February normally here in Canada is a really cold time of the year, filled with dreary wind chill days and snowy drives to work BUT there is a way to brighten up ones day…actually month with the Third Annual Hair Flower challenge called “Floweruary“.

hair flowers

What is Floweruary (thanks Lindy Shopper for this info)?  A sartorial challenge for the month of February, whereby you wear a flower (real or artificial) somewhere on your person every day for the entire month.  Hair flowers made up the initial blooms, but since then people have come up with other creative ways to incorporate flowers into their ensembles.


For my challenge I’m going to take all my pictures and at the end of the 28 day’s I will post a collage of all my photos at once.

If you need ideas on how to wear your hair flowers, you can refer back to my blog post “Hair Flowers-A girls best friend for an easy 1940’s vintage look” or just get creative. Feel free to share links to wherever your posting your pics so I can check out your progress as well.

hair flowers 2


Liz 🙂

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