Pinterest. I know lots of bloggers do this kind of post but I will be honest it’s a favorite read of mine. I LOVE seeing what others are pinning on their boards and gathering ideas for my home, vintage style etc. So with that, I thought I would do a post this week of some of my favorite vintage clothing items found online that I have pinned on my Pinterest board “My Vintage Style“.


First up to start the vintage parade is this STUNNING 1940’s Vintage Silk-Rayon Couture Asymmetric Peplum-Wiggle Cocktail Dress.

This dress is so me, I cry a little bit knowing it could never be mine (price, size and now sold).

1940s cocktail dress
Source Etsy-No Longer Available

What drew my eye to this 1940’s Rayon Gown was the red & black bird sequin detail. Isn’t it just a wonderful conversation starter??

1940s Rayon Dress
For Sale on Etsy-dethrosevintage

Who does not love a little Carmen Miranda in their lives?? This dress would be so wonderful to wear on an island vacation or maybe even to your next Tiki Party?

1950s vintage dress with applique
Source Etsy-No Longer Available

I stumbled upon this dress on Etsy while looking for something to wear to my friend’s wedding in Spain and boy am I glad I did! Wow! A 1950’s Circle Skirt with 3D Spanish Dancer Appliques by “Juli Lynne Charlot of California“. Absolutely amazing!

P.S. Stay tuned for a blog post on this designer, who just happened to be the creator of the poodle skirt!

 1950's Circle Skirt with 3D Spanish Dancer Appliques by "Juli Lynne Charlot of California"
For Sale on Etsy- Wear It Again

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect 1940’s Tailored Suit and this beauty fits all my requirements (expect for the part where it should fit me). The somewhat random (but not so random) orange/red lines throughout the suit is what really caught my attention. Adds something very different to what would have been just a plain BUT beautifully tailored suit.

1940s Tailored womans Suit
Source Etsy-No Longer Available

I would wear this 1950s day dress to work, grocery store, to dinner and to bed because I would never want to take it off…ever. Love! My favorite part of this dress is the lovely navy and white gingham accents. I’m a sucker for a good gingham.

1950s vintage Day Dress
For Sale on Etsy-Fashion Back Vintage

I don’t know if I can pull off a yellow dress  but that does not stop me from wanting and adoring this cute 1940s vintage summer dress. The flower detail on the pockets are just delightful!

1940s summer vintage day dress
Source Ebay-No Longer Available

GREEN! I love GREEN! I love THIS GREEN! Oh my, I’m fanning myself over here on how outstanding this Vintage 1940s Wool Felt dress is. If someone who reads my blog knows who purchased this please find them and tell the them to send me pictures of them looking all stylish and fantastic. Because seriously how could you not in this number?


Vintage 1940s Dress Green Wool Felt
Source Etsy-No Longer Available

Vintage 1950s Renee Marcil Full Skirt Cotton Dress. YES this dress exists somewhere in this world and yes it’s one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen in my life. I thought the green dress above was going to do me in, but nope! This will do it, please have someone pick me off the floor.

According to “Couture Allure” Renee Marcil was a Miami based designer who was born in France. She had a wonderful sense of style and designed and wore what she liked, not what fashion dictated. Her pieces are exceedingly rare and highly collectible today.

Yes I can see what her pieces are highly collectible…wow!

1950s Renee Marcil cotton dress
No longer for sale but description of item can be found at “Couture Allure” (click image)

That my friends is the Pinterest Fashion Parade for this week. If you enjoyed the images I posted and curious on what I post next, then follow my board seen below.

So what was your favorite piece from this post?

Liz 🙂


10 comments on “My 1940’s/50s Vintage Style-Pinterest Posts of the Week”

  1. Some are elegant and refined, but most are so fun! Clothes don’t have to be dark and depressing or revealing and trampy; they can be full of color and joy.

  2. Swoon worthy, seriously beautiful vintage garments. The navy and white gingham stunner in particular caught my eye. Every last, impeccable detail is “me” to a tee.

    Despite being a prolific and devoted Pinterest user, I’ve never done a “Pinterest roundup” kind of post series. Perhaps that’s something I should try out for a spin in 2015.

    ♥ Jessica

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