This past weekend I attended one of my most FAVORITE events of the Lindy Hop Season-Swing Out To Victory (below is the 2015 invite. Click image to get more details).

Swing Out to Victory Hamilton Warplane Museum


This dance is held every year at the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum just outside of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


The Event is a marvelous evening of dinner and dance with the superb Toronto All-Star Big Band performing nostalgic tunes from the 1930s and 40s. There is also Swing Dance Lessons, Prizes, Giveaways and even a Best Vintage Dressed Contest (more about that later).

What I love about this event is the atmosphere. I am pretty lucky to be able to dance to a big band on a fairly regular basis if I wanted to so this not the draw for me. The draw is the fact that the Big Band is playing IN an airplane hanger with lots and lots of vintage planes all around it AND the famous Avro Lancaster (last in Canada) is the main focus of the event. Everyone also dresses up in their finest 1940s clothes (and uniforms) to dance the night away and this thrills this vintage loving gal to the bone and just adds that extra something to the evening.

Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum
Toronto All-Star Big Band playing under the Lancaster. Photo Credit: Toronto Allstar Big Band

Interesting Fact: 

Did you know that the Lancaster pictured above actually took a trip to the UK recently and once there, it embarked on a six-week tour of the United Kingdom with the only other airworthy bomber of its kind, a Lancaster belonging to Britain’s Royal Air Force.

I also had a fellow blogger FROM the UK post pictures of the 2 Lancasters flying over her head. It was so amazing to see the picture and know that one of those planes were from a town close to mine (and that I have seen in person). It made the world feel a bit smaller that day.

After the Lancaster came back to Canada, a gramophone from the UK made the trip back as well and was played to open the event on Saturday (seen below). I absolutely adored this part and thought that it was such a fantastic surprise.

Lancaster Canadian Warplane Museum
Photo Credit: Toronto All-Star Big Band

Now let the dancing begin!

Lindy Hop at a 1940s dance
Source: Erin
Swing out to Victory-1940s dance Hamilton Warplane Museum
Photo Credit: Toronto All-Star Big Band

This year I was excited to have some of the ladies from the Toronto Vintage Society along for this adventure. Some of them have even started taking Lindy Hop lessons which has just made me so happy to be able to pass on my love of the dance with more friends. Of course the ladies dressed to the Nine’s (I actually should say 10’s) for the event as you can see below.

1940s Vintage Dresses at a 1940s dance
Source: Erin
Vintage 1940s dresses at a 1940s dance
Source: Erin

TVS member Joy with a veteran that was at the dance.

1940s Lindy Hop Dance
Source: Toronto All-Star Big Band

TVS members Irene and Erin with fellow swing dancer (and Rock n Roll dancer) David. LOVE the outfit David!

1940s Vintage Clothes
Source: Erin

Everyone likes a well dressed Soldier.

Swing Out To Victory-1940s dance
Source: Erin

Note: Please check out the lovely “Shermy’s blog” (the gorgeous blonde second from left) as she discusses her first visit to Swing Out and lets you know all about her Vintage 1940s outfit.


As per last year I was excited to be asked to help with the Best Dressed Contest again with 2 fantastically dressed friends, Amanda and Erika.

Here we are with our friend Dean who is normally the MC of the evening and a big part of the organizing team but this year he was called away to a wedding so we took this photo-a traditional “Dean Sandwich”.

1940s Vintage Outfits at a 1940s Lindy Hop Dance
Source: Amanda

Everyone was dressed so GOOD! and I really had a hard time choosing who I wanted to send to the finals, but I think the team did well in the end (sorry for the poor picture there are no really clear photos posted yet of the finalists).

What was exciting was that one of the members of TVS made the finals-Irene of Petite Plus, Meow! and she ended up with second place! YAY Congrats Irene!

1940s Vintage clothing best dressed contest
Source: Erin

My choice (Churchill look alike) came in first place and as you can see below I am very very VERY excited about this. hahaha!

Swing out To Victory
Source: Erin

After all the prizes and performances were done I was able to get some good quality Lindy Hop time in.

Lindy Hop at a 1940s swing dance
Source: Erin

Outfit Note: My 1940s vintage swing dress was purchased at the Pop Up Store-Jack Lux for only $20. It was such a find and it looked great on the dance floor as well.

Lindy Hop at a 1940s dance
Source: Erin

I also got to have a few minutes with my very handsome husband to snap this photo.

1940s Vintage Outfit
Source: Stephanie

And another photo with friends to end a wonderful evening.

1940s Vintage outfits at a lindy hop dance
Source: Stephanie

Well that is it friends another Swing Out To Victory in the books. Hope you enjoyed this little post and if you are ever in Toronto and want to go to a dance please check out Toronto Lindy Hop as we have a calendar with all the events (and we have lots of dancing) for your dancing pleasure.

Liz 🙂

12 comments on “Swing Out To Victory -1940s Dance”

  1. There are scarcely words enough for how much I wish I could take part in this awesome event!!! Though some of my medical issues have put me out of commission on the swing dance front for over twelve years now, I still adore watching and just being at any event where it’s taking part (I’m the official finger tap dancer there :D). It would be such a blast to attend and meet up with so many fellow vintage Canadian bloggers and vintage enthusiasts. Perhaps one year I’ll see if I can sweet talk the mister into planning a trip to Ontario to correspond with it.

    Your dress is sooo beautiful! Everyone looks like a million stylish dollars!

    ♥ Jessica

    • That is what is so great about swing dancing, you don’t have to dance to enjoy the music and what is happening around you to have fun.

      I would LOVE if you could make it to the event some year. It’s always the same time, every year so you can mark it down as a possibly in the future.

      And thank your for the wonderful comment about my dress, I love it so much and I’m sure you will be seeing again in an Instagram photo near you 🙂


  2. What a great recap of the event Liz!!! Love all the photos and shootouts to moi & the blog 🙂
    Will definitely have to link back to this post when I finally get around to doing my recap post too!
    Thank you so much for being my lindy hop guru …making sure I’m aware of all THE BEST swing dancing events to attend! I had the best time at Swing Out To Victory!!! I would have totally missed out had it not been for you and Toronto Lindy Hop hype! xo

    • Thanks so much! I’m so glad you had fun and I’m so happy how quickly you have soaked up Lindy Hop…I’m thrilled!! yay for more fun events like this 🙂

    • Yes it did make it back safely. I was thrilled when I saw it on your blog. Thanks for posting that. Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Thank you! $20 in Toronto. I had to fix a seam or two and there was a bit of fading but for $20 I’m not complaining!

  3. WOW!!!! I live in Hamilton and am a complete vintage FREAK. I had no idea this event took place. I will be definitely be attending this year, hopefully it will be at the Hamilton War Museum again. How much for a ticket?

    • How exciting that you do know about it now! It will be at the warplane museum again, date and tickets have not be announced yet but it normally is around Remembrance Day (the sat night) and dance only tickets are normally $25 and will probably stay that price. When the event is launched I can drop you a line. You can also follow ‘The Toronto Vintage Society’ on Facebook or on our website as well ( to be kept up to date when we share the invite. I hope you can make it to this event, it’s really awesome!

      Have a super day

      Liz 🙂

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