I’m a Lindy Hopper (the original swing dance of the 1930s/40s and beyond) and I have been for a long time, I’m also a lover of 1940s fashion (if you read my blog this is a no brainer), so it was with a squeal and glee that I saw that the Frankie Manning Foundation was running a fun challenge on the day of Frankie Manning’s Birthday (one of the original creators of Lindy Hop) and I hope you can all join along.

Frankie Manning
Frankie Manning

The Challenge:

On May 26th they are encouraging everyone to wear something from the 1930s thru to the 1950s to peak a conversation at work or at the coffee shop about the dance we love, The Lindy Hop. Then take that picture and post it on social media with the hashtag #THELINDYLOOK.

1945 Swing Style
Source: Flickr: Julie Alicea


WAIT! You don’t have to be a dancer to participate….

Now I got to thinking that maybe you don’t have to be a dancer to get involved (because I know some of my lovely readers have mentioned that you have 2 left feet). You could join along by doing the following:

  • Put on your best vintage like you were going to a dance
  • Post your picture on Social Media with the Hashtag #THELINDYLOOK
  • Or you can share it with me (email: thevintageinnblog@gmail.com, twitter, my FB invite) and I will collect everyones images and post collectively on my blog.

I know for many of you all you need is an excuse to dress up and this is a pretty good excuse (at least I think so). And if asked why are you dressed up so nice? “Because Frankie Manning said I should”.

Speaking of Frankie Manning…..

These were the depression years (which didn’t make that much difference to my family since we were poor anyway) and dancing was an outlet for people because there wasn’t much else they could do. We all stayed in Harlem, but you could find someplace to step out every night of the week. Going to a ballroom became our social life.

Even though we were poor, we always dressed up. People in Harlem felt that they’d get more respect if they dressed well. Guys felt that the better they looked, the more likely a young lady would be to dance with them. I only owned two suits, but I always wore them with a shirt and tie and nice shoes, not two-tones, just black or brown ones. This was the fashion, and everybody dressed that way.”

-Frankie Manning-

Inspiration for #THELINDYLOOK

1940s Swing Style Woman

1940s Men Style

Over my time as Blogger I have written many posts on 40s Style, Swing Style etc. So here is a roundup of many of those posts that you can use for your own inspiration on May 26th.


I’m actually going to be taking the FULL MONTH Challenge and dressing up everyday to work and posting on my Instagram my looks. You can follow my progress to the right of this post or on Instagram.

If you are doing the extra challenge please let me know so I can follow your progress as well.

Happy May 26th Planning!



4 comments on “May 26th, Suit Up Swing Style – #THELINDYLOOK”

  1. What a fabulously cool idea! If I’m with the living (aka, feeling well enough to get dressed and venture out into the world) that day, you can count me in for sure. Thank you very much for sharing about this cool idea and for taking such an active part in it, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Wonderful Jessica! I hope you will be feeling better because I know you 100% have the fabulous wardrobe 🙂 Have a marvelous day.

      Liz 🙂

  2. This sounds like so much fun, I want to see if I can get an outfit together. I think I am going to have to join Instagram so that I can follow your month of looks! It was interesting reading what he thought about clothes.

    • Instagram is so fun! You really should join. I hope I can do this. I was looking at my closet yesterday and was thinking…”I might be wearing same skirt, different top” on some days lol!

      Frankie was a cool guy, I met him before he died (in his 90s!) and he was still dancing and still dressing spiffy.

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