For those who know me you can say that I have slight obsession with “Hair Flowers” as seen in my collection below (and this is partial, I left out the Snoods, ribbons and hair scarfs I also own). I feel that they can brighten up a drab outfit or even a day in a second! They can also help the lazy ladies like myself who during the week for work cannot be bothered to do vintage hairstyles, keep that “vintage feel” in their look.

Hair flower collection

Now if you are looking to top off your 1940’s outfit and hair with something “extra”, let me suggest a hair flower or even a pretty bow (for this post I will be focusing on these adornments only) to complete the look.

Below are some inspiration pictures of vintage ladies wearing the flowers so you can get an idea of placement for your own lovely hairstyles for a night on the town (or day at the office).

Hair Adornments

The above image is my favorite because it’s an awesome example of how you can use not just one flower in your hair, but multiple flowers to fancy up your vintage do.

1940's hairstyle rolls flower ornament

vintage hair flowers

Hair Adornments

Here is an example of a “bow” and how the placement of the bow means more than you think:

  • Bow at the top of the head: Means that your out to get yourself a man
  • Bow a the back of the head: Means that you are not interested in men
  • Bow on the right side of the head: Means that you are deeply in love
  • Bow on the Left: Means that you are going steady

Here are some pictures of myself with my some of my “hair adornments”

hair flower 2

These are 2 sepearate flowers I placed in my hair to look like 1.

hair flower 3

LOVE this flower…I wear it all the time.

Hair flower

Not a hair flower but cute “hair cherries”.

Work Look suggestion: At work I tend to wear a small flower on the side of my head or sometimes at the back if I’m wearing a bun or a roll. Too big or even too flashy and it will not be professional so keep that in mind when adding this accessory to your work wardrobe.

Lastly, hair adornments not only jazz up an outfit but are also excellent accessory for when you go out dancing as hats tend to get in the way if your on the dance floor all night.

Where to buy Hair flowers, bows, ribbons etc.?

Lucky for us today buying hair flowers is super easy (online and at brick and mortar stores), but I thought I would share where I have gotten some of mine in case you saw a flower that you liked.

Ardene : With their all the time deal of “5 for $10 deal” you seriously can’t go wrong dropping into this store (or online) and seeing what you can find. The flowers in my hair in the first picture are from there. They also have cute headbands, head scarfs, bows, barrettes etc. For low-cost options this store is a good choice.

Etsy: Just type in “Flower Hair clip” or “Rockabilly hair” and see what happens. Lots and lots of beautiful hair flowers/adornments appear made by many different talented artists. So many beautiful choices, have fun picking!

So there you have it my vintage loving friends, an easy and inexpensive way to get a 1940’s vintage look.

Liz 🙂

3 comments on “Hair Flowers-A girls best friend for an easy 1940’s vintage look”

  1. Love this post! I’m a die hard hair flower lass myself, too, and am always looking to expand my collection. Since starting to wear a wig full time recently, I’ve been wearing hair flowers even more than before, as I’m finding that accessorizing is one of the key ways to help a wig look even more like real hair (I haven’t heard anyone else say this before, but it’s proving true for me). You have a terrific collection and look so timelessly pretty in all of these photos.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Ahh thanks so much for the nice words 🙂 great idea about the flowers and the wig, i look forward to seeing more pics with your flowers (and think your doing a great job styling it from what I have seen in your pics). BTW belle blossom flower club really is worth the $13ish a month (thats with shipping)if your planning to expand your collection. Their flowers are pretty real looking.

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