tacky Retro Patio Party-TVS First Tiki party in Toronto in 2013

toronto vintage society tiki party 2013

The best dressed family that year.

Toronto Vintage society Tiki Party 2013

Mad Men Season Premier Party 2014

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men Party

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men Party

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men Party

The Pinup Picnic 2014

toronto vintage society pinup picnic

toronto vintage society pinup picnic

toronto vintage society pinup picnic

Tiki Party 2014


Kitschmas Cabin -2014

Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Cabin 2014

Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Cabin 2014

Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Cabin 2014

Man Men last Season Party – 2015




Mad Men Finale Party-2015

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men Finale Party 2015

Toronto Vintage Society Mad Men Finale Party 2015

Pinup Picnic 2015


TVS Tiki Party 2015

Source: Snapd




White Kitschmas- December 2015





Photo credit – Derk Derk Van Derk

TVS Tiki Party 2016

Source: Lux Media
Source: Lux Media
Toronto Vintage society tiki party 2016
Source: Kyle Burton

And now we come to our final party this Saturday. Obviously no pictures but as per usual follow me on Instagram to see the party in action.

Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Time Kapsule 2016

Final Words. Being part of the TVS events team has been so much fun and I will be honest, I will be sad to hangup my MC microphone for the last time this Saturday. BUT as I said before this is not the end of TVS only the beginning and I’m very excited to see what the future brings.

Final Final Words..To all our fans and supporters over the years..THANK YOU!



Happy New Year! The Vintage Inn’s 2015 Year in Review

What a year this has been and how fast it has gone as well. I literally feel like I just started 2015 and now it’s coming to an end. Well the one thing I do know is that 2015 was a busy and fun year and I would love to share with you some of the adventures I got into with you. Here is my 2015 in review.

January: Every year I attend a big German Karneval (mardi gras) function called GAMGA in Las Vegas. It’s 2 days of costume parties, after parties and then a big Gala. It’s super fun and something I have been doing with my parents since I was a kid.

German Mardi Gras in United States

February: I was lucky to be able to attend the premier of the 1940s new Canadian TV show called ‘X Company‘. I have never been part of a premier and it was a cool experience and we even got to meet the host of the event and get our pictures taken with the cast and producers.

X Company TV Show Premier in Toronto

I attend a 1920s Speakeasy party at the famous and beautiful Palais Royale in Toronto.

1920s Speakeasy Party at Palais Royale Toronto

AND I traveled to Seattle, Washington for a long weekend to visit a good friends parents and see uber cool Seattle. I did a blog post all about it HERE.

Seattle Washington first starbucks
In front of the first Starbucks

March: I did nothing really blog post worthy. WHAT?? lol

April: VIVA Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend! I did several posts on that big adventure which can be found HERE.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18

May: Vintage Spectacular Dance with the GTA Swing Band. This was a super night of dancing, dressing up and great Big Band Music. The image below is some of the lovely ladies of TVS and the lead singer of the Band (she is soooo good).

vintage spectacular dance

I was very lucky to be part of a cool experience in May with a favorite Rockabilly band in Toronto called “The Millwinders“. Myself and few friends were filmed dancing in front of a green screen for use for future videos. Here are a couple of pictures from that day.

1950s vintage style
Credit: Kahlil Heslop

Lastly Toronto Lindy Hop (that I’m part of) put on a full weekend of Lindy hop, classes, history lessons and live music dances all weekend long called ‘Toronto World Lindy Hop Day’. I played host and it was such a good weekend 🙂

The images below are with 2 living legends in the Lindy Hop World. Chazz Young the son of one of the founders of Lindy Hop-Frankie Manning (and a talent as well) AND Dawn Hampton the Queen of the Cabaret and a little firecracker (her image is on the shirts we are wearing).

Dawn Hampton and Frankie Manning toronto lindy hop

Summer (June, July and August): I did a full blog post on all the events I attended (tiki party, UK Adventure, Horse race event plus much more), so check that out HERE.

hats and horseshoe event 2015 woodbine racetrack

September: Weekend visit to Havana, Cuba

This was not my first visit to Havana, but this was definitely the first time I visited areas outside of the Old part and it was fantastic. I still have to do a blog post on all the new things I saw but for now here is a collage of some of the highlights.

Havana Cuba

October: Halloween and a friend’s Wedding Reception Toga Party (yes a toga party). For Halloween the hubby and I went as Amazing Race Contestants. The outfits were big hits.

Amazing race costume idea

Toga Party!

toga party costume ideas

November: Swing Out To Victory’. Once again I helped my friend Dean with hosting duties as a third of the beautiful “Dominion Belles”.

Swing out to Victory-1940s vintage outfits
Credit: Kahlil Heslop

The throwing of the candies 🙂

Swing out to Victory-1940s vintage outfits
Credit: Kahlil Heslop

Here I am with 2 friends from the Toronto Vintage Society. Both created their outfits from scratch and Joy on the left, won the best dressed because she recreated the “Swing Time” outfit from the movie with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Toronto Vintage Society Swing out To Victory

Opening of Toronto’s first ‘Shameful Tiki Room‘ (literally around the corner from my apartment). Now one of my local hangouts.

Opening of Shameful Tiki Room Toronto

The official Tiki mug for Shameful. Very Canadian with the Beaver 🙂

Shameful Tiki Room Toronto

I dj’d my first Rock N Roll social dance night for my friends 50s dance studio ‘Soda Pop Hop‘. Such a fun night!

Soda Pop Hop Social Dance Night. Rock N Roll dancing

December: Toronto Vintage Society annual Kitschmas Party. I played host once again at the party and it was another huge success. Here are the winners of the title of Kitschmas King and Queen. Make sure you check out the blog called “Flipsville” because she made these outfits!

Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Party

And that my friends is a general overview of my 2015 year. I hope you had a wonderful year and I wish all of you a Happy 2016! Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting and just being wonderful readers, I love and appreciate each and everyone of you.

Liz 🙂



Bye Bye Summer-Highlights Of My Summer Adventures

Well it’s officially..summer is over here in North America and I just heard on the radio that I’m in for a cold cold winter. Wonderful. So before this hits I wanted to look back and remember all the fun times I had before I’m crying in my bed to make the cold and snow disappear (I’m becoming a wimpy Canadian).

1930s vintage swimsuits image

My summer started off with my big trip to Glasgow, Scotland, UK to visit my husband’s family and then London,UK to visit friends and do some site-seeing (I have never been). It was a fantastic trip and I’m eager to go back and see all the things I missed (In both cities).

Glasgow & Loch Lomond (area)

Vintage Inn Travels to Scotland
Highlights of Scotland


Vintage Inn Travels to London England
Highlights of London

Hats and Horseshoes at Woodbine Racetrack for the Queens Plate.

Hats and Horseshoes at Woodbine Racetrack 2015
Some of the Ladies of the Toronto Vintage Society in our Best Hats.

Me and the Parents! Don’t they clean up nice? My mom is wearing Stop Staring and my Dad is wearing a vintage jacket he purchased at VIVA.

Hats and Horseshoes at Woodbine Racetrack 2015

I attended a full weekend of German Heritage fun at Germanfest in Milwaukee where I was in my glory. Beers, German Bands and Beers 🙂

Germanfest Milwaukee 2015

Toronto Vintage Society held our annual Pinup Picnic in the Park.

(Note: I was kind of obsessed with my new Vivien of Holloway dress and you will see it again in this post..sorry! lol)

Toronto Vintage society pinup picnic

I spent a weekend with a bunch of Swing Dancers in cabins up north called ‘Lindystock’ run by Toronto Lindy Hop (that I do the Social Media for). I had so much fun! We swam, we played games, we did a bit of drinking, had campfires and just hung out. I wore no makeup all weekend, did not do my hair and I was super happy.

Lindystock 2015 Toronto Lindy Hop

Toronto was lucky this year to play host to the Pan Am Games and Parapan Am Games. My husband and I saw Squash at the Pan Am and took my nephew to see Wheelchair Basketball at the Parapan am. Coolest experience ever!

Pan Am Games and Parapan Am Games Toronto

Toronto Vintage Society along with the Gladstone Hotel held a “Vintage Night Market”. 

Toronto Vintage society at the Gladstone
Some of the TVS Ladies with our wears we were selling

Even though we could not attend the Rosie the Riveter Guinness Book of World Records Event in California, we held our own mini version right here in Toronto.

Rosie the Riveter Toronto

For the first time ever I finally got to visit the East Coast of Canada-Nova Scotia to be exact. It was a short trip for a wedding (and I will be back) but it was so much fun!

Peggy Cove Nova Scotia and around
Some of the highlights of my visit.

Lastly the summer ended with the Toronto Vintage Society Annual Tiki Party. I played host again at the event of the summer and it was simply..awesome. Such good memories.

Tiki Lani Lanai Toronto Vintage society party
Some highlights of the night.

And here is a mishmash of all the other events I attended.

Toronto Vintage society summer highlights
Blue Jays Game, Hotel Event, Wedding Photo Booth

Did you have a good summer?

Happy Fall!

Liz 🙂

What Are Your Vintage Influences?

Recently I received a comment on my blog from Jessica from Chronically Vintage and she brought up the statement about the movie “League of their Own” being a big vintage influence in her life.  Then when I returned her response I had to think for a moment who MY vintage influences were that helped shape the vintage gal I am today.

Well I have given it some thought and now I would like to share them with you and then maybe you can share yours with me?

vintage image of 2 ladies talking

I was a late bloomer when it came to my transformation into the clothing side of the vintage world. It was not really until that I moved to Toronto for Fashion school in 1999 that I started to stumble upon vintage items that were hard to come by in my home town (thank you Kensington market!) which then helped start my vintage clothing obsession.

BUT I was exposed to many vintage “things” growing up before this time. Here are some of the things that influenced me in my early days:

My Grandfathers Big Band Collection of Music– I remember spending what felt like hours sifting thru his collections and asking to borrow one or 2 CD’s to take home and listen too each visit. He is the reason I fell so deeply in love with the early sounds of the Big Bands.

Glenn Miller Record
Source: Flickeriver

Sunday Afternoons watching MGM Musicals with my mom It was a tradition for my mom and I too sit down and watch one of those amazing Technicolor fantasies together. I loved escaping from the world around me for 2 hours as I was serenaded by Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers or Anne Miller danced across my screen in one stunning outfit after another.

meet me in st louis Trolly Song
Meet Me in St. Louis with Judy Garland
Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly in "Singin' in the Rain"
Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly in “Singin’ in the Rain”

Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea– I adore all of Lucy Maud Montgomery books and so when they were turned into a TV mini series (Anne) and a TV series (Road) I was even more hooked. Hooked on the stunning outfits from the early 20th century (1903–1912) to be even more exact.

Anne of Green Gables
Road to Avonlea
Road to Avonlea

I feel so in love with the show Road to Avonlea that I wanted to create my own clothing for the characters, so sketching of my own designs became my new hobby. And eventually was the reason I entered Fashion marketing school in Toronto (and forever changing my life).

Road to Avonlea Clothing
Costume from Road To Avonlea-Sullivan Entertainment

Swing Kids the movie I must have watched this movie 10 million times and vowed to one day learn how to dance like that.

Enter the..Swing Revival in the 90s which lead to my ongoing love of Lindy Hop.

Johnny Favorite Swing Orchestra
Johnny Favorite Swing Orchestra-First Neo Swing Band I ever saw that visited Sarnia

The famous Gap commercial from 1998 that helped bring swing music back into mainstream: a real swing revival in the US.

Here are my more recent influences:

Vintage bloggers (thank you internet) My first vintage blogger I ever found was Retro Chick and she ended up sending me down a rabbit hole of awesomeness that I have never been able to get back out of (or want to).

Retro chick
Retro Chick herself

Toronto Vintage Society Being part of this group and their awesome knowledge of all things vintage has really pushed my passion to the next level. Thanks everyone!

Vintage Prom-Toronto Vintage Society

Flickr and Pinterest These 2 sites are every vintage lovers dream. The image below I found on Pinterest but was originally seen on Flickr. Seeing real-life images of ladies in gents from your favorite era is a great way to perfect your vintage look.

1930's vintage wedding photo
Source: Flickr-PROprofkaren

Etsy and Ebay What I don’t have to leave the comforts of my home to pour over tons of vintage dresses and accessories in a store but can instead buy them online? Yes Please! And boy have I ever used these sites (Etsy more than Ebay) to push my style to the next level.

1950s vintage dress
Source: Etsy-TheVintageMistress
1940s vintage dresses lot
Source: Ebay-raer_city

Vintage Events VIVA Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, All the vintage events being held in Toronto, Lindy Hop weekends and so many others. You can’t help but be inspired after leaving these events.

Toronto Vintage Events past
Source: Toronto Vintage Society

Mad Men I don’t think I have to say much about this show as this show is pretty much everyone’s modern vintage inspiration. Hello..Joan!

Mad Men ladies


Okay I have so many more but I think I will stop here for now.  It’s your turn… What are YOUR Vintage Influences?

Liz 🙂


My Vintage Weekend Finds and Fun

This past weekend I had a fun vintage weekend so thought I would share it with you. First up on Saturday I was part of an event in Toronto called “Rosie O-Rama in conjunction with 2 events. V-J day (Japanese surrender that marked the end of World War II) and the Guinness Book of World Records “Most Rosie the Riveters in one spot” that was happening in California that day.

Rosie the Riveter Guinness World Record
Some of the original “Rosie the Riveter” women sitting in the first row, who worked in the Richmond shipyards during WWII (Anda Chu/The Contra Costa Times via AP)

Since I don’t live in California a few of us got together (including fellow blogger Irene from Petite Plus Meow) and dressed up as Rosie (or for us Canadians ‘Ronnie the Bren Gun Girl‘) and met at City Hall in Toronto by the fancy new 3D sign for photos.

Rosie the Riveter
Vintage Inn-Rosie the Riveter
Rosie the Riveter Toronto
Toronto’s ‘Rosies”

We then got out of the hot hot sun and zipped over via public transit to our fav “Rosie the Rebel” reproduction clothing store for some shopping and then ended our adventures at the super cool vintage Malt Shop- Bean and Baker‘ for yummy goodies.

TTC Subway Rosie the Riveter 1940s
Riding the subway to work 🙂

Rosie the Rebel Toronto

Rosie the Riveter Toronto
Inside Rosie the Rebel

Ice cream time at Bean and Baker!

Bean and Baker Malt Shop Toronto
At Bean and Baker Malt Shop

mmmm handcrafted cherry coke and an Astro Pop!

Bean and Baker Malt Shop Toronto

It was a great day with these 4 ladies of the Toronto Vintage Society.

Bean and Baker Malt Shop Toronto



On Sunday my hubby was working so I decided that I was going to jump on the streetcar and head to one of my fav vintage stores in Toronto-Gadabout on Queen St. East.

gadabout toronto vintage store

Gadabout is one of these stores where you need to clear your calendar and even go alone so that you can spend hours filtering thru all the wonderful goodies they have. The owner Victoria is so nice and so is all her hardworking staff. I feel so welcomed every time I go.

For today’s trip I was on the hunt for vintage photos (I love my vintage photos) AND possibly a new Tiki dress for the TVS Tiki Party August 29th. I spent a couple of hours and brought home the following:

Find #1: This great souvenir photo taken at the Historic King Edward Hotel in Toronto in the 1940s.

Vintage photo King Edward Hotel Toronto

It looks like these lovely young people are on a double date at one of the fanciest hotels in town. I wonder if they went dancing after in one of the gorgeous ballrooms at the hotel? Don’t they look like they are having so much fun? The gentlemen on the left is in mid laugh 🙂

Vintage photo King Edward Hotel Toronto

Find # 2: Beautiful photo from the 1930s of a very well dressed mother and her adorable son.

Style alert! The mothers dress is simply beautiful and her shoes…wow!!! I love the hat as well. Very very nice.

1930s vintage photo of boy and mother

Find # 3: This image instantly caught my eye when I saw the wonderful head scarfs and the cool Hawaiian shirt the man on the right is wearing. Then I started to look at it more and realized that I believe these lovely people are at a seaside resort somewhere. Wonderful!

1940s photo of people at a sea side resort

Find # 4: I love her dress, that is why I took this image home with me.And I giggle when I see that someone’s finger got in the photo 🙂

1940s woman in a pretty dress

Find # 5: I believe this picture is of a mother with her very handsome son and gorgeous well dressed daughter (isn’t her dress just divine and her hair is perfect). I’m enjoying that the mother does not seem happy to be taking the photo but the kids have nice smiles on their faces and don’t seem to mind at all.

1940s vintage image of a family

Find # 6: I remember when I went to summer camp and at the end of the week we would get a photo of the whole camp and then we would spend the day running around getting everyone to sign the back of it. When I found this image of a group of young ladies in the 1940s, possibly at summer camp and the back was signed I just knew this was a keeper.

1940s girls at summer camp

The back has cute “nicknames” that the girls had given each other. Like “Tiny” Jones and “Cookie”.

1940s girls at summer camp

Find # 7: Here comes the bride all dressed in..not white but who cares! She looks wonderful (want her dress!) and her husband..so handsome. He reminds me a bit of Don Draper of Mad Men fame.

1950s vintage wedding picture

Image # 8: Here is another happy couple from the 1930s. Her husband/boyfriend/”friend” looks so in love with her, I just adore how he is looking at her in this picture. And once again, the lovely lady wins in the style department. Look how dainty her gloves are? Swoon…

1930s vintage couple

Find # 9: FLAMINGOS!! I love flamingos and when I saw this wonderful menu from a still in business restaurant in Toronto, I just had to have it. I belive it’s from around the 1950s from the prices you see in the next image.

Flamingo restaurant menu Toronto

Inside of the menu. I love the section on “Milk drinks”. Milk Shakes, Malted Milk, Egg Nogg, Egg Malted. That’s a lot of Milk 🙂 And don’t forget the “Hot Ovaltine”.

Flamingo restaurant menu Toronto

Last but not least I also bought myself a vintage dress for the Tiki party I mentioned above. Here is the fabric but you won’t see the dress until Tiki party time (it’s a surprise).

vintage tiki dress 1950s

Did you have a good weekend? Find any vintage goodies yourself?

Liz 🙂

Vintage Swimsuits-The Roundup

August 29th, Toronto Vintage Society is hosting our annual Tiki Party at the Cadillac Lounge in Toronto-Tiki Lani Lanai.

Toronto Vintage society's Tiki Party-August 29th

Every year keeps getting bigger with year # 3 being our biggest! Woo hoo! One of the cool activities we do at our Tiki party is the “Vintage Swim Suit Competition“. Last year we had a wonderful turnout of fantastic suits and I’m really excited to see what this years attendees will bring to table. I’m sure they will be amazing!

In preparation for August 29th, I have rounded up some of my favorite vintage swimsuits from the internet to inspire, purchase or just admire. Enjoy!

(P.S. These are also great suits for VIVA as well).

1930s ladies in Swimsuit
Marie McKenna and Gladys Cooling at Southport, 1938. Source: Flickr-State Library of Queensland

Playsuits that turn into swimsuits are fantastic for summer parties, because you only have to worry about one outfit for the whole day. This 1940s beauty on sale on Etsy right now is the perfect example.

1940s Swimsuit - 40s Playsuit
Source: Etsy-jumblelaya

Another Playsuit/Swimsuit from the 1950s. Who does not love Gingham?!

1950s playsuit
Source: Etsy-traven7

I love details like lovely scalping on the bust of a suit.

(P.S. this suit is from a Canadian seller: “Trunk of Dresses” for any Toronto ladies interested).

1940s swimsuit
1940s swimsuit. Source-Etsy: TrunkofDresses

This next suit is stunning and so very 1930s. This suit is luxuriously sleek white and silver striped Lastex stretch satin with skinny black pinstriping. Wow! You would turn heads everywhere you went, that is for sure.

1930s swimsuit
Source: Etsy-Fabgabs

Ohhhhh I wish this next darling of Marina Del Mar swimsuit would fit me, it’s just so beautiful. At last it won’t so I will have to wish for it to go to a good home instead. Bummer.

1950s vintage swimsuit
Source: Etsy-jumblelaya

1950s Swimsuits with pleated skirts is the ultimate in style, especially when it looks like it would be good to from the pool to the tennis court. Fantastic!

This lovely is also being sold in Canada on Etsy so you can still scoop it up just in time for the party.

1950s vintage swimsuit with pleated skirt
Source: Etsy-SoftServeVintage

This number would be perfect for VIVA with its patriotic red/white/blue theme but honestly it could be worn anytime because CUTE is perfect anytime.

(Note: Also a Canadian Etsy Seller)

1950s vintage swimsuit
Source: Etsy-OrchidRoomVintage

Sometimes all a swimsuit needs is a few fantastic details, like this Ivory cream piping scalloped wave pattern with buttons on the below 1950s swimsuit. So pretty.

1950s vintage swimsuit
Source: Etsy-FoxyBritVintage

This 1950s Jantzen Rhinestone beauty is a bit pricey but it’s too stunning to leave on Etsy PLUS it has its vintage ad to match!

1950s Jantzen Swimsuit
Source: Etsy-LakesideVintageColl

1950s Jantzen swinwear ad


Lets not forget the men! Can we all take a moment to revel on how PERFECT these 1950s vintage swim trunks are for the Tiki party? Or for VIVA? WOW!

1950s men vintage swimtrunks
Source: Etsy-MintageClothingCo

Here is another perfect Tiki 1950s Vintage Swimsuit for the guys.

1950s men vintage swim trunks
Source: Etsy-LaurelCanyon1969


And there is the roundup.  Still looking for a suit? Etsy and Ebay are always good places to go (as seen above) as well as vintage shops in your hood. Live in Toronto? We have lots of places that might have a suit or 2 (check out our directory on the TVS website) but if vintage is not your thing for swimsuits then please check out our Tiki Party sponsor “Doll Factory by Damzels“.

Now Question Time: Do you own a vintage swimsuit? Or is one on your bucket list?

Liz 🙂


Vintage Plaid Party Time!

Did you know (you might of know this already) that there is an actual day called “Plaidurday” on October 3rd that is a worldwide celebration of all things….PLAID!!! Yes friends, the world is a wonderful place.

Now clearly it”s not October 3rd anymore but that does not mean you can’t celebrate Plaidurday on a non official day 🙂 And that is what I’m going to do with some friends from the Toronto Vintage Society tonight to celebrate the originator of TVS, Birthday-Jacquie!

1940s vintage party images
1940s Party Time with Friends-Source: Flapper Girl


Now to get my mind ready for all things plaid I have been looking for lots of vintage plaid inspiration online and boy there are tons. Shall we see what I found?

Vintage “Plaid” Advertising & Images

Pendleton is the ultimate “Plaid” clothing line as seen in these 3 ads below.

1950s Pendleton vintage advertising
Source: Pinterest
1950s skirts vintage ad
Source: Vintage Dancer

While not an outfit this blanket is still a Pendleton and looks super cozy. I’m a bit confused on the “Robe-in-a-Bag” tagline though, does this not look like a blanket and not a robe in the traditional sense?

Vintage Pendleton blanket ad
Source: Pendleton Tumblr

1944 Teen girl wearing blue jeans and of course PLAID! Does she not look fantastic? Everything about this relaxed outfit is pretty cool (minus the smoking part, but that is the time). I really like the radio as well, that is on my wish list when I have a bigger home.

1940s teen vintage image
Source: Life

Every Teen Girls Dream in 1947-The “Scot-Trot”

1940s teen advertising ad
Source: Classic Film

1940s Teen Girls in wool, plaid skirts and saddle shoes. This might be the look I end up channeling for the party. Can I just say how much I LOVE this photo!

1940s teen girls in wool skirts and saddle shoes
Source Flickr: Rollei

The plaid dress in this 1940s vintage image is beautiful and the ladies are equally stunning. Fantastic photo!

1940s vintage image of 2 women
Source: Etsy-girlcatdesign

What stylish 1950s ladies, I must say.

1957 plaid and tweeds vintage advertising
Sears & Roebuck, 1957. Source: tuppencehapenny

Don’t worry men, there is lots of plaid to go around, even when you go swimming.

1950s Jantzen vintage swimsuit ad for men
Source: Vintage Ads

Or when your just hanging out, like these McGregor ads show.

Collage fathers day McGregor 1950s vintage ad
Source: Pinterest

I cannot have a post on plaid without mentioning-Scotch Tape, the king of plaid packaging!

vintage scotch tape 1950s
1950’s Scotch Tape. Source: Flickr-Allen

How about a Plaid Fridge?? Yes a Plaid Fridge! Wow that is a lot of plaid in one area, if I do say so myself.

plaid vintage fridge
Source: Pinterest


Plaid For Sale

I adore this red plaid shirtdress from the late 40’s possibly early 1950s. So liz!

1940s 1950s plaid vintage shirt dress
Source: Etsy-villavillavintage

I love yellow plaids, I think they are very classy.

1940s vintage dress
Source-Etsy: BrightEyedClothingCo

If this skirt was in my size I would 100% be buying this lovely 1940s plaid ruffled skirt.

1940s vintage skirt
Source: Etsy-adelinesattic

The below 1940s wool jacket looks very much like the one the pretty teen was wearing in the picture I posted earlier.

1940s wool plaid vintage jacket
Source: Etsy-cashmerevintage

For the gentlemen in your life (or maybe yourself)- A plaid tie from the 1930s. Isn’t it marvelous?

Vintage 1930s men's tie
Source: Etsy-StyleStash

Accessory Time!

1950s vintage plaid purse
Source: Etsy-looseendsvintage

Just in time for the Holiday season, these adorable Christmas Bow Earrings. Ohhh I want them 🙂

Christmas Bow Earrings
Source: Etsy-PearlzNFeatherz

A pretty plaid scarf will cheer up any outfit.

1950s 1960s vintage plaid scarf
Source-Etsy: Dollysrevival

It made be cold in Toronto but that does not mean you can’t start thinking “warm vacation” in this adorable 1950s plaid swimsuit! Maybe you could convince your significant other to wear the plaid men’s swimsuit shown earlier?

1950s vintage plaid swimsuit
Source: Etsy-WhenDecadesCollide

Lastly to end this post I wanted to share a wonderful photo of my husband and our new Tailor friend Mister Xe we met while in Hoi An in Vietnam in 2013. Aren’t they a cute pair?! hehehe

plaid jacket vietnam
Source: Vintage Inn

Do you love plaid as much as the Vintage Inn? Or is it a pattern you stay away from?

And if you want to follow the plaid fun tonight (or any of my fun) make sure you follow me on Instagram.

Liz 🙂


My Recent 1940s and 50s Vintage Finds

This past weekend I attended a new event in Toronto called “The Toronto Antique & Vintage Market” at the CNE grounds. I was attending on behalf of the Toronto Vintage Society and also for my own pleasure..hello Vintage Shopping! The event was a pretty good size with booths selling everything from vintage clothing to vintage postcards and antique furniture.

I had a very limited budget so I knew that I was not going to go all hog-wild on buying things, plus my closet is getting so jammed I really have no space to store any new clothing items until I do a purge (which is going to be almost impossible). So my plan..keep it small and easy to store. Well the show had lots of that so I scored a few awesome finds, and here is what I found….


One of my favorite finds from the show-a 1940-41 Fall & Winter Eaton’s Catalogue (stay tuned for a post on all the goodies inside!).

Eaton’s was once Canada’s largest department store retailer. It was founded in 1869 in Toronto by Timothy Eaton, and it grew to become a retail and social institution in Canada. With stores across the country, buying offices around the globe, and a catalogue that was found in the homes of most Canadians (we always had one in my home). Sadly in 1999 the company went bankrupt, so now finding pieces of history like this is means just a little bit more for vintage history lovers like me (Source).

1940s Eatons Catalogue
The jacket is absolutely DIVINE!

Find # 2: 1950’s Rosanna Knit Sportswear Bolero

This sweater has the most wonderful details as you can see below and is in MINT condition. I got it for a steal AND it’s small so it will fit in whatever remaining space is left in my closet.

1950s Sweater

Next Purchase a Vintage Brooch-It needs a bit of TLC but I actually don’t mind the fact that there is only a bit of green left on the palm trees. Adds Character 🙂

vintage brooch

Now my small but mighty finds-Several Vintage Photos from the 1940s and 1950s:

The below image has a story to tell and I love it! I believe that the couple is going on their honeymoon or something very important because air travel in the 1940s was not something you just up and did like we do today. Plus they look really really nice, which is nothing out of the norm for air travel in the early days but they just look like it’s a special occasion.

I think it is also great that the plane in the background is actually a Canadian airline (no longer around) called “Canadian Pacific Air Lines“. I love finding images like that this have a bit of Canadian history tied to them.

Lastly, lets talk about her outfit. Her hat is just amazing and so very different from what I normally see. She also has great peep toe shoes purse and her classic suit goes a long long way in the “simple but stylish” department.

1940s Vintage image of couple in front of Canadian Pacific airplane
1940s couple in front of Canadian Pacific Airplane

Next up we have this 1940s cutie in a double-breasted winter jacket, that just looks soooo warm! Hopefully warm enough to keep her exposed head and toes warm too. Aren’t her shoes great?!

I was drawn to this picture for the simple beauty coming off the paper. She looks very happy smiling for the camera, and I wonder what her story is? Maybe off to see a loved one return from war?

1940s women in a coat image
1940s Beauty

When I saw this picture my girlfriend and I tossed back and forth whether she was wearing a playsuit or not and finally after both agreeing that is was VERY clear that she was,  I had to buy it!

Her playsuit is just great and looks totally comfortable. I love how she paired the simplicity of the outfit with nice big flowing 40s hair, some sort of brooch and big bow peep toe heels.  Future Pinup Model? I think so 🙂

I am curious on where she is though? Those heels don’t look to easy to walk in for a stroll in the woods.

1940s woman in a playsuit
1940’s Playsuit for the Win!

Next up is a early 1940s (maybe late 1930s) beach photo from my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario. The beach was at Canatara Park a frequent hangout for those who wanted to catch some rays and go swimming in Lake Huron. I was super excited to find this picture because I have never really seen any cool “life images” from my hometown. So to stumble upon a postcard with this image was a wonderful surprise for me.

I’m totally digging the swimsuits and hair in this photo.

1930's swimmers on the beach

Next up we have the most stylish 1950s Housewife on the block. Lets call her Marge 🙂 Isn’t she just lovely?

What colour do you think her dress is? I can’t seem to decide personally.

1950s Housewife Image
1950s Housewife

I also found this super funny postcard that from what I can see was mailed in the 1950s (according to the back) from one woman friend to another. Isn’t it hilarious??!!

1950s funny postcard

Lastly I did NOT buy this at the show but I had to share it. I stumbled upon a 1930s Hair Perming Machine and had to take a picture of it. It was crazy cool and crazy scary at the same time! Can you imagine sticking your head under this thing?

1930s vintage hair perming machine
1930s Perming Machine-Made in Hamilton

And that was my finds friends! Did you do any recent shopping this weekend or week? If so what was your favorite find?

Liz 🙂





Toronto Vintage Society: Pre-Opening Sneak Peak at Tatyana’s New Boutique

I’m about to share below a great post created by the Toronto Vintage Society about the amazing and fantastic “Tatyana Designs” (formally known as Bettie Page) that is opening in Toronto ASAP!

Tatyana Clothing Toronto

But before I do this I want to quickly share my own story about this brand.

I have been wearing Tatyana clothing for many years now. In fact the Bettie Page brand (as it was called originally at start-up) was my first entry into the world of “Vintage reproduction clothing”. I was in Las Vegas and was wandering lost in Planet Hollywood when all of a sudden I saw the iconic image of Bettie Page staring back at me with racks of beautiful garments just begging to be tried on behind her. I purchased 2 dresses (which I still wear today) and have not stopped buying since.

Now every time I visit Vegas I go to the store in the forum shops and buy something and catch up with the shop girls that have now become our friends. My husband is also noted as the “guy who gave a mini swing dancing lesson in the store” to the Tatyana staff 🙂 I have also gotten my mom addicted to the brand and she sports many wonderful pieces in her closet too.

To show you the love here is a picture of my collection!

Tatyana boutique clothing
My collection

NOW for the post I promised you….Toronto Vintage Society’s Sneak Peak Post:

Toronto has been buzzing for months around rumours of getting the golden-era inspired dress company behind the Bettie Page brand – Tatyana!

Vintage and retro style lovers – from swing dancers to rockabilly fans – have been dying to get their hands on the full range of clothing since they were dreamed up in 2006. The Tatyana company has chosen Toronto to be it’s 20th location AND it’s first international store….and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

 “Our newest Tatyana boutique is situated in the heart of Toronto,” notes Tatyana Designs co-CEO Jan Glaser. “We continue to be gratified by the enthusiastic acceptance of Tatyana’s designs by women from all walks of life. This is especially true as we have an enormous Canadian following with thousands wearing our dresses representing a disproportionate percentage of our customers. Now we have the opportunity to honor their patronage with our first Canadian outlet in an amazing location.”

The Toronto Vintage Society are huge supporters of any new company that wants to join our ranks in bringing the retro inspired lifestyle to this city…and there is room for everyone!!! To find out more we reached out to the company. The lovely Hayley from the NYC Boutique and new Toronto Store Manager Martha made time to let the Toronto Vintage Society have a sneak peek at what’s in store.

The first thing we found out is that the SOFT OPENING event will be THIS SATURDAY starting at 2pm! The FIRST 10 people through the door will receive a goody bag, there will be bubbly drinks and tasty treats…more importantly there will a 20% discount to anyone who mentions “TORONTO VINTAGE LOVES TATYANA

 Despite busily setting up for their opening weekend soft opening, they still managed to take the time to answer some questions for us!

 What is the company history of Tatyana?

Tatyana Designs is named after the founder and lead designer (Tatyana Khomyakova) who began designing retro inspired dresses when she founded her first clothing line, Bettie Page Clothing, in 2006. Born in northern Russia, Tatyana loved the arts and fashion from her earliest memories. After excelling at the University of Culture with degrees in theater and fashion, she began her modeling, Tatyana, after becoming a high fashion couture model, studied fashion design in France and London which led to her expertise in unique women’s vintage style design. Dismissing the “frivolous trends of the moment,” the high fashion model decided to bring into being a line that reflects the beauty and mystery of women without being vulgar or “Trendy.” Bettie Page Clothing was born.

 In 2006, we opened our first boutique at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on the strip in Las Vegas, NV. Soon thereafter, we opened Hollywood, Forum Shops in Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, New York, Nashville and more so that we now have twenty Boutiques.

 In 2014, Tatyana emerged from the Bettie Page Clothing line to unveil her new company: Tatyana. The future of the line is as varied as women themselves. The nature of the dresses appeal to all demographics. Young people like the dresses because they are unusual and a “little crazy” so they can stand out in a crowd. Middle aged clients enjoy the elegance and “mystery” the dresses convey. Moreover, the older generation appreciates the nostalgia which reminds them of their youth. Everything from fabric content and design to the silhouettes themselves undergo constant change and evolution to meet the demands of clients.

Tatyana has found her place in the fashion world, which is fortunate not only for her, but for women everywhere.

 I feel you two are the main players in making this store come to life…tell us about yourselves!

Vintage Reproduction Clothing
Martha (Boutique Manager TO) and Hayley (Boutique Manger NY)


Hayley– Well I am just here in Toronto helping Miss Martha out, I actually live in Brooklyn and manage our Manhattan store at 303 Bowery. (Come say hi if you are ever in town!) I started with the company about four years ago when I opened our San Francisco location on Haight Street.  It was a fantastic time to join the team, because the company was really taking off.  We started opening boutiques all over the country, and I was fortunate enough to be involved in opening quite a few of them.  When the decision to open in New York City was made, I had to jump on it.  Obviously. I am a die hard vintage fan, and even more so just a fashion enthusiast. I love all things beautiful and retro.

Martha– I am from Prince Edward Island and new to Toronto!  Simply pleased and tickled to be the store manager for Tatyana Boutique first International location.  I have a background in retail & customer service that has allowed me to collect passport stamps from also being a retail buyer.  I feel like fashion is in my blood since my ‘Granny’ wore dresses everyday and taught me you can never be over dressed!.

Why did the Tatyana company decide to open its next store on Toronto? 

H-Martha, how many people did you say live here?  Toronto is fabulous city and full of energy.  Where else would we want to open our first international store?

M- 2.5 Million!

The line has vintage/retro inspired feel…are your clients only vintage / rockabilly / swing fans? 

H- Not at all.  Of course we have tons of clients that are into the scene (and we adore you!) but we also cater to a wide a range of clients, we literally have something for everyone.  In NYC I have a great mix of rockabilly pin up gals, professionals, and just girls into fashion.  Our clients are women from all backgrounds that just want to feel beautiful in what they wear.

M- I am just learning about all the vintage styles. I have more of a classic or lady-like look so I appreciate the cut and style that Tatyana Boutique offers to suit a real women’s body.  I plan to mix in circle skirts and get a few make-up lessons so that I fit right in here.

Tell us about the most iconic Tatyana dress and how it was inspired and designed. 

H- That is a tough one!  I would have to say the Brigit, the Alika and the Captain are our most iconic dresses.  All three of these have been in to many magazines and tv shows to name. My personal favorite at the moment though is the Shirlee Tegee! We had a “bring it back contest” last year where clients sent in photos of their mothers and grandmothers in beautiful garments.  One of the winners was this little number, a dress that the first Miss USA wore in 1947.  I am obsessed with the fabric, cut, and the print was so ahead of its time! Oh, and it has pockets!!

M- I have my eye on a few!  I think that Annie’s Garden with a bow belt is the new one I will purchase!

Vintage Reproduction Clothing
Shirley Tegge Dress
Vintage reproduction clothing
The Stunning Creator of TVS-Jacquie at the recent “Hats and Horseshoes” event

What do you hope to happen for Tatyana in Toronto specifically?  Do you see it as a simple walk-in Queen St W business or do you seeing it having an impact on the community?

H- If this city falls in love with Tatyana the way we have fallen in love with you, we hope to make this Boutique a destination shopping location.  Yes, tourists will shop with us… but we really want to get involved.  The city has so much to offer and we are thrilled to be apart of it.

M- Toronto has been patiently waiting for these dresses with the correct mixture of bright, fun, and flirty…we are all going to look like ladies!

What else will Tatyana have to offer in Toronto other than great clothes and accessories?

H- Exceptional customer service.  We pride ourselves in taking client satisfaction to the next level.  Our prices may not be that of a high-end designer store, but our mentality is. Oh, and we are also having a fabulous party mid September! Have you heard of Tempest Storm?  We have something killer in the works…stay tuned!

One that note, we will be helping out Hayley and Martha to make their Grand Opening happen in true Toronto Vintage style!  A little bit of everything should do the trick! You DO truly want to stay tuned!

Here are some fun sneak peek pictures of what to expect from Tayana’s Toronto Boutique:

Tatyana Boutique Toronto
Lines ups…inside and out!
Tatyana Boutique Clothing
Some studio lighting…perhaps for some in-store pin-up shoots??!!
The “Archie” Dress in Diamond Blue
Tatyana Boutique
Martha with the “Sweet Berries” dress
Tatyana Boutique Toronto
Stairs to the upper levels which may include “community space”!
Tatyana Boutique Toronto
Colour…and lots of it!
Tatyana Boutique Toronto
Steaming the “Captain’s Circle” in Navy
Tatyana Boutique Toronto
Hayley looking glamorous no matter the task in the “Ping Pong” dress!
Tatyana Boutique Toronto
Nautical Playsuit!
Vintage 1950s lamps
Vintage lamps picked up at Courage my Love in Kensington Market!
Tatyana Boutique Toronto
Almost ready to go!
Don’t Forget! SATURDAY, AUGUST 2nd at 2pm
Location: 322 Queen St. West- Goody Bag for the first 10 people through the door
– bubbly drinks and tasty treats for everyone
– 20% off if you remember to tell them that….
“TORONTO VINTAGE LOVES TATYANA”Stay tuned for news about their Grand Opening Event in September!Toronto Vintage Society Team!
On a side note…I think I want to buy this dress and channel my inner urge to be Anita from West Side Story. -Liz-
Tatyana Cubana Dress

Mad Men- The Final Season Is Upon Us

NOOOO!!! I cannot believe that Mad Men the final season is coming up this Sunday! I’m not ready, can’t make me watch it..no no no! I don’t want my favorite vintage ad men and women to be out of my life for forever!!!


Lol! Okay all joking aside, it IS the final season of Mad Men and whether you watched the show or did not watch the show you have to admit that it did contribute a lot to our current culture.  Vintage cocktails are uber popular again, 1950s & 60s clothes are not just seen in second-hand stores anymore and drinking at the work place has become a “can’t we bring that back?” conversation everywhere 🙂

I know one of my favorite thing about the show has been the clothing. Every week I would sit in front of my TV and ohhh and awww with each passing outfit and dream of having the clothing designer of the show land on my lap with every gorgeous dress I saw..in my size! Sadly that will never happen but a girl can dream, right?

Lets check out some of my favorite outfits.

Betty Draper Season 1 1950s dress

This outfit that Betty Draper is wearing in season 1 is something I would wear in a heart beat.

mad men clothing

As you move thru the seasons you pretty much realize that Joan could wear a paper bag to work every day and still look amazing. This simple but gorgeous dress is no exception. The colour is wonderful on her.

Mad Men Betty

I want, I want I want! Betty for the win for the cutest tennis outfit..ever!

madmen season 2

I love blue and both of these dresses are just lovely.

peggy olson dress

Season 2 finally saw Peggy in some nice dresses as opposed to the frumpy ones she wore in season 1.

joan mad men season 2

Yes, Yes..and oh..Yes! I have a skirt like Joan on the right but I don’t look as good as her in it lol!

mad men season 3 fashion

I think I love this outfit because it just screams spring/summer which are my favorite seasons.

mad men season 3 fashion

This is one of my favorite Peggy outfits because it is so me! I could totally see myself wearing this to the office.

mad men fashion

Wow! this dress is just..wow!

mad men fashion peggy

mad men peggy fashion

Another Peggy dress that I would wear over and over again.

mad men season 4 fashion

Each one of these outfits are glorious and wonderful. I love Joan’s brooch on her flowered dress as well.

mad men fashion

As the show moved more into the 1960s I fell a bit out of love with the outfits as the 60’s are not my favorite fashion era. However there were still some great outfits even if I was not oohing and awwing anymore.


Did you have a favorite outfit or two from the show? Will you be watching the final season?

If you live in Toronto you should join myself and the Toronto Vintage Society at the Cadillac Lounge on Sunday evening for our Mad Men party, it will be a blast!

Liz 🙂