Canada day is July 1st and to celebrate the beautiful country I so proudly live in, I wanted to take us on a vintage train ride through my country. Shall we grab our vintage train case and go?

1940s train ad
Source: / x-ray_delta_one

1940s Canadian Train Advertising

1946 Canadian Pacific train ad
Lets go visit the East Coast

Canadian Pacific Railway vintage ad

Canadian Pacific Railway vintage ad
More beautiful East Coast Advertising
1958 Canadian Pacific Railways Train Ad
1958 Ad. Source: Train Geek
Canadian Pacific Railway vintage ad
I just love the styling in this ad. Look at that hat?? Wow!

Canadian Pacific Railway vintage ad

Trans Canada Limited Vintage Train Ads

I hope you enjoyed our very quick trip from Coast to Coast today.

Have you ever taken the train to see parts of Canada? I know I want to and would love to hear your stories if you have.

Happy Canada Day!

Liz šŸ™‚


4 comments on “See Canada by Train-Vintage Advertising”

  1. Awesome post!!! One of my bucket list dreams is to see Canada from coast to coast (or at least very nearly so) by train. I had relatives in town from Kamloops for the long weekend and two of them have done it (in the case of my uncle, three times) and were talking about just what an incredibly, leisurely experience and throwback to the classic era of rail travel it is, so the desire to do so myself is stronger than ever. One day!!! šŸ™‚

    Big hugs & happy start of July wishes, dear gal!
    ā™„ Jessica

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