As you might of read in 2 posts ago, I attended for only my second time the HUGE “Viva Rockabilly Weekender 16” in Las Vegas over the Easter weekend. My first time there, was fun and very overwhelming as I was not expecting how really big this event really is. This time though I was more prepared and ready to get my party on, which I did…a lot 🙂 Now it’s time to share my experience, so here is my first post on our first day…Wednesday.

My Husband and I actually flew in Tuesday night and stayed on the strip for one night so that we could just zip over to the Orleans where Viva was being held the next day and get ahead of the crowds. This system worked out great, as we were able to get into our room in the am on the Wednesday, right before the crowds started to come in and boy did they come in. Hello lines!

viva 1

After we unpacked and freshened up we jumped on the shuttle that ran to the strip and headed directly for our first stop…Gordon Ramsay Burgr for a bite to eat.

gordon 1

The below image is from our menu, right before we see what there is to offer lol!

gordon 2

The last time I was in Vegas in January we ate here (my husband is a HUGE Gordon Ramsay fan) and we loved it..a lot. Our waitress was amazing, the food outstanding and the price was really good. So we knew we had to go back while we had some time before Viva officially started. I’m really glad we did because we A) got our exact same waitress (who remembered us) and B) our Food was just as good as the last time, so no flukes here. Here is a pic of my hubby enjoying his Hells Kitchen Burger and our Truffle parmesan French fries…yum!

gordon 3

(Picture is actually from January, but we pretty much ate the same thing)

Up next…Gordon Ramesy Pub and Grill for a “after we just ate and drank…drink” lol. We were not able to get into this pub in January so my husband was very eager to try it this time. Lucky for us, it was not busy and we cozied up to the bar for that drink and the most amazing homemade pretzels…ever! Oh and my hubby also convinced the bartender to ask if we could see the kitchen and meet the head chef, and he did! Here is the picture with the head chef and us (it was like Christmas for my husband).

Gordon 4

Eating and drinking done, back to the Orleans we go to get ready for the “Pre-VIVA All Star Rock & Roll Show & Dance” the first party of VIVA (even if its not the weekend yet).

pre viva all star

The Lineup for this show was awesome as you can see from the poster above so it was a “not to be missed night”, plus all my friends were now in from Toronto and this was our official kickoff party!

Here is some of my ladies 🙂


Outfit note for me (the tall blonde in the middle is me lol): Bettie Page skirt and top and Dolly bag purse (which you sadly can’t see). Photo Courtesy of Dean Villafuerte

The evening was awesome, especially RCA/Vik Recording artist “Joe Clay” who rocked that stage like he was on the Ed Sullivan show again! I loved watching him perform.

Here is a pic of one of the bands we danced the night away too as well (sorry no name, we had a hard time hearing who the bands were that night).


Photo Courtesy of Dean Villafuerte

After watching about 3 bands and dancing my feet off and drinking a lot of $3 draft beers it was time to go to bed for the official weekend was just about to start.

Up next…VIVA Officially Begins!

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