Vintage Cuba

My husband works for an airline and so we have the fantastic ability to be able to hop on planes when we feel the urge to do some travelling, but since work has been insane for months running off to exotic places has not been an option for me. My husband on the other had went to Taipei a couple of weeks ago….lucky him 😛

However as summer quickly approaches my work load has slowed down a bit and I’m able to jet away for a few days, so we have booked a 2 day romantic getaway to Havana, Cuba. Woo hoo! I have been to Havana twice before (once on my honeymoon last year) and so I know how fantastic the city is and being a lover of the 1950’s you can’t get any better then going to Havana.

So as my countdown begins (I leave June 30th) I thought I would share some pictures from my Honeymoon and some awesome vintage photos as well. Enjoy!

Vintage Cuba

This is yours truly outside a pretty building in Havana. I’m wearing a 1940’s WWII Era Vintage Style 2 Piece Cabana Dress that I had custom made from Etsy seller “Time Machine Vintage“. My purse is a fun straw beach purse I bought in Toronto at “Cabaret Vintage“.

Havana, Cuba

LOVE the 1950’s signs all around the city. This is a good example of one we found while wondering the city.

Vintage Cuba

This was the first 1950’s car I saw when I first visited Cuba (this pic is from my first trip about 4 years ago). The streets are filled with so many, but most of them are NOT in this good of a condition.

1950s cuban cars

Vintage cuba

View from our Rooftop restaurant at our hotel in Havana

Vintage Cuba

Mojito time!

Mojito Cuba

The below pic is the view from the little restaurant we picked to have a drink and a slice of pizza (which was very good). It was clearly someone’s rooftop patio of their own personal home where they put up a bar and some tables for eating (which is now allowed more and more in the city). We LOVED it here.

Havana, Cuba

The famous “Obispo” street in Havana. You could walk down this street and hear and see amazing Cuban music AND dancing everywhere you turned. We did sort of a mini “bar crawl” to check places out the first time we were in Havana.

Obispo st havana cuba

Have you ever been to Havana? If so where were your favorite places to eat and drink?

Liz 🙂


5 comments on “I’m going to Havana, Cuba!”

  1. How terrifically exciting! I’ve always, always wanted to go to Cuba. The hospitable people, the history, the cuisine, the sunsets, even the cigars, it all appeals to me (save for communism and its negative consequences, of course).

    Have an amazing trip!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Wondering if you found any great places for vintage clothes shopping in Havanna you could share (or email me) please?

    Thank you!

    • I have never seen anything and I think it’s because what WAS there has long been worn and thrown out. I have looked, I have googled in hopes there was hidden gem somewhere but no luck 🙁 I also did not really see a “antique shop” anywhere as well (once again they could be there but I did not see one). I don’t think it’s of interest to most people there and so why should the govt open up a shop for one or two people, serves no purpose I think they are probably thinking. In the end it’s not a vintage hub..sniff sniff 🙁

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