I have a cold and it sucks and I’m trying to weather the storm but as it lingers on and on and on and on I’m starting to believe no end is in sight! So I’m turning to some vintage cold ads for help, well not literally but I thought it would be fun to see what a 1940s/50s gal and guy did when dealing with a pesky cold.

Vintage Ben-Gay ad

As a marketer in my 9-5 job, I think this “666” ad is pretty funny and would not really fly in today’s world, lol!

1940s cold medicine ad

Yup that is me..”Cold Misery”

1940s cold ad

1950s cold medicine ad

Ohhh more help for my cold misery. 2 please!

1950s cold medicine ad

Such a fun and colorful ad! I feel better already from just looking at it. Is that Abraham Lincoln handing out cough drops?

1950s cold medicine ad

That is what I have been doing wrong! Oops 🙂


To end, lets listen to poor Miss Adelaide from Guys and Dolls talk about her cold, brought on by a certain someone not giving her a ring (I can totally see that happening lol).

Question: What do you do to fix up your colds my vintage friends?

Liz 🙂

1 comment on “I have a cold! Lets see what some vintage remedies ads can do to help”

  1. Those adverts are hilarious, the first one is my favourite!

    I do hope you start to feel better soon – I’m not sure I agree with that last advert about ‘better than whisky’, I do enjoy a wee dram of whisky or brandy when I have a cold, and I also use my oil burner to burn tea tree and olbas oil. Lots of antibac hand gel, cups of ginger and lemon tea, and chicken soup. And old movies!

    P x

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