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Happy New Year! The Vintage Inn’s 2015 Year in Review

What a year this has been and how fast it has gone as well. I literally feel like I just started 2015 and now it’s coming to an end. Well the one thing I do know is that 2015 was a busy and fun year and I would love to share with you some of the adventures I got into with you. Here is my 2015 in review.

January: Every year I attend a big German Karneval (mardi gras) function called GAMGA in Las Vegas. It’s 2 days of costume parties, after parties and then a big Gala. It’s super fun and something I have been doing with my parents since I was a kid.

German Mardi Gras in United States

February: I was lucky to be able to attend the premier of the 1940s new Canadian TV show called ‘X Company‘. I have never been part of a premier and it was a cool experience and we even got to meet the host of the event and get our pictures taken with the cast and producers.

X Company TV Show Premier in Toronto

I attend a 1920s Speakeasy party at the famous and beautiful Palais Royale in Toronto.

1920s Speakeasy Party at Palais Royale Toronto

AND I traveled to Seattle, Washington for a long weekend to visit a good friends parents and see uber cool Seattle. I did a blog post all about it HERE.

Seattle Washington first starbucks
In front of the first Starbucks

March: I did nothing really blog post worthy. WHAT?? lol

April: VIVA Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend! I did several posts on that big adventure which can be found HERE.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18

May: Vintage Spectacular Dance with the GTA Swing Band. This was a super night of dancing, dressing up and great Big Band Music. The image below is some of the lovely ladies of TVS and the lead singer of the Band (she is soooo good).

vintage spectacular dance

I was very lucky to be part of a cool experience in May with a favorite Rockabilly band in Toronto called “The Millwinders“. Myself and few friends were filmed dancing in front of a green screen for use for future videos. Here are a couple of pictures from that day.

1950s vintage style
Credit: Kahlil Heslop

Lastly Toronto Lindy Hop (that I’m part of) put on a full weekend of Lindy hop, classes, history lessons and live music dances all weekend long called ‘Toronto World Lindy Hop Day’. I played host and it was such a good weekend šŸ™‚

The images below are with 2 living legends in the Lindy Hop World. Chazz Young the son of one of the founders of Lindy Hop-Frankie Manning (and a talent as well) AND Dawn Hampton the Queen of the Cabaret and a little firecracker (her image is on the shirts we are wearing).

Dawn Hampton and Frankie Manning toronto lindy hop

Summer (June, July and August): I did a full blog post on all the events I attended (tiki party, UK Adventure, Horse race event plus much more), so check that out HERE.

hats and horseshoe event 2015 woodbine racetrack

September: Weekend visit to Havana, Cuba

This was not my first visit to Havana, but this was definitely the first time I visited areas outside of the Old part and it was fantastic. I still have to do a blog post on all the new things I saw but for now here is a collage of some of the highlights.

Havana Cuba

October: Halloween and a friend’s Wedding Reception Toga Party (yes a toga party). For Halloween the hubby and I went as Amazing Race Contestants. The outfits were big hits.

Amazing race costume idea

Toga Party!

toga party costume ideas

November: Swing Out To Victory’. Once again I helped my friend Dean with hosting duties as a third of the beautiful “Dominion Belles”.

Swing out to Victory-1940s vintage outfits
Credit: Kahlil Heslop

The throwing of the candies šŸ™‚

Swing out to Victory-1940s vintage outfits
Credit: Kahlil Heslop

Here I am with 2 friends from the Toronto Vintage Society. Both created their outfits from scratch and Joy on the left, won the best dressed because she recreated the “Swing Time” outfit from the movie with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Toronto Vintage Society Swing out To Victory

Opening of Toronto’s first ‘Shameful Tiki Room‘ (literally around the corner from my apartment). Now one of my local hangouts.

Opening of Shameful Tiki Room Toronto

The official Tiki mug for Shameful. Very Canadian with the Beaver šŸ™‚

Shameful Tiki Room Toronto

I dj’d my first Rock N Roll social dance night for my friends 50s dance studio ‘Soda Pop Hop‘. Such a fun night!

Soda Pop Hop Social Dance Night. Rock N Roll dancing

December: Toronto Vintage Society annual Kitschmas Party. I played host once again at the party and it was another huge success. Here are the winners of the title of Kitschmas King and Queen. Make sure you check out the blog called “Flipsville” because she made these outfits!

Toronto Vintage Society Kitschmas Party

And that my friends is a general overview of my 2015 year. I hope you had a wonderful year and I wish all of you a Happy 2016! Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting and just being wonderful readers, I love and appreciate each and everyone of you.

Liz šŸ™‚



Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18-Sunday

(Note: To view my other days at VIVA click on the days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Last day of VIVA, wow it went so fast how was that possible? I guess it’s possible when you are having the time of your life. All good things must eventually come to an end, right?

Happy Easter! Sunday for me is ALWAYS shopping at the vintage vendors day, since many of the vendors put their items on sale as they don’t want to take tons of stuff home. Every year I have gotten lucky and have found some wonderful items and this year was no different. However I did find that I purchased less this year due to the Canadian dollar being so poor so that the exchange rate made everything so much more expensive. Oh well more money left over for future trips.

First up I picked up a couple of great scarfs to add to my collection.

vintage scarf

This souvenir San Francisco scarf is my favorite of the two.

vintage novelty scarf

I also purchased the cutest brooch, it’s a Heinz 57 Ketchup bottle!

vintage novelty brooch

Then just as I was about to walk out a happy camper with what I had, I saw out of the corner of my eye a vintage 1950s Shirtwaist dress from the vendor “Love Street Vintage” who I had the pleasure of purchasing past dresses from before. It fit like a glove and it was a good price so it CLEARLY came home with me.

1950s Vintage Shirtwaist Dress

After shopping we thought we would see if we could get into the Sunday Pool Party which normally in the past we have not been able to do, due to it being the popular day and there are normally long line ups. But this year ended up being really easy and I think it might have had to do with the high winds making people think it was cold at the pool (which it was not). Yay for us!

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

My friend had secured several lounge chairs for the gang which ended up being in good prime viewing of the women’s swimsuit contest and the bands on the stage. Thank you!

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015
The Canadians at the Pool

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

There was so many GORGEOUS swimsuits to be seen, as you can see from these 3 lovely women. The red head is actually a fellow Canadian who has a super blog called “Pinup Persuasion“, who I did not realize I had taken a photo of until I just looked at now and clearly missed saying hello. Opps. She did later on enter the vintage swimsuit contest, which I’m glad she did because her suit was stunning (as did the girl in the green suit).

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

The band that played earlier in the afternoon “The Cavaleros” were really good (and Canadian) and kept the party going with their cool surf sounds. My favorite part though was when they took “Sing Sing Sing” and made it into a Rockabilly/Surf Version. The video I took even had LindyĀ Hoppers (from San Francisco I found out later) dancing to it. LOVE IT!

Speaking of San Fran here is my new friend from San Fran who was also a Lindy Hopper and really cool to chat with.

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015
Lindy Hoppers at the Pool

Then my friend Bill stole my camera to take a picture with beautiful women.

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

Bill JUST missed his chance with these ladies, by seconds. His loss.

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

I guess the pool party is not amusing for everyone….

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015

Unfortunately I have no great photos of the swimsuit contest as the sun was pretty bright and was making it hard to see what I was taking pictures of. So you just have to take my word on the fact that the suits were stunning (as you saw above). Here is one photo though that turned out okay.

VLV 18 Pool Party Sunday 2015
One of the Contestants of the Pool Party

After the contest, we packed up our stuff and headed in to get ready for the Sunday evening favorite of mine and many others..the Jive Contest! BUT first what is starting to become a tradition, getting as many Canadians together for a group photo.

Here is this years, we clean up nicely don’t we?

Canadians at VIVA 18

Okay back to the Jive Contest…Once again the dance floor was filled with lots of wonderful dancers and once again my favorite did not get picked (I always chose wrong) but it was still fun to watch. Here is a clip of the 2nd round of the contest. The couple in the front of the video in the matching pink outfits ended up winning the whole thing.

AndĀ here is another tradition! Taking a photo with the Orleans Sign.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015
Me and the Sign

Now the evening is really winding down and now my body is telling me that it’s soon time to call it quits. We did however want to see the Doo Wop All Stars Show. This years show included: Herb Cox-The Cleftones; Eugene Pitt-The Jive Five and Bobby Lewis (“Tossin & Turning”)Ā It was really great and super stylish as Doo Wop bands tend to be.

Do Woop All Stars Show VLV 18

Do Wop All Stars Show VLV 18

One again the floor was packed with dancers. Here is a little video I took during one of the sets featuring Bobby Lewis.

After the show my husband and I had to say our goodbyes as we had an early flight šŸ™

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015

And thenĀ it was done…

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 18, 2015
And that’s a wrap!

That was VIVA 18 2015. I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures as much as I enjoyed being in those adventures. Will I maybe see you next year?

Liz šŸ™‚






Vintage Inn Travels to Seattle, Washington

This past weekend was a long weekend in Ontario (yay Family Day!) and so my husband, a good friend and myself hopped on a plane to Seattle, Washington to spend the weekend sight-seeing, swing dancing and turns out getting to do some vintage shopping.

I did not take tons of photos that are nice enough to share on this blog (I need an actual camera, instead of continuing to torture you with my iphone photos lol), so I thought I would focus mostly on the cool vintage finds I stumbled upon.

First up, SOME photos from my trip that did turn out…

We visited Pike Place Market, walked past the famous Showbox theatre (see further down for more info on this landmark), saw a parking garage that looked like it was dipping right into the ground, had a view of the water on a warm day and stumbled upon a gorgeous walking area that reminded me of Paris.

Seattle Washington PicturesI also saw the waterfront of beautiful Tacoma Washington, my very first Airstream dealership (gosh I wanted some) and stunning Art Deco Buildings.

Seattle and tacoma washington

Lastly before we move onto part 2 of my trip, I wanted to share the brief history of the Famous ShowBox theatre that I mentioned above.

Founded in 1939, The Showbox is one of the town’s few extant entertainment venues. It has provided local music fans a diverse offering of music over the decades. From the Jazz Age to the Grunge Era, the storied ballroom has featured shows by touring icons such as Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters and the Ramones ā€” as well as those by homegrown talents ranging from burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee to grunge gods Pearl Jam. Although The Showbox has had its ups and downs in times past, today it remains active as a significant contributor to Seattle’s music scene, presenting more than 200 concerts per year to a diverse group of Seattle music lovers (Source).

Showbox Theatre Seattle Washington

Now during our sight-seeing I did come upon some vintage stores and ws able to do a wee bit of shopping (of course I did you say lol!).

Here is what I bought…

1950s Pillbox Vintage Hat with a small button on one end and larger one on the other..in mint condition from the most wonderful store (with the nicest staff) called “Bon Voyage Vintage“.

1950s Pillbox Vintage Hat-Marshall Field & Co Lemington I only paid $12 for the hat and it has all its labels as you can see below (I just love when you know where it came from). I can’t wait to figure out some cute outfit to wear this with.

1950s Pillbox Vintage Hat-Marshall Field & Co Lemington

We then ended up in Tacoma, Washington which was this cute little town that had the best Antique/Vintage Stores all in one area.

Tacoma Washington
The Antique/Vintage Store Street

This is also where I cried (a lot) because I wish I had lived much closer so that I could have taken home so much of what I found that were priced so good!

But all was not lost as I did find some goodies that I could put in my luggage.Ā  Like this adorable 1950s sheer vintage blouse that I got for $14 in a high-end vintage clothing store (like serving Champagne high-end, high-end). Score!

1950s Vintage Sheer Blouse

I then entered into a store that had the most amazing antique and vintage goodies (this is the store I cried in) with the best Mid-Century corner..ever! They had Tiki Bars, enough fiberglass lampshades to sink a battleship, art, teak tables etc. etc. etc. Every time I turned around there was another item that I was squealing over.

Like this stunning Shadow box (pictured below), that was too expensive for me and too large to take home but I loved it all the same.

1950s vintage shadow box

After I finished crying over all the mid-century items, we entered into the most packed store I have ever been in (like Hoarding packed). There was stuff literally everywhere and it was really hard to make sense of what these people possibly had, but thankfully my eagle eye friend and her mother managed to find a pile of vintage photos for me to browse thru and here is what I ended up taking home…….

Image # 1. This picture caught my eye because not only are all the outfits/hair fantastic but of the information on the back. It had all the students signatures and names and the year it was taken,1942 in California. Great time capsule!

Now do you see anything that catches your eye in the photo that seems a bit off for a photo taken in California in 1942?

How about the 2 girls wearing what looks like Lederhosen. I find this very interesting and was wondering if maybe it was a swiss school or something along those lines (because it would not have been German, I don’t think). Thoughts?

1940s vintage image of school children

Image # 2. My friend saw this image first and said “Liz she reminds me of you!” and I kind of think she does in a strange way and knew she had to come home with me. PLUS aren’t her glasses just the best?!

early 1950s black and white photo of a young girl

Image # 3. Well friends you know me and 1940s style and so of course I had to have this image of this gorgeous young woman from the 1940s to moon over like a crazy person. And what is that not to love? Her hair, dress, accessories are all perfect.

1940s Vintage Photo of a young woman

Image # 4. The below image from the 1950s caught my eye because I love that it looks like everyone is just having the best time at their fancy dress party. Don’t the young men look so handsome with their beautiful dates?

Hmmmm I wonder what kind of party it was?

1950s black and white party image of men and women

Image # 5. Party # 2 with the best dressed group of men and women around.

1950s photo of young men and women at a party

Image # 6: No caption needed but here I go anyways…AMAZING! GORGEOUS! STUNNING! Want every single dress in this picture! Eeek!! I can’t believe I own this photo now, and to be able to study every single dress and memorize every detail for ever and ever. Sigh……

1950s vintage image of women in fancy gowns

Image # 7. Lastly I believe this is a model shoot but I still loved it and needed to add it to my collection for I love a good vintage Pajama Party.

1940s/1950s Pajama Party vintage image

I will now leave you with a final photo from Seattle of my husband and I at the first Starbucks. This was like Christmas Day for my hubby as he is Starbucks # 1 fan and this was all he wanted to do when he got to Seattle. Bucket List item now checked off šŸ™‚

Seattle Washington first Starbucks

Have you ever been to Seattle? If so what did you do on your trip? Do tell because I plan to go back as 3 days was not enough.

Liz šŸ™‚


Toronto Vintage Clothing Show-The Highlights

So this past Sunday I was excited to be able to work the booth for the Toronto Vintage SocietyĀ at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show. We were there to raise awareness of our society, sell some beautiful “Make Do and Mend” sewing kits and also sign up fellow vintage enthusiasts for our meetup group.


Here I am with the lovely Larissa from Blonde Moxie at our booth. I’m wearing a Ethel of Beverly Hills sweater that got so many likes that day and even one lady wanted to buy it off me while at the show šŸ™‚

Toronto Vintage Society

Photo Courtesy ofĀ Larissa

We were also joined by some of the other lovely ladies of TVS. Lisa, Larissa and Irene from Petite Plus, Meow!

Toronto Vintage Society

All of us togetherĀ (minus our fearless leader Jacquie who was out-of-town on business).

Toronto Vintage Society

Here is a picture of the mending kits we created with vintage fabric for the pin top. Inside was candy, vintage buttons and everything else you need to sew up something fabulous.

vintage mending kits

Image courtesy of IreneĀ 

We had a draw at our booth too and it had lots of wonderful goodies that any vintage loving person would want (there was some greatĀ items for the men as well, but just not showing in this pic).

Toronto Vintage Society

Ā Image courtesy of Shermy from Shermette

At one point during the day our booth even had some swing dancing happen. Here is somewhat blurry but fun picture of myself and my friend Dean doing some Lindy Hop.

Toronto Lindy Hop

Photo Courtesy of Blonde Moxie

Then there were more dancers…yay!

Toronto Lindy Hop

Amongst many of the wonderful visitors that stopped by the booth, one was Diane from the Costume Society of Ontario. She was wearing the most amazing Edwardian outfit! Don’t you just love it on her?

Costume Society of Ontario

After socializing and promoting TVS, I finally got my turn to head out to the show and do some shopping. I managed to pick up a couple of things but did not snag any clothes because I’m in saving mode for VIVA next month in Vegas, where I know I will be buying a lot of outfits.

Here are my purchases….

My kitschy Leather Poodle Pin..love it!

vintage poodle brooch

Second purchase was this absolutely gorgeous green 1950s hair piece with the more glorious feathers you have ever seen. It was being sold for $40 but some of the feathers needed a glue gun and so I managed to snag it for $20. Yippee! This baby is coming to Vegas with me.

1950s hair headband

Now I did not purchase this but a friend of mine did and it truly was the PURCHASEĀ OF THE SHOW!Ā 

A skirt out of Marimekko 1960’s fabric. They did not know the significance of the pattern or the fabric, which is why she only got it for 30$. It is signed too. Quite the find and you can read all about the extensive history of this brand here. Good job Erica!



Now here are some pictures of what I wish I could have purchased.

Lets start with the granddaddy of them all…a 1950’s Vintage WITH TAGS Alfred Shaheen! I have never seen a for saleĀ Shaheen in real life (online only) AND with tags. This dress was a unicorn at this show AND also too small for me. ugh šŸ™ If you are in Toronto it’s being sold at 69 Vintage on Queen St. West.

Alfred Shaheen

If you are an xsmall you could have taken home this beautifulĀ 1950’s swimsuit! I just LOVE the buttons and the skirt portion and of course the fabric. Wonderful piece.

1950s vintage bathingsuit

Going to prom? Then this beautiful stunner of a 1950s prom dress would have been perfect.

FYI: The dress is still for sale at “House of Vintage” on Queen St West.

1950s vintage prom dress

Those were basically the only pictures I had time to take from the show butĀ if you head over to the Toronto Vintage Society website you will see a wonderful post on the event.

On another note, I have been doing a pin-curl set lately with my hair instead of foam rollers and I’m really really enjoying how it is turning out.

vintage hairstyle

P.S. did you see my eyelashes?? Look how long and fantastic they look. I just recently got extensions put in by Shangri-Lash and I love them! Stay tuned for a review on that experience.


In the end the whole day was a success and we ended up with a load of new members to our group and we met so many wonderful vintage shoppers!Ā I look forward to getting to know many of them at future events.

Did you do any vintage shopping this weekend? Score any great deals?



My Vintage Christmas Wish List

I’m only a couple of days away from my non vintage vacation to Vietnam and I’m getting very excited to see such a different culture than “small town Toronto” lol šŸ™‚ But before I go I must do my annual “vintage wish list” that I use to just do on my own but now that I have a blog I can share it with you! The list is just basically all the things that I love that is for sale right now (regardless of price) that I really really wish I could have.

wish list

1. Bakelite Scotty Dogs-Ever since I got married to my Scottish husband I have somehow become OBSESSED with obtaining this dog in Bakelite form.

For Sale on Etsy-One Mans Junque $213.25

Bakelite Scotty Dogs

1940s Vintage Suit-I just LOVE the pockets so much.

For Sale on Etsy-Rococo Vintage $463.69

1940s vintage suit

1950s Lucite Purse. Like this gorgeous Rialto “Bleeding Hearts” purse.

For Sale on Etsy-Paris Antiques $158.47

lucite purse

1950’s Vintage Dress-Black Corduroy. I love the letters on the bottom of the dress.

For Sale on Etsy-Fab Gabs $148.73

1950s vintage dress

Vintage Celluloid and early plastic cherries. So cool!

For Sale on Etsy-The Plastic Fever $136.70

vintage celluloid necklace

A 1950s Alfred Shaheen dress. Love the pattern, the colour, the…Everything!

For sale on Etsy- Rock this Joint $234.00

Alfred Shaheen

Bakelite Bracelet that has some sort of design on it (all mine are beautiful but plain)

For sale on Etsy -Bakelite Cache $262.00

Bakelite bracelet

Lastly I would love to have a Jonathan Logan dress (see my love affair post here). The one below would be perfect for Viva.

For sale on Etsy -Wanderlust Couture $119.00

Jonathan Logan


What is on your vintage Christmas wish list?

Liz šŸ™‚

My Vintage Dress has a Reproduction TWIN!

Last winter I was shopping on ETSY looking for a good summer dress (because I was tired of Canadian winters and needed summer in my life) and I managed to stumble upon this adorable 1950’s dress (I believe homemade). It cost me $30 from “Janes Vintage” and fit like a glove and I wore it a lot over the summer months.

1950's dress

Today I was looking at one of my favorite Reproduction clothing stores “Trashy Diva” online and stumbled upon an almost EXACT replica of my cute summer 1950’s dress. See the side by side comparision…pretty much its twin right?


Now some of us would be upset that their “vintage dress” is now a reproduction and will be worn by many lovely ladies. Not me! I’m excited to be able to say, that I have the original design and will wear it proudly knowing that I have a good eye for awesome vintage fashion pieces.

I’m also excited to see that one of my favourite designers, that being Trashy Diva uses real vintage styles as their inspiration. Awesome!


Vintage Christmas present idea…Bakelite!

Looking for a different Christmas present for that special lady in your life? Then Bakelite could be the way to go and if you have started to read my blog recently then you might of seen the word “Bakelite” mentioned a few times on here and could be wondering exactly what I’m talking about? Is this Bakelite something I have recently baked? Had my husband baked itĀ (becauseĀ IĀ certainly don’t bake lol)? If those thoughts passed thru your head you would be incorrect, Bakelite is actually a plastic or its more technical name: “polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride” Say that 3 times fast..or say it at all šŸ™‚

Bakelite was created by accident by Leo BaekelandĀ (a scientist and aĀ millionaire from selling his photographic paper patent to Kodak),Ā in 1907 when he was trying to find a replacement for shellac and ended up creating one of the first plastics made from synthetic materials (discovered it would never melt). The plastics wereĀ used from everything from radio and telephone casings to kitchenware, jewellery (very popular due to its low cost to purchase especially during the depression)Ā and even children’s toys (Wikipedia-Bakelite). World War 2 though brought the end of Bakelite production by the main producers of the plastic “CatalinĀ Corp”Ā due to the need to focus on the War effort and this saw new plastics like fiberglass, vinyl and lucite take its place in popularity.


-Picture from the Bakelite Museum in the UK-

Bakelite is now highly converted for its retro appeal by the mid-centuryĀ vintage loving crowd. The jewellery more thanĀ anything and if you we’re to go on EtsyĀ or eBay right this second you will see many pieces of Bakelite for sale at insane prices. As example…the Bakelite bracelet below called “Apple Juice” because of it’s colour is starting at $350 on ebay.

Bakelite hand carved apple juice bracelet

Don’t fear though, you can find Bakelite at lower prices than what I have shown here (especially if the vendor is not aware they are selling Bakelite or you win it on Ebay or you get a nice seller who sells it under value or theĀ piece is not as fancy, etc.). ****CAUTION:Ā REAL Bakelite is hard to spot unless you know some tricks to test the plastic or know trusted vendors online or in stores. Temperamental Broad has a great blog on Bakelite testingĀ that is a must read if you wish to venture into purchasing a piece or two of your own. People will try to sell you fake Bakelite at high prices so proceed with caution.

In the Rockabilly &Ā mid-century vintage crowd the women love their BakeliteĀ and there is many a blog and online pictures with these beautiful women wearing gorgeous Bakelite bracelets (the plastic comes in the most beautiful colours and can be carved, inlaid or laminated with decorative designs thus making them the most popular). I have started my own collection myself and currently own a bracelet, brooch and earrings.


So with allĀ that said, I will leave you with a some bakelite jewellary images to get youĀ dreaming of beautiful bangles and broochs (to start)Ā under the Christmas tree. -Liz

more bakelite images

bakelite necklace

Vintage Shopping in Toronto-Where to Shop in Toronto for that Very Vintage Holiday Outfit or Christmas Gifts (My Fav Picks)

It’s that time of year again and just in case you need a reminder of what that is I’m talking about it’s…..CHRISTMAS!! I love Christmas always have and always will and I’m just counting the seconds till I can put up my tree and holiday decor in my husbands and I’s tiny apartment built for 1 šŸ™‚ In the mean time while I wait for Dec 1st I’m busy thinking about my Christmas shopping that has to be done and holiday outfits to be worn (or purchased). So where does a vintage lover like me shop in the big city of Toronto for Vintage themed gifts or a Vintage Holiday Outfit? Here are some of my fav picks.

West End Shopping

Mrs. Huizenga:

Mrs. Huizenga Vintage shop in Toronto

The store is located in the heart of Roncesvalles (121 Ronscevalles) and is teeming with furnishings large and small, old books, vintage jewellery, 1950’s dishes, beautiful vintage clothing (1950s-80s) and shoes plus much much more. I have purchased many items for myself and for friends from here and the prices are really good for being in a popular shopping part of town.

They accept all forms of currency, hours are posted on their website.


Frou Frou Vintage: (1616 Queen St. West)

Mostly Clothing and accessories, this store has some pretty sweet mid-century clothing finds (not tons but they are there) and the owner is very knowledgeable in vintage clothing and the prices are pretty fair. Cash only so be prepared and hours are wonky so call ahead.

Frou Frou Vintage



Stella Luna: (1627 Queen St. West)

Another store with mostly clothing and accessories but the selection is good and the owner does carry some 1950’s and 60’s dresses/suits/skirts/hats etc. In the summer I purchased a cute early 60’s summer dress that I wear all the time and the price was $30 (taxes are included in the price).

What I love about this store, is that the owner has taken the time to colour coordinate all the racks. Looking for a red holiday dress…hit up the red rack and if it’s not there you are in and out in 5 mins. Cash only store, so come prepared and I believe they are open 7 days a week but always call ahead to be sure.



Cabaret Vintage: High Fashion Vintage Boutique. UPDATE: Now only online

Cabaret Vintage

(Photo credit: Blog TO)

To start…Yes the store has pieces that are pricey BUT the clothes and accessories (men and women) are beautiful and in mint condition so you are getting your money’s worth. Also not everything is out of budget so don’t be afraid to browse thru the racks and just take in the beauty that is Vintage because you never know what you will find. Note: when they do sales they really do a sale so keep your eyes peeled for that.

The staff at Cabaret are FANTASTIC! I seriously can’t say that enough! Every time I walk into that store I am made to feel like I am family and I love it and that is why encourage friends and family to visit the store. The store accepts all form of currency and is open 7 days a week.


Kensington Market

Flashback 1 & 2 (33 & 25 Kensington Ave)

Flashback Vintage 1 & 2 are both located down the street from each other in the main vintage clothing area of Kensington Market. Both stores have 1940-1960’s men and women clothing and accessories and I tend to find the selection pretty good BUT…as much as I love shopping in these stores (and my closet has several dresses from them) you need to shop there with caution because some of the clothes on the racks might be a bit worn (they are old!). Just be aware and check out the outfit from top to bottom to ensure you are okay with it before purchasing and you will be fine. All that aside though, I have been very happy with everything I have purchased from their stores (see dress below).

Store accepts all forms of currency and I believe are open 7 days a week.

Flashback Vintage
My most Recent Flashback Dress Purchase


Courage My Love (14 Kensington Ave)

Cashmere Sweaters for $30. Vintage Lingerie for that special lady in your life , there are lots of lovely pieces to chose from. Love Bakelite Jewellery? They have a pretty impressive collection that will knock that special someones bobby socks right off when they open it for Christmas. In regards to clothing I also find that they tend to carry a nice selection of skirts from the 50’s and 60’s for really good prices. They accept all forms of currency and I believe are also open 7 days a week.

Lastly I will leave you with…


East End

Gadabaout (1300 Queen St. East)
“Gadabout is an amazing repository for all that is vintage. Gadabout houses an extensive collection of vintage clothing, accessories, and fabrics including household textiles, blankets and rugs. In addition, the store carries ephemera, nostalgia and curios. Our Manly Man Corner is famous for its variety and oddities.

Clothing dates from the late 1800s through the 1970s (some 80s available but itā€™s not vintage yet) and is in impeccable condition. (We donā€™t carry any t-shirts or denim.) The store is a delight to the eye, a lift for the spirits and lots of fun. Visit often, new arrivals weekly.” (Gadabout “About Us”)

Gadabout Vintage

(Photo from Gadabout Website)

I LOVE this store and I left it till the last because it really is a store that you need a few hours to devout of your time to be able to see everything that is in every nook and cranny in the store (as you can see from the picture and that is only the first floor!). They truly have everything imaginable and you are guaranteed to find something for yourself or a loved one, whatever your taste is. Last time I was in I was trying on Bathing suits from the 1940’s and they were in the best condition! sigh…why did that blue bathing suit not fit me right?? šŸ™ lol

They accept all forms of currency and store hours vary so visit their website or call before visiting.


So there you have it, my favorite picks for some Toronto shopping for your Holiday outfit or for gifts for friends and family (or yourself..go on I won’t tell) and stay tuned for a post on “East end Toronto Vintage Shopping” coming soon.

So ladies and gents, where do you like to Vintage Shop in Toronto or maybe in your hometown for the holidays?